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Sacred Space - What it is and Why you need it.

Aug 25, 2021

Let’s be honest - the world can be a real shitshow. LIFE seems to offer up a lot of chaos, unease, and destabilization. This makes it extremely important to have something truthful and real to ground into - to bring the expansion and security that makes us feel like we are okay. If not, you might choose whatever is convenient, which could be alcohol, sugary foods, salty foods, watching Netflix - these are easy, available options, but they are not necessarily nourishing for the soul. This is what Sacred Space does. 


What is Sacred Space


Sacred Space is your inner temple, your inner flame. In this space, you are able to connect to the TRUE you, not the employee, the mom, the friend, the wife, or any of the other personas we embody in our lives. Your Sacred Space is where you can let the pants get unbuttoned, let the hair down and just be YOU with no expectations or judgments.


Here you connect with your heart space, your inner empress, and when used often - it can be the key to your mental and emotional balance. 

Why? Because when you are able to connect with your true self and spend time with yourself, learning your values, your passions, - then YOU becomes more clear and solid a distinction from OTHER. When you are more focused on doing ALL_THE_THINGS, taking care of the kids or the partner, focused on being task-oriented, with no time for yourself, saying, “yes” when you want to say, “no”, then this can lead to resentment, anger, burnout, a loss of enjoyment of life, experience self-doubt and anxiety to name but a few of the side effects of being disconnected from your true self.


Tending to your inner flame keeps you connected to your passion, your intuition, and your values. This will help maintain healthy, loving boundaries, and clearer senses of how much energy to give and when to let go and receive. This allows you to become more of a leader in your own life, feel more joy, and reduces the amount of chaos and overwhelm that can get triggered when too focused on the outside world.


When you reach the middle-ish part of life, you might make the mistake of feeling like being exhausted, angry, disappointed and required to “be” a certain way is “normal”. It is not. It can often be what is expected from society - because that is “easy” but it is not TRUTH. Again, this is why connecting to your Sacred Space is so valuable.

How to Create Sacred Space


Sacred space can be a physical space, for example an alter, a reading nook, or a special tree you like to sit under. But it does not have to be. 


What is most important about creating this space is the intention to raise your level of conscious awareness, and be in the present moment. It’s a space where you can stop being pulled in all directions at once and move your awareness into observer mode. 


When you are in observer mode, you can take a metaphoric step back from your life and get neutral - observe what is working, what is not, notice patterns, realize where you energy is going, perhaps dive a little deeper and see why. 


There is no judgment in this space.


To create it, the first thing is to take a few deep breaths and get centered and calm. Think about why you want to enter sacred space - what do you need it for:


  • Is it to release energy?
  • To call something in?
  • Do you need healing?
  • Is there an area of your life you’d like to bring transformative energy to?


This will help clarify the kind of space - whether or not you need a physical space, to create a circle to call on the elements to bring balance, to bring clarity, to call on love, your guides, angels, whoever you need.


Once the space is created you can then choose what you’d like to do in it:


  • Sit in there for a few moments and soak up simply being present
  • Create a blessing 
  • Create a ritual
  • Raise or lower energy in a certain area of your life or physical body


The options are endless. Remember, within this space you are working and connecting with the Divine Energy that is within you as well as within the fabric of the universe itself. 

Once in this space, bring your attention and awareness to the energy flowing in your life - as I said we're all energetic beings and the elements of earth, air, water, fire and ether flow through our lives in more ways than we normally realize. Ask to have the energies of your chakras be known to you, consider how balanced or imbalanced certain areas of your life and body are.


Raising your awareness in this way, helps align you with the deeper truth that exists in life that is beyond the physical, beyond the to-do task-oriented existence of our everyday lives. 


The more you connect with the space, the more able you be to draw upon its centering and grounding aspects - you feel like you are coming “home” to yourself and will have more clarity about what is truly important in your life - what deserves your energy and attention, and what needs to be released. 

Looking for more support?


Click on the image to download a FREE Guide on creating Sacred Space in your life - it includes supports such as crystals, essential oils, and teas.

For even more fun, consider learning more about the elements with these classes.