Are you ready to feel like YOU?

The key to loving your life lies in your energetic choices. 

Hi, I'm Christine. I provide soul retrieval readings and healing sessions designed to restructure your inner world so you can feel more like YOU.
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Hi, I'm Christine, the Empowered Crone Guide.

Energy Healer for women ready to own their inner Crone

I help women release the past and step into their wisdom, learning to interpret and expend the energy flow in your life so you can express the most authentic version of yourself. 



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Soul Retrieval

Our sense of feeling Sacred and Vital (our Sacred Vitality) is dependent on how much we feel like our true selves - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

When we don't resonate with our true selves - we experience anxiety, stress, depression and any number of physical ailments and habits of thought and behaviour that keep us in a loop of feeling bad. (I feel bad so I sabotage myself, then I feel bad, so I do it again, etc).

A Soul Retrieval gets to the root of an issue, then releases, reprograms and resets it to recover all the energetic potential available to access more of your true self. After a soul retrieval, you feel more like the real YOU!

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"For the first time in my life I believe I don't need to be in pain, that I can be well, without relying on medications."


"I feel more grounded and able to choose what I react to."


"I went into this very open minded and my mind was blown away with her intuitive accuracy & her powerful energy work."

Our awareness of our energy determines our life experience. 

- Christine Dostie

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I know you desire to feel safe, wise , and in love with yourself after all your experiences - instead of traumatized, drained and stuck. 


I know because that was me. Want to know more?

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