I'm Christine.

I use energy healing techniques to release energetic blocks, resistance and misalignment, empowering women and moms to feel calm, joyful and balanced.

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Jess, Educational Assistant

I began my healing with Christine the first week of Feb, 2019. I had just left my specialist appointment that included a CAT scan, blood tests, and the ending result being told that I needed medications and surgeries to fix my health issues. I was feeling extremely defeated, and was ready accept that illness, endometriosis, and constant medications were now going to be a large portion of my life. I was very skeptical about the the healing, but decided it was worth a shot. The day I began, I was at the beginning of a cold, and was in a lot of pain, but with the guidance of Christine, we began. Since I have started with Christine I can say I have not been sick, which is something I never thought I'd be able to say. The illness I went in with disappeared, and it only got better from that point on. We decided to target my endometriosis as it was an illness I had been struggling with my entire life. I'm here today to say that I did not have any pain! For the first time in my life I believe I don't need to be in pain, that I can be well, without relying on medications.  I can't thank Christine enough for guiding me  into a healthier and happier lifestyle. She is highly recommended.

Karla, Awakening MVMT

Health and Wellness Practitioner

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Christine, I felt comfortable, and welcome.  She is direct, caring, and compassionate in her approach.  What stood out for me the most, was that her whole process did not take long at all, in fact it was the most efficient and shortest healing I've ever been a part of!  We currently live in a world where we are told and we believe that healing from trauma or overcoming childhood issues is a really long process but it doesn't have to be.  Christine was very thorough and asked all the right questions.  I felt very looked after and I trusted her direction even if it was my first time experiencing her healing method. She has an ability to tap in energetically to you and can scan for old contracts that are holding you back.  Which was my case, I had an issue with a family member that I thought I had taken care of and she was able to release me from that contract.  I literally felt lighter almost instantaneously and the whole relationship has since shifted.  I would recommend working with Sacred Vitality and Christine and really allow yourself to heal quickly so you can move on with your life by living in the present and not being directed by the past.  I will most certainly work with her again!

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