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Welcome to Sacred Vitality! Thanks for dropping by my site to learn more about me.

I am soul practioner.

I believe that we are supremely powerful energetic beings having a spiritual physical experience. As beings of energy, it is important to recognize that energy is best when moving.

As such, the first rule is to maintain the constant flow of energy.

This requires soul skills which include paying attention and connecting with the body to understand the messages given. Our attention is grabbed, we hold it there to learn what needs learning and then we release. We repeat this process endlessly and attempt to do it with efficiency.

The outcome sought after is always win-win-win, for the highest and best good for all.

Life is viewed through the lens of love.

Questions are asked to determine how the soul wants to show up, what it desires to be or do in any given moment.

When fear and ego attempt to get involved, refer back to rule number 1.

If you too would like to learn the simple, fun and effective soul skills required to be a soul practioner, use the form below to reach out to me.


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