Meet Christine

Energy Healer and Consciousness Coach

Helping women and moms redefine self worth and enjoyment

The world is changing. Energy is no longer "woo"; it is part of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

But for many, the skills and techniques you were raised on, are not getting the results you desire. Many women are exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling like they are failing even though they are doing all the things.

Now is not the time to give up and give in to a mediocre existence of surviving. There is so much Sacred Vitality in you waiting to be expressed.


It's time to remember who you truly are.

New Programming

It's time to dream a new reality

Who says getting older and having kids, with a full-time job means you need to be tired, run-down and exhausted? Just because that is a story most people subscribe to, does not actually make it true! If anything that is seeing the world from only the physical perspective built on a story based in the beliefs of life being a struggle and "hard".

I get it. I used to believe this story myself. I suffered from stress, overwhelm and low self worth.

My childhood was defined by disease. My mother had Multiple Sclerosis and went into a wheelchair when I was 10. From then I was her arms and legs. I learned to cook, clean and take care of my younger siblings. Our house was filled with chaos and a lack of understanding over what was happening, and our coping mechanisms were not great. By 11, I was smoking. By 13, I was experimenting with drinking and making risky choices.

On the positive side, I learned to work hard and have compassion.

I grew up to become an educator. My caregiver habits seemed a right fit at the time. Then I became a mother and things started to unwind. 


Programming and survival mechanisms became reactivated or triggered as the stress of trying to hold it all together increased once more. I spent years feeling run down, overwhelmed and constantly ending up in burn out and adrenal fatigue. I felt like I was a failure in every area of my life and what is more, I wouldn't ask for help. Everyone thought of me as "strong," and I didn't want to compromise this one aspect of my identity that made me look better than I felt.


And I did not feel good. I was angry. I yelled. Then I felt bad about the yelling. I was overly sensitive to sounds and lights, and my nerves felt as if they were constantly frayed. I drank too often to calm my nerves. I ate things that felt good in the moment but weren't good for me, and when it was all too much, I disappeared into movies. I thought I was having a breakdown.

I finally reached a place where I had to make a choice:

Option 1:  accept that this was what adulthood meant, this is life in the real world and it meant the loss of my creativity, my passions, and my dreams; it meant feeling numb and lost inside but taking care of my responsibilities, and pretending to be much better than I honestly was on the outside. This option is to accept an outside-in source of validation and worth based on how I show up and what I do.

I sat with this path a long time and listened in, realizing that every single cell of my body rebelled against this and refused to accept, so I needed an alternative, no matter what. This is where I discovered ...

Option 2:  embrace the belief that we live in a field of infinity possibility where reality is determined and designed based on consciousness and belief. Recognize that there is another level of existence, one where taking responsibility for the life I was co-creating with Source energy held within it all possibilities. Upgrade my programming and release any emotions that were keeping me in a limited and contracted state so that I could recover and remember my true self, my playful, joyful higher self and replace her with the rundown, burnt out me, my lower, solely physical existence! This option is to accept an inside-out source of validation with self worth decided by me based on how I am feeling and being in alignment with my values.

I chose option 2 and have never looked back.


And now, I also teach my children and women how to keep connected to their authentic selves, so they will have the skills needed to stay connected and true no matter what happens in the world around them.

Creating a life I love has upgraded every facet of my life experience, reconnected me to my Sacred Vitality, my authentic power and my true nature, and I want to help you achieve the same.


When I was younger, I learned that you had to be tough and suck it up. I learned life was hard and in order to succeed you had to work hard, show up and give 100% all the time. I learned that it was selfish to put myself first and it was more noble and "correct" to put the needs of others before myself.

I also learned that childhood was for imagination and play and adulthood is for responsibility, paying the bills and dealing with an endless list of tasks.

These beliefs would cause me to run myself into the ground over and over again until my nervous system was shot.

But no more!

Energy healing taught me that life is so much more than physical. In order to be fully whole, all parts must be considered - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We are beings of energy and of matter. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.!

I did not have a healthy example of how to process emotions and thoughts in my formative years, which resulted in poor skills with which to perceive and experience adult life, but with energy healing and scientific understanding of how consciousness participates in the creation of reality, I was able to remove old programs and emotions and input ones that serve my best and highest good. I then used these upgraded skill of energy healing techniques and consciousness training to design a life I love, a life of joy, abundance and balance.

And I can show you how! Click here to learn more.

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