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As a woman and a mother I know what it is like to suffer from stress, overwhelm and low self worth.

I spent years as an educator, wife, and mother feeling run down, overwhelmed and constantly ending up in burn out and adrenal fatigue. I felt like I was a failure in every area of my life and what is more, I wouldn't ask for help. Everyone thought of me as "strong" and I didn't want to compromise this one aspect of my identity that made me look better than I felt. And I did not feel good. I was irritated. I yelled. Then I felt bad about the yelling. I was overly sensitive to sounds and lights, and my nerves felt as if they were constantly frayed. I thought I was having a breakdown.

Turns out, I was experiencing a spiritual awakening as parts of me struggled to stay connected, stay vital, even as I drowned myself in my "to do" list.

Energy healing re-aligns and re-balances our energy to calm, joy and confidence.

We are sacred - supremely powerful, energetic beings having a physical experience. And, we forget this - often -  which can render us feeling disconnected.

Through the process of learning about energy and how it flows or gets stuck, I was able to heal myself. I re-balanced and re-aligned my life to make space and awareness for what truly mattered - my soul and my sanity - and being able to enjoy my life and kids. Now, I seek to support other women and mothers who desire to feel the same joy and fun I have now.

My alchemical skills assist in empowering you to move past fear, and embrace your wholeness so you too can enjoy your life and your kids.

When you are ready to heal your life and energy, then let's talk.


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