Hey, I'm Christine.


Just like you, I have struggled in my life with stress, health issues, mindset blocks, and trauma from childhood. I have also experienced beauty and healing. 

In my experience, to feel empowered means understanding the flow of your energy so you can make decisions that support health and vitality.

Whatever your story has been so far, YOU can heal and create a life you desire by getting into your own optimal energetic flow.

The more you heal and accept yourself, the more open and vital you feel. The more vital you feel, the easier it is to get into your Flow state.

How I got here:

Did you ever have a moment that changed everything for you?

For me it was more a series of events. I went through a season of Death - within a year span during my 30s, I lost a few loved ones which triggered the realization that has since been the core focus of my life.

LIVE! Consciously create and enjoy what I am creating with my life. Be sacred. Be Vital.

Stay physically fit.

Process my emotions in a healthy way.


And live from a multi-dimensional, powerful place that I've created within!

The Transformation

In the wake of so much loss, I was exhausted, run down, feeling stuck, and not loving my life, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

 It occurred to me that I needed to focus more on healing, the flow of my energy, and learning to support and attend to myself in healthy ways. I needed to live my life - on purpose.


Basically, I learned how to get my energy to flow consistently and optimally.

Are You Ready to Step into your Flow?


Learning to love and attend to yourself better makes you a more effective person, mom, employee, sexy being - whatever you want.

I'm willing to guess that you've found me because you are feeling rundown.

Life does not have to be a vitality void where you aren't dying, but you aren't really living either.

Learning your energy systems allows you to get more optimal use out of how you apply yourself every day.

I'm all about working smarter not harder and learning more about how to manage my energy is the smartest thing I've ever done for myself.

So, now it's my mission to help other women feel empowered, energized and in love - with themselves and their life creations.

Ready to make some improvements?

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