What's up. I'm Christine.


Just like you, I have struggled in my life with stress, health issues, mindset blocks, and trauma from childhood. I have also experienced beauty and healing. 

Once I committed to feeling better about myself and my life, I realized that what the made the difference between feeling empowered and feeling overwhelmed came down to the awareness of my skills and strategies.

What do I mean?

Picture it, Sicily, 19... just kidding. I mean, my strategies before were binge drinking, fast food, yelling at people and playing the victim card whenever possible. It wasn't my fault this or that happened to me - it was (fill in the bank.)

After, I learned to stay calm, accept responsibility with grace, create a boundary, detach, soothe in a healthy way, and co-create as the situation required of me to stay grounded, centered and chill.

In other words, I retrieved parts of my soul that were buried under all the programming, trauma, and messed up beliefs I had accepted about myself. I got in touch with what made me feel Sacred and Vital and built skills and techniques specific to me, that supported me in maintaining the state of Being.

I'm not Special:

Wanna learn to do this for yourself?

While my journey included a lot of sloppy twists and turns, some great travelling and whole whack of books that keep filling my shelves, it still doesn't make me special. Anyone can learn this stuff.

What makes me special is my ability to listen deeply, intuitively, without judgment and see the bigger picture. From there, I can craft a plan that gets the journey started.

No more fighting with the kids.

No more fighting with the spouse.

No more yelling, feeling not good enough, too small, too big, too whatever.

Live from a place of feeling deeply connected to YOU and being so solid in that, that you are able to chill right the F out.


Everyone talks a lot about transformation as though it is a special process and it is - but here is a secret...as a human, you are a transformational being. Your cells transform, reproduce, grow, die, repeat constantly. You are not emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually the dame person who began reading this page.

What I teach and hold space for is the development of Awareness of the transformation process - this takes all the scary and hard out of it. Notice I didn't say 'work'. I simply changed the adjectives. Transformation is always happening. I simply help those who are ready to do it consciously, with a level of skill and grace developed through deepening awareness.

The game changes when you are doing it on purpose. 

True abundance is when you feel safe to engage with transformation because you are more aware of the benefits.

Are You Ready to Feel More Like YOU?

Learning to love and attend to yourself better makes you a more effective parent, spouse, human- whatever you desire.

I'm willing to guess that you've found me because you are over feeling like a dumpster fire, and are ready to feel at home in your body and your life - experience life from a place of being safe, happy, and capable.

Life does not have to be a vitality void where you aren't dying, but you aren't really living either.

Upgrading about your energetic structure and skills to a deeper level of consciousness and coherence allows you to get more optimal use out of how you apply yourself every day.

I'm all about working smarter not harder and learning more about how to manage my energy is the smartest thing I've ever done for myself.

So, now it's my mission to help other humans feel empowered, energized and in love - with themselves and their lives.

Ready to feel like YOU - for good?

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