Hello, I'm Christine Dostie.


I'm a recovering stress and anger addict. Yup. I'm a blunt, tell it like it is kinda girl, so...


I let my past experiences and traumas, which I had determined to ignore and not deal with - almost ruin my life. Almost.


I became a yeller. And I was not enjoying myself.

My Story


I had to grow up very young. By the age of ten, I was learning to cook, clean , and change my little brother's diapers. With my mom in a wheelchair, I there was no choice - I had to show up.


Most of my childhood was a story of doing what others needed me to do, regardless of how I felt about it.


"Helping" became my benchmark for how I determined my value. And while helping is great, this pattern and style never included breaks or making room to take care of myself.  There was always something to do, someone who needed something and I always seemed like the person for the job. It never stopped.

This seemed "normal".

However, by my 30s, this mindset of helping at all costs caused to me to experience burnout more than once. At first, I wore my Badge of Stress with honor, but I was getting sicker, angrier and I couldn't shake the constant overwhelm  living in the pit of my stomach.

How the Elements and Energy Empowered Me


I always loved nature. Spending a day at the beach watching the water lap lazily upon the shore, or forest bathing for hours among the trees and flowers brought me to a place of peace that felt like sanctuary. When I was out in nature, I felt whole, calm, and joyful. I felt like my real self.

Without knowing it, I was using the elements to balance the state of fear I lived in most of the time - fear that if I didn't show up for others in a way that was expected of me, I would let people down and wouldn't be worthy of love.

After my own children came and I was once again caring for others, the old pattern of putting others before myself and not taking care resurfaced with a vengeance and I slipped into n unhealthy space with no boundaries, no balance, and no joy. I was simply taking care of others and destroying myself in the process.

It occurred to me that this pattern maybe wasn't the healthiest, and so I asked myself when did I feel the best, most like myself.

When I was in Nature and exploring the Elements, was the answer.

I dove deeper into this ancient framework and discovered a simple way to understand myself and how to create balance and harmony in my relationships - with myself, others, and with the Universe.

I connected more clearly with my higher self, my Soul Spark, and became more conscious of how the elements play and interplay on all levels of our lives. Using the elements, I was able to better understand my mind (air), emotions (water), passion, drive and will (fire) and how they come together to create structure (earth) as I co-create my reality with Spirit (ether).

Working with the elements, I have been able to release my anger, fears, and anxiety about how I am showing up and what expectations others might have, and I've learned simple ways to create sacred space and a vitality that energizes my everyday experience and allows me to balance my inner needs with outer expectations in a way that feels good.


Now it is my mission to help other women connect to and deepen their relationships with their own Soul Spark, so they can design a life for balance, harmony, and joy. If healing has taught me anything - it is this: the more you heal the more in love you are with yourself and your life!

Feeling whole, for me, has been a matter of bringing all the elements into balance - the physical (earth), emotional (water), mental (air) and spiritual (fire).

If you are also on a quest for your true self (fire), if you are ready to let go and release outdated programming (earth), beliefs (air), and emotions (water) - I can help you.

And, if you are here to heal and design a life you love, to live a fuller expression of your Sacred Vitality, then allow me to support you.



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