Hello, I'm Christine Dostie.


I'm a recovering stress and anger addict. There, I said it.


I've always appreciated feeling grounded, but with all the demands of my life, I struggled to stay calm.


In fact, I was a yeller.

My Story


I had to grow up very young. By the age of ten, I was learning to cook, clean , and change my little brother's diapers. With my mom in a wheelchair, I learned to help out.


Most of my childhood was a story of doing what others needed me to do. Even if I was tired, even if I didn't want to.


Helping made me feel like I had value and was contributing in a positive way. But I was never taught how to take a break or how to properly take care of myself.  There was always something to do, someone who needed something and I always seemed like the person for the job.

And to be totally honest, no one I knew, really knew how to take care of themselves properly. Everyone was running to catch up with the demands of the outside world, and who or what you really were, what you meant to do here, was never considered.

By my 30s, the mindset of helping at all costs caused to me to experience burnout more than once. At first, I wore my Badge of Stress with honor, but I was getting sicker, angrier and I couldn't shake the constant overwhelm  living in the pit of my stomach.

How Energy Healing Empowered Me


Energy healing taught me that life is so much more than physical. My entire focus was on completing tasks and feeling "productive"  regardless of what it did to me on the inside. I was living my life only from the perspective of my ego.


Before learning about energy and the elements,  I lived from Fear, fear that if I didn't show up for others in a way that was expected of me, I would let people down and wouldn't be worthy of love.

Focusing so much on others kept me distracted from the truth - that I didn't really know myself at all.

Discovering energy work not only helped me to know myself better, but also to understand that I  am a being of energy as well as matter, and I am here to experience expressing my unique energetic signature in the world.Energy work awakened my Soul Spark.

Connecting to my Soul Spark, my energetic half, allowed me to do the work and release my addiction to stress and anger, and that's when I  found her - my true self, waiting  under all that energetic...gook. And now I know the most important relationship I am going to have is the one I have with myself. And this relationship is one of learning to manage my ego and allow my Soul Spark to have more expression, because the Soul Spark is the aspect of you that love life, experiences wonderment and joy and wants to explore all that being alive has to offer!


Now it is my mission to help other women release the overwhelm, chaos, and fear, so they can experience their true selves - the ego, and the Soul Spark. If healing has taught me anything - it is this: the more you heal the more in love you are with yourself and your life!

In order to be fully whole, all layers and elements must be considered - the physical (earth), emotional (water), mental (air) and spiritual (fire).

If you are also on a quest for your true self, I can help you uncover her.

And, if you are here to heal and design a life you love, to live in expression of your Sacred Vitality, then I'm here to support you.



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