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Psychic Jumpstart Spell

Oct 04, 2022

The fall is a perfect time of year for a cleanse – releasing what is no longer useful and keeping only what is absolutely necessary.

But what happens if you aren’t clear on what that is? What if your emotional attachment to things clouds your judgment?

What if you can’t be sure if something is useful or needed – whether it be a relationship, a pair of pants, or that email list you subscribed to?

What happens when your mind is as foggy as an early October morning in North America and your thoughts rustle around like falling leaves that you can’t quite catch?


If you are feeling confusion about your life, your relationships, or even a situation that’s got your judgment feeling as murky as that first mug of dark roast, here is a simple 5-10 minute spell to get your psychic juices back on track!


Psychic Jumpstart Spell


Somethings to keep in mind before you get going:

1.Clarity means to see things exactly as they are with no delusion, confusion or illusion, so this is only going to work if you are ready to see clearly. Not how you want things to be, or how you wish they would be – but how they actually are.

2, This spell is best performed on a Tuesday, which is ideal for psychic work.

3. You don’t actually need the stones, you simply need to call upon the energy frequency of the stone (life is energy and energetic signatures, known as vibrations - there instances when we can simply use intention to infuse the vibration into the action - your subconscious doesn't really know the difference, it only cares about the energy being communicated).


Here we go.


What you need:

Tanzantie or Iolite stone (before beginning look up their meaning and choose the one that most appeals to you.

Piece of paper and a pen,

A journal

A glass of water

A quiet place for 10 minutes or so

A blue (intuition, emotions) green (physical body), or red (passion), or yellow (mental )candle


How to:

  1. Find a quiet place and settle in with your journal, a glass of water and your supplies.
  2. Sit up nice and tall, straighten the spin and take three deep and cleansing breaths while you focus on an area of your life that is causing you the most confusion. If it feels like your life in general is one big ball of chaos, then allow it to be your life in general that you’d like clarity on.
  3. Imagine you are enclosed in a safe, sacred, and loving space. Choose the candle that most closely relates to this confusion and light it. Staring at the candle take another 3 deep breaths and come to the present moment.
  4. If you do not have Tanzanite or Iolite, write either of their names on a small piece of paper as you think of their energetic medicine. You can also use the image above to home in on the energetic signature.
  5. Hold the stone or paper up to your third eye and make a small circle in a clockwise motion, opening the third eye chakra.
  6. Once it is open, imagine a gorgeous Violet colored Flame entering into the 3rd eye Chakra and say, “Violet Flame, I ask that you transmute all the confusion and mind clutter around (insert area of your life) for my best and highest good."
  7. Take a few deep breaths and receive the medicine, allow it soak deeply within.
  8. When ready, take the stone or piece of paper with the stone’s name on it, and circle it counter clockwise, closing the chakra to a healthy, balanced space, and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be, and so it is.”
  9. Hold your glass of water and bless it with gratitude for your intuition and inner guidance and then drink the water imagining it opening and all the circuits and spreading the Violet Flame’s medicine to every cell of your body.
  10. Journal if you feel called to or else, smile, blow out your candle, and go about you day, tuning into the intuitive hits you will receive and use them to decide your next best steps.


The medicine is received, And so it is.



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