Work with Water to harmonize your emotional body

+ Activation

This mini class gives you everything needed to honor your feelings and learn to take better care of them.

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Learn to identify your emotions

The Water element helps you connect deeply with your emotions so that you can identify and process them in a healthy way

Feel Safe and Secure

Understanding how the Water element connects to your emotional body, and how to communicate what you needs allows space to feel safe  and "home" in your own body

Learn to Release Emotions in a Healthy Way

The Water element helps you learn to release and process emotions especially when resistance and fear arises

The Water Element

Is an easy, natural way to dive into your emotions and learn to identify and release emotions that suck in the body, creating resistance and blocks.

All emotions tell the story of the past, our experiences, our traumas, what we consciously remember as well as what we have buried or no longer remember or acknowledge.

When we are unfamiliar with our emotions they can overwhelm us and cause us to feel stress, fear and resistance. We want to bury them, hide from them, ignore them and avoid them. However, this does not make them "go away".

Working with the element of Water in this mini-class provides an easy way to ease into developing a healthy relationship with your emotions so you can experience more harmony in your emotional body.

Harmonize your emotions for $47

Water in all its forms

Can be expressed in colors, your organs, times of year, your dreams and so much more. Not only will this mini class give you some insight into how water flows through all areas of your life, it will show you how to harmonize and support your emotions to feel empowered by them instead of overwhelmed.

If you've ever felt out of control with your emotions, reacted from past experiences or found yourself telling stories that don't match the present moment, but instead were borne out of fear, then working with the WATER element will help.

When you know how to recognize your baseline of emotions, you will be able to harmonize this magnetizing element and use it to

- balance your emotions

-attract experiences in your life that align with abundance

- recognize fear, triggers and resistance and learn how to move through them in healthy manner

What's included?

Inside this mini class for working with the Water element to harmonize your emotional body you get:

- a workbook complete with activities

-videos and audio files explaining important aspects and associations of the water element in your everyday life

-an Activation - this activation will align and balance the water element within you

- an activity to help you rewrite stories that keep old emotions stuck in the body, allowing you to release them and make room for better

- simple and easy-to-implement rituals for a fun way to play with the element of WATER in your every day life

and much more!

Now is the time

Allow the gentle flow of water to balance and soothe your emotional body, magnetize healthy relationships, and express your Soul's desires with clarity and openness.

Get it now for $47