Work with Fire to express your personal power

+ Activation

This mini class gives you everything needed to easily harness the powerful element of FIRE in your life so you can know yourself more deeply and fully.

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Connect with your values

Use the Fire element to deepen your connection to what inspires you, what you care about, and what is worth cultivating in your life so you feel safe to be the TRUE YOU.

Improve your Confidence

Understanding how the Fire element presents in various forms provides valuable insights into how to improve your confidence and your ability to "play" in your life

Learn to Direct your Will

The Fire element helps you learn to direct your will so you can achieve your desires because you have clarity on what matters most, what fires are worth nurturing and which ones are ready to die out.

The Fire Element

Has often been connected with your inner spark, your Soul Spark - your consciousness and your will, deeper than the ego. It is a subtle energy that ignites passions and desires and rises up from your soul to express itself in your life.

Fire is the only element that gives off it's own light and heat, and can transform the other elements. It is a wild element that when tamed can be used to manifest your dreams, when imbalanced can burn down your life and overwhelm yourself and others with it's quick fury, and when malnourished can prevent you from finding the energy and motivation to begin, finish or even care about your life.

These are only a few of the reasons, learning to work with your FIRE element will bring a clear expression of your personal power.

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Fire in all its forms

Can be expressed in colors, your organs, times of year, your dreams and so much more. Not only will this mini class give you some insight into how fire burns in subtle and fierce ways through all areas of your life, it will show you how to tame it and use it to your benefit.

If you've ever flown into anger, reacted without thinking and found yourself feeling guilty after, or have a hard time making decisions then working with FIRE element will help with this.

When you know how to recognize its effects, you will be able to balance this powerful element and use it to

- transform any anger and frustration into purpose and will directed at achieving your desires

-know our values and connect with your True Self or Soul Spark on a  deeper level

- Feel safer to step more fully into your own personal power

What's included?

Inside this mini class for working with the FIRE element to express your personal power you get:

- a workbook complete with rituals

-videos and audio files explaining important aspects and associations of the fire element in your everyday life

-an Activation - this activation will ignite and energize the fire element within you

- an activity to help you gain clarity on what is truly important and of value in your life

- an outline for a 3-day detox (not just physical, but also emotional and mental to release and anything that is no longer serving your true self

- simple and easy-to-implement rituals for a fun way to play with the element of FIRE in your every day life

and much more!

Now is the time

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to connect more deeply with your own personal power and use it to design a life you love, then sign up today and learn how to tame the flame of your Soul Spark!

Get it now for $47