Work with Air to learn the right use of the mind so you can speak from the heart 

+ Activation

This mini class gives you everything needed to understand your mind better and learn to redirect negative, anxious thoughts.

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Learn to identify your disaster mind

The Air element helps you connect deeply with your thoughts so that you can identify when you are in disaster mind and shift out of it

Feel empowered and clear

Understanding how the Air element connects to your mental body, and how to think clearly, free of fault lenses, allows you to feel able to manifest your life as you desire with clarity and certainty.

Learn to shift your mindset to a more expansive, loving perspective, especially when anxiety and fear surface.

The Air Element

Is an easy, natural way to dive into your thoughts and learn to identify and release negative thought patterns based on judgment, perfectionism and not knowing how to balance what is your responsibility and what is someone else's.

All thoughts create a reaction in how we feel and behave and contribute to what we believe is Truth about ourselves and reality.

When we are unfamiliar with our how our minds work, the mind can feel like a prison you are trapped in and escaping from the worry, anxiety and fear can feel near impossible. Negative thoughts allowed to run rampant in your mind can confuse you about your worth, value and so much more. 

Working with the element of Air in this mini-class provides an easy way to ease into developing a healthy relationship with your mind so you can experience more clarity and truth in your every day life.

Know your Truth for $47

Air in all its forms

Can be expressed in colors, your organs, times of year, your dreams and so much more. Not only will this mini class give you some insight into how air blows through all areas of your life, it will show you how to call in, dismiss and direct your thoughts to feel in charge of your truth instead of imprisoned by faulty thinking, 

If you've ever felt defeated by your thoughts, reacted from fear of rejection, or issues with needing to be perfect, then working with the Air element will help.

When you know how to recognize your disaster mind and what triggers anxiety, you will be able to clear away the fog of the  faulty thinking of the shadow of this distributive element and use it to

- think clearly

-communicate with love and respect

- recognize faulty thinking and know how to shift it to healthy thought patterns

What's included?

Inside this mini class for working with the Air element to learn the right use of the mind and communicate with a mind aligned you get:

- a workbook complete with activities

-videos and audio files explaining important aspects and associations of the air element in your everyday life

-an Activation - this activation will align and balance the air element within you

- activities to help you recognize disaster mind, thinking traps and anxiety that keep old thoughts stuck in the mind, allowing you to release them and make room for better

and much more!

Now is the time

Allow the power of a mind aligned to call in more truth and love in your life and dismiss thoughts that do not serve your best and highest good.

Get it now for $47