Water Element!

This mini course provides a brief introduction into the water element and provides an easy way to connect deeper with this element in your life.

Let's get into the flow!

Working with the element Water

Water is the element of the emotions, the flow and the WAY to your higher self. This element harmonizes and provides the pathway for your Soul Spark to express itself with clarity in every day life.

What you will learn

This brief introduction to WATER will provide you with an overview to get a feel for the vibration of the WATER energy.

- you will learn associations with the Zodiac as well as organs so you can begin to observe and become more aware of WATER in your life

- an overview of the many ways WATER connects to your own life and how you are experiencing it already, perhaps without knowing it

- tips to learn how to recognize when it is balanced or imbalanced

- a handful of ways to use WATER intuitively and connect to and honor your emotions

How do I know if this is for me?

- Are you currently experiencing conflict in relationships?

- Do you struggle to accept love and support?

- Having trouble with issues of judgment, blame, and criticism for your self or from others?

- Feeling insecure and doubtful about knowing what is best for you?

- wish you had better strategies of reflection and how to create space for stillness?

If any of these spoke to you, or you simply want to deepen your relationship to yourself, then this FREE mini-course is for you!

Ready to learn more?

Learn more with this FREE mini-class about the element of WATER and enjoy a handful of simple and fun ways to quickly balance your water!

Let's get into the flow!