Intuitive Reading

Divination systems like Tarot and Oracle cards have been used for centuries as a mirror, a navigation system, a flashlight, an interpreter, and even a telephone to help you understand what's going on in your life and what the next best steps are for your highest good. If you are ready to transform your life, contact me for a reading.

I offer a unique, bespoke reading- a spread with tarot, angel, essential oil, crystal, animal, herb, oracle and other other cards I feel called to pull in order to give you insight into your query, which can be for a specific situation, a yearly or a birthday reading.

Each reading comes with a picture of the reading and a written summary.



Christine’s tarot reading was really helpful because her insightful comments helped me sort out the complexity of my situation. She asked me questions which showed me that she was really picking up on a deeper issue that is important to me at this time, but which I wasn’t allowing myself to consider.

Maia Grenell

I hadn't had a tarot reading in a long time, and having a reading with Christine was  a calming reminder of how to find and hear the truth. She was thoughtful and kind, and took her time explaining both the individual cards, and how they all connected. The accuracy of her reading was startling; remembering our discussion has helped me to begin the next steps in my journey. Thanks, Chris!


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