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Chakras and Crystals: the Basics

Want to know more about your energy system, the Chakras? And how to choose and use crystals to help balance them? This course provides these answers as well as teaches you how to use a pendulum so you can connect yo yourself on a deeper level, and make better choices.

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The Sacred Vitality Membership

This membership offers weekly group Guidance Calls that offer real time support with energetic techniques and tips to help you navigate your life with confidence and ease.

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The Elements - a self-study course

This introductory course to the Elements invites you to deepen your relationship with the energetic and physical building blocks of reality.

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Boundary Bootcamp

Need help with boundaries? This mini-course will clarify boundary issues both energetic and practical, as well as provide strategies to create and enforce healthy boundaries. And because setting boundaries is not easy, this course will also offer ways to attend to your discomfort with love.

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