Calling all humans who are ready to feel more at home in their bodies!

The key to being to connect with your true self lies in the patterns within your cells and how they present in your choices.

The little things that add up.

Ultimately, the solution is to immerse yourself in an energetically focused lifestyle so you don't have to remember to do the little things, because they are part of your every day way of life!

A Soul Retrieval session can help re-align and re-structure your energy, giving you more access to YOU right away, making it easier to create new habits

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"Christine helped me alot with clearing my relationship blocks with all my children, empowering me to set firm boundaries. She also helped me clear particular organs which had a lot of past life blocks and emotions stuffed. " Donna

There is nothing worse than finding yourself in stress and having no one to turn to, and no idea what to do for yourself.


Real energy work can be messy and hard at times. When you are trying to create change and lasting transformation for the better all the resistance and fears will get triggered. Left on your own, it can become all too easy to slip back into old patterns and habits that weren't serving you, because moving through the mess alone just seems too much.

Having the energy cleared and the patterns restructured all on one go,  can mean the difference between sliding backward into the familiar, even if it's toxic, and finally healing and moving forward.

With the Soul Retrieval  session this is never an issue. Each session is unique to you and your needs and is followed up with a "medicine" to help support your integration process. It might be a mantra, a crystal, an herb - something to help anchor your focus in the days and weeks that follow the healing until your 'new' programming settles into feeling normal.

Whether you're a beginner  learning  to manage your energy or a master who is continuously refining, a Soul Retrieval session will support you on your healing journey as you expand into feeling more like YOU and at home in your body and life.

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"Working with Christine was SUCH a fun experience!"

"For years I was avoiding situations, staying quiet while my anger and resent grew. The change I was wanting just wasn't happening before working with Christine." Kate

Who am I

Hi. I'm Christine - I'm an Energy Healer and Guide.

Just like you actually. It took me a few years to be able to own saying something like that, but I'm here now, and I'm excited to help you get there too!

I spent the first half of my life caring for others and running myself into the ground trying to meet their needs, and live up to their expectations.

By my late 30s I experienced burnout and adrenal fatigue. I suffered from anxiety and a general feeling of being a failure and not good enough because I felt tired and angry, when I thought I was supposed to be crushing life.

I decided to accept the invitation to look at the beliefs, habits and stories I told about myself and my life. And then I made some changes.

Now, it is my mission to remind women how capable and powerful you are, and help you access your potential.

If this sounds like something you want for yourself, we'd love to see you in the membership!

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"It is very powerful and rewarding when we can do things for ourselves. This program gives you many tools that you can use over and over again throughout life that can and will change your life for the better."


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Christine, I felt comfortable, and welcome. She is direct, caring, and compassionate in her approach."

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