Calling all humans who ready to Chill the F Out!

The key to being able to chill lies in understanding your energy and how you are using it.

Trouble is - you often get so busy you forget to do the little things that add up. The solution is to immerse yourself in an energetically focused lifestyle so you don't have to remember, because it becomes part of your every day way of life!

The Sacred Vitality Membership offers the guidance and techniques you need when you need them!

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"Christine helped me alot with clearing my relationship blocks with all my children, empowering me to set firm boundaries. She also helped me clear particular organs which had a lot of past life blocks and emotions stuffed. " Donna

There is nothing worse than finding yourself in stress and having no one to turn to, and no idea what to do for yourself.


Real energy work can be messy and hard at times. When you are trying to create change and lasting transformation for the better all the resistance and fears will get triggered. Left on your own, it can become all too easy to slip back into old patterns and habits that weren't serving you, because moving through the mess alone just seems too much.

Having someone to guide you with healthy options and tools can mean the difference between sliding backward into the familiar, even if it's toxic, and finally healing and moving forward.

With the Sacred Vitality Membership this is never an issue. Each and every week you are able to connect with like-minded souls and get answers to all your energy questions so you can navigate your life with with more harmony and balance.

Whether you're a beginner  learning  to manage your energy or a master who is continuously refining, with the Sacred Vitality Membership, you'll have access to:

  • Weekly live Guidance Calls
  • Real time, high vibe energetic strategies and techniques to handle whatever life is throwing at you
  • The opportunity to ask and get answers to all your energy questions about Chakras, cards, crystals, and more
  • Access to a community of like-minded souls who are devoted to healing their bodies, minds, and souls, and passing on what they've learned
  • Rituals and ideas for how to use the energy of the moon and the changing of the seasons to keep yourself grounded and calm all year round.


"Working with Christine was SUCH a fun experience!"

Energy is the language of your life!

Energy is about how you respond to stress, how you take care of your needs and support yourself, how you spend your time, manage your thoughts, consider what you are eating and the habits of your every day life.

Energy flows through the emotions you feel, the words you speak, the things you put into your mouth, or allow out. It's about what you feel you deserve and give yourself or deny, the level of patience you have, the inner voice and every single interaction in every relationship you participate in.

Understanding your energy can be the difference between your health and happiness or feeling stuck, blocked, or resentful that no one is supporting you.

Learning to manage and control your energy will lead to feeling healthy and empowered!

When you learn to recognize your frequency, you can begin to support yourself better.

As you learn to support yourself you gain more awareness of what works for you and what doesn't which builds discernment.

With more discernment you waste less energy and are more able to home in on what matters most to you and what you desire to devote your time and energy into creating.

With practise and refinement, you naturally live from a place of higher frequency which offers more space for happiness, wealth and health. Being able to master how you feel and learning to hold for space with others (family, kids, co-workers, friends) is very empowering.

Join the Sacred Vitality Membership

"For years I was avoiding situations, staying quiet while my anger and resent grew. The change I was wanting just wasn't happening before working with Christine." Kate

When you join the Sacred Vitality Membership, you get:

  • Access to a live weekly group coaching call where you can get feedback and guidance on what is most important to you
  • Step by step directions, if need be, on next steps to take to move forward in your life with coaching and support
  • Simple and practical ways to incorporate energy healing into your everyday life (without it taking up too much of your time!)
  • Techniques on visualization and how to redirect your energy so you maintain feeling good
  • Simple and effective ways to access and trust your intuition so you can better discern what is right for YOU
  • FREE access to the Sacred Vitality Academy with: all the energy information you can handle learning and access to more when you are ready, and
  • Elements, spells, and other magical fun things - because, WHY NOT!
Sacred Vitality Membership


"It is very powerful and rewarding when we can do things for ourselves. This program gives you many tools that you can use over and over again throughout life that can and will change your life for the better."

Who am I

Hi. I'm Christine - I'm an Energy Healer and Guide.

Just like you actually. It took me a few years to be able to own saying something like that, but I'm here now, and I'm excited to help you get there too!

I spent the first half of my life caring for others and running myself into the ground trying to meet their needs, and live up to their expectations.

By my late 30s I experienced burnout and adrenal fatigue. I suffered from anxiety and a general feeling of being a failure and not good enough because I felt tired and angry, when I thought I was supposed to be crushing life.

I decided to accept the invitation to look at the beliefs, habits and stories I told about myself and my life. And then I made some changes.

Now, it is my mission to remind women how capable and powerful you are, and help you access your potential.

If this sounds like something you want for yourself, we'd love to see you in the membership!

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"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Christine, I felt comfortable, and welcome. She is direct, caring, and compassionate in her approach."

Whether you need support for 1 month, 3, 6 or a whole year, for less than the price of a yoga class, the Sacred Vitality Membership provides you the support you need for

  • Creating and maintaining healthy energetic habits

  • Supporting you in creating a practise of self care

  • Teaching you about energy, the moons, the seasons and how they affect your body,mind and spirit, so you can flow with them and stay grounded and healthy all year long

  • Connects you with like minded souls on a life long journey of healing and self-development

  •  Help you know to know yourself more deeply and fully

  •  Learn how to love and support yourself through all the stages and phases of your development


Come for the Guidance, Stay for the Fun (and Magic , of course)!

1 Month Membership

$121 CAD

4 Live Guidance Calls

  • 4 Live Group Guidance Calls and access to the replays (a $500 value)
  • Access to the Sacred Vitality Academy for the 1 month (a $297 value)
  • Access to the Private FB group that houses all the videos
  • The gift of support as you design a life you love.
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3 Months Membership

$333 CAD

12 Live Guidance Calls

  • 12 Live Group Guidance Calls and access to the replays (a $1500 value)
  • Access to the Sacred Vitality Academy for the 3 months (a $297 value)
  • Access to the Private FB group that houses all the videos
  • The gift of support as you design a life you love
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Sacred Vitality Membership

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