Quickstart Guide to Working with The Elements

Discover how to connect to your true self and experience empowerment and balance within moments with this powerful technique.
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Energy and the Elements


Energy flows through all of life. It is the passion, the ideas, the desires, the form, and everything in between. How we express our energy is an extension of how we perceive ourselves.

When we bring conscious awareness to the underlying, subtle energy, and begin to ask questions - playing the detective in our lives, we expose what the unconscious patterns and programming we are using to craft our own life.

Becoming aware of yourself can be a challenge, but using the elements to shift, move, heal, and expand is an easy, natural way to live a life that is true to yourself.

Expressing your personal power is about using Consciousness to direct it, attempting to effect change by combining and directing energy toward a positive goal - much like a magician would point a wand and cast a spell - you can gather your awareness and project it outward into your life.

This guide will show you a quick and powerful technique that can be used anywhere, anytime, to help you begin to connect with the natural power of the elements, as well as yourself!

Who Am I?


Hi I’m Christine. I’m a mom of two, a consciousness coach, and the founder of Sacred Vitality. At one point in my life I was suffering from constant stress. I was angry (fire out balance) all the time, or cried at random things (water out of whack), but mostly felt like I could not keep up with all the demands (air and earth).

I felt like a failure.

Energy healing  and working with the elements have given me back my joy and confidence. Today I share one of the best and easiest techniques I have learned.