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It was one of those days - a day when I didn't sleep well, didn't feel like i had actually woken up, sure didn't want to get out of my pj's and had no idea how I was going to deal with the kids, my job and all the rest of the 'adulting' I was meant to show up for. All I wanted to do was pull the covers back over my head and call it a day, even though I had been conscious for only 30 seconds of it!

It was one of those days - I heard the birds chirping and the optimism of spring, longer days and fresh air filled my heart and smile crossed my face. Today was going to be a great day! Another day of watching my kids be silly and learn new things, contributing to my work space and feeling at home in body! I love today, I thought as I jumped out of bed.

Each of these scenarios expresses a vibrational frequency. Everything in the universe is made of energy and all energy vibrates. This frequency is actually measured (in MHz Mega Hertz or Hz Hertz) and gives an indication of the status of an object - even of our own consciousness.

Frequency v Vibration

Before we go any further let’s clarify the difference between frequency and vibration, because it is often confused. Frequency is the measurement of the vibration. Vibration is the state of atoms moving or oscillating and we measure this movement with frequency. Low frequency equates to dense, slow movement or oscillations and high, fast movements or oscillations equally a higher frequency.

Frequency and Emotional States

When talking about your level of consciousness, the higher your frequency, the lighter you feel in your emotional, physical, mental (i.e.) energetic bodies. Also, the more grounded, present and calm you feel. This aligns you with feelings of empowerment, love, joy, clarity, and provides the container needed to feel calm, grounded, and present.

If the frequency is lower, then the more dense feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, doubt and other forms of insecurity settle into the energetic bodies.

A lower frequency can be equated with an ego-state and a higher frequency corresponds to a soul state. Check out this visual:

This Scale of Consciousness created by David Hawking's indicates that at the lower level one experiences shame, guilt grief, and fear – existing largely in suffering, in the realm of the ego, or victim-state mode where you exist in a contracted, defensive state. Things are “happening to” you, and you feel life is out of your control.

Unfortunately, most people operate at around 200 so somewhere around pride and anger. It’s possible in moments to work up to courage but mostly those caught in the ego state operate in the lower levels of frequency as a default or resting state.

With some conscious effort though, its possible raise your resting state to that of courage and begin to move into the feelings of acceptance, reason, love and joy. Once you can maintain willingness and acceptance as an emotional state then you have safely moved beyond the ego and are leaning into the soul-state which is around 500 and higher. This is an expansive state with expressions of being open, empathetic, and compassionate with those around you.

How to tell where your Frequency is:


If, in your everyday state you experience a majority of feelings such as resistance, anger, defensiveness and other elements of contraction, like you need to protect yourself all the time, operating from a place of fear this is a good indication of being stuck in the ego-state.

However, when you feel courageous with your vulnerability, willing to take a chance on others, to experience expansiveness, practise radical acceptance of others and yourself, demonstrate a willingness to be inclusive and cooperative with others and generally feel safe to be yourself, then you are operating in a soul state.

There are easy measurements to help you determine which state you are in.

Because the mind is binary, you can only be in one state at a time. Either you are in ego state or you are in the soul state. Either you are at peace or you are experiencing stress. Your body is either in fight/flight/freeze mode or it is rest and repair mode. It is like an “on”/”off” switch.

Some of the emotional states have already been touched upon, which is one of the ways to identify which state you are currently in.

Another example would be your food:

On the low end is

- processed food

- overcooked food

- microwaved food

- Fast food which actually offers zero nutrition to the body

- pop or other caffeinated drinks

As you move up the frequency scale, you would eat

- healthier grains to no grains

- raw food

- organic food

- even food served with love will have a higher frequency (even if it is not the highest quality). Also blessing your food (holding your hands over your food before you eat it, and conjuring feelings of love, gratitude and health - especially if it was made in a restaurant

- fresh vegetables and fruit

- Blessing your water and programming it with high frequency feelings before you drink it

Keep in mind, this is about the majority of what you are eating. The 80/20 rule works well here, not just with what you are putting in your body, but also what you are producing in your body (thoughts and feelings).

Physical states are also measurable. For those who like to know the numbers:

- The brain operates at about a 72 MHz frequency

- we start to feel sickness when we get to about 57 or 60

- when we get down to 58 autoimmune diseases start to be introduced into the body and the stress is increasing

- when we get to 45ish then we are even introducing cancer

- if the body's frequency reaches down to 25 more than likely death will be

Often our frequency is revealed in our everyday habits. Don’t forget, if you are not raising your frequency, then you are lowering it because you can only be one state at a time. Your habits indicate which frequency you are leaning into.

Your cells are always listening and learning.

On the lower end of the frequency scale your habits might include:

- smoking

- drinking too much

- eating garbage and processed food a lot

- complaining

- having a lot of stress but you are using negative coping strategies to deal with it

- not sleeping well

- violent music and TV shows

- berating yourself in your head as how you speak to yourself is extremely important (love will raise your frequency but complaining and judging yourself and others will definitely bring it down the frequency)

- getting into fights and arguments with other people and

- generally feeling angry all the time

- getting caught in a habit of “couch lock” and living a sedentary life

On the higher end you might be:

- practising forgiveness and compassion

- will certainly lower the frequency so where are you how are you feeling are you having a low frequency or a high frequency comment below and let me know

- creating sacred space

- meditating or sitting quietly and allowing your mind and body to relax

- spending time in nature

- laughing - having a good laugh really reduces the body stress and allows you to go into a healing and replenishing state

- allowing yourself to make mistakes and looking for the lesson, as opposed to the criticism

- essential oils have very high frequencies. Rose in particularly has a frequency measurement of 320 MHz, which is among the highest on

the planet. Roses are excellent for all sorts of healing purposes. Watch my video on a healing technique called Throwing Roses to learn more about how you can use an imagery to affect positive interaction.

- Having a daily energy hygiene regime - for example getting up in the morning drinking some water, getting into gratitude, and starting your day with a smile sets the tone for the day

- Moving your body at least 30 minutes a day - taking a walk, stretching, dancing

- Sleeping well – having a sleep schedule and routine

Your cells are always listening and learning. If left on their own they will default to the programming that is running most of the time, the one you were gifted when you were born - the one inherited from your parents, friends, and TV from before you were 7 years old.

This is changeable, of course, but that is the default. The amount of conscious awareness brought into the experience will greatly affect whether or not your experience is enjoyable. The conscious awareness offers the opportunity of choice and action, as opposed to the reactionary state of default responses based on past experiences and data.

Solfeggio Scale and healing the Chakras

The Solfeggio Scale, created in the 11th century, is a scale that measures sound and is often sued to measure the frequency and health state of the chakras.

This scale resonates with healing and especially meditation. The idea with using this frequency as a balancing and healing tool is that if you listen to music that corresponds to the frequency of a particular chakra then you will be using sound to heal and balance that chakra. Sound is thought in action and one of the most powerful forms of manifestation on the physical plane. Below is a quick guide to how each frequency can be used to focus sound healing energy on specific areas of your life.

  • 396 Hz: liberate fear, guilt, and trauma

  • 417 Hz: facilitate change and the undoing of situations

  • 528 Hz: DNA repair, clarity of mind, peace and love

  • 639 Hz: the healing of relationships for harmony and peace.

  • 741 Hz: problem solving and finding solutions

  • 852 Hz: Re-balancing oneself with the universe and wider spiritual order (source)

If you want to know more about the chakras you can check out my chakra video series on YouTube.

The Schumann Resonance

And the last measurement for frequency we'll explore here is the Schumann Resonance. This is the measurement of the frequency (heartbeat) of the Earth. Well, to be technical, its an extremely low frequency (ELF) and while there are many Hz (hertz) on the electromagnetic spectrum, 7.83 is considered to be fundamental - as in basic.

What is so fascinating about this measure is that it corresponds very nicely, one might even say intentionally, with the human nervous system, breathing, and heartbeat rates. For example, one Hz is equal to 1 breath per second. So when a person is breathing at around 8 breaths per minute, the physical body relaxes into a meditative state which activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This means your body exits flight, fight, or freeze and enters rest and restore.

As I've said before and will say again, the body can only be in one state at a time. Either it is in rest and restore (parasympathetic) or it is in fight, flight, or freeze (sympathetic). Either relaxed or stressed. Humans were designed to exist mostly in resting state and only occasionally in stress state, only our modern framework, has it backwards, and we exist mostly in a stressed state, thinking this is "normal" and only occasionally finding pockets of rest.

This is why conscious breathing is important - even if for only a few minutes a day. But not just any breaths. Shallow breaths or chest breaths aren't going to fill the body with enough oxygen to be restorative. In fact, only breathing in your chest triggers the stress state. We need deep breaths. Eight of them actually. Think of your body like a pear. 70% of your breath should fill your belly, and the remaining 30% spill over into your lungs. This is a deep, full breath. And imagine you are expanding on all sides, not just the belly, as though you are a bellows (you know, that old fashion hand pump for fires). If you can reduce the amount of breaths per minute, even better, but 7.83 (8) is a great place to start.

And one last amazing thing. In tarot and numerology:

7s give the message - Don't give up

8s give a lesson about strength or personal power, and

3s are about growth, manifestation, and unlimited potential!

So, the message from the Earth's fundamental breath rate is Don't give up on your personal or ability to manifest growth, and unlimited potential.

Seems to me, the Earth was the originator of awesome Easter Eggs, - cool stuff hiding in plain sight.

So our exploration of frequency reveals that our conscious state can be measured according to the frequency of our food, habits, thoughts, and even in our physical state; our energy bodies can use sound frequency to heal and balance; and even the Earth resonates at a harmonic resonance with the human body in a resting state. Being aware of this inter-connectivity of the energetic and the physical can be a wonderful tool and asset to feeling our best.

About the author:

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