Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

For anyone reading this and wondering what the heck does the Age of Aquarius even mean – allow me to give you the detes.

In astrology, there is something called a Great Year which lasts about 2160 years. It has to do with the backwards (retrograde) movement of the planet through the zodiac signs which would take us about 25,800 years to go through all 12 signs. During this Great Year, we mere humans are under the influence of the Zodiac sign of the year. For all those slightly suspect of the truth of Astrology, think of it like this – if you live Cairo, you are under the influence of the sun. It will affect how you dress, build houses, the schedule of your day. If you live in London, then the rain is going to play a part in your daily life. For people who live anywhere, their daily conditions are “normal,” and this is their “reality.” Well, the Zodiac influence is the same idea, just on a much bigger scale.

The last age was Pisces which, probably not surprising, was very much focused on money, power, and control. Having these things is what defined success. Ambition, manipulation and charm were used a lot to push the boundaries of what one could get even if that meant ignoring some liberties and manipulating the “truth”. The Wolf of Wall Street is an excellent example. So is watching any underhanded villain in any movie who accomplished their goals through manipulating the other characters’ mental states – using their faults, their sex, their status, the appearance of truth (the story) against them.

The age of Pisces was very much focused on the material aspects of reality, and we possessed a very specific, and narrow perception. Manifest Destiny was a type of battle cry that applied to so much more than heading out West to find gold. This era is full of mental programming designed to train the consciousness that worth is connected to money, power, and control.

“A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” ― Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

The cornerstone beliefs built around the acquisition of money, power and control were:

· power over (air),

· competition (earth),

· separation (water) and

· the use of force as a constant – or conflict (fire).

This belief structure is extremely yang – and carries a forceful energy.

The ideas of being “realistic” mean that one had to honor left-brain thinking above a whole brain balanced approach. No, balanced and cooperation were not part of the equation, the right-brain with its inferior qualities of imagination were only valuable in service to logic, math and science. The yang, masculine energy, inserted itself in the expression of each of the elements and in every area of life.

Statements and ideas such as the following flourished and were taught and passed down as truth:

· Competition- there must be a winner and loser, from the sports field to the boardroom and even the bedroom someone was always getting the “upper hand” while someone else was being dominated.

· Separation - gossip, criticism, difficulty, tension, needing to accept “less than”, know your place, don’t rock the boat, and a few have a lot while many have a little. The us v them mentality gave permission to be aggressive and attack when feeling threatened, which because of the insecurities fostered, was often. All one has to do is think of the treatment of women, of other races, or of other cultures.

· being “perfect” or “right” - failure is built in because being perfect is impossible and “right” is subjective. Judgement lives here and doubting your faith in yourself - you must be told by someone or something outside of yourself that you have value. Otherwise, you do not. This is the home of the bedrock emotions of shame, blame and guilt. You need permission, mostly permission from those around you to have not lived up to the crazy expectations of society. Just think of a supermodel and then yourself. Her images are plastered all over as the “ideal” something to strive for (insert snarky laughter here. ‘yeah, right!’ as if).

· You are born, you struggle, life is hard, and then you die. Life can be challenging, no doubt, but this also invites in so much learned helplessness, or excuses to deflect responsibility – I have this problem, so I am allowed to (fill in the blank with an excuse, justification, or reason)

· You must get a job, contribute, and, more than likely, will spend the majority of your life, running to catch up, which of course you cannot do. Being a consumer and competing in economy is the only avenue to achieve status and be successful in winning at money, control and power. As the Mandalorian says, “This is the way.”

· Go, go, go, do, do, do – life does not stop, and neither should you. Working hard is the only way to achieve. Yang energy has no respect for yin energy. (see separation)

· Your “soul”, if you believe in it at all, belongs to whatever religion you subscribe to, and each of those religions are in conflict and competition with other religions.

These beliefs dominated our minds and consciousness for generations. And yet, we live in a time when we are transitioning from one great year to another. We will bear witness and participate. Already, in our lifetime, we have seen a new thread begin to weave its way into the fabric of reality. Like a new kid at school, their very presence alters the dynamic of the whole school.

The energy of the Age of Aquarius has been whispering in our hearts and minds, inspiring us to seek more, to evolve, to use our imagination and intuition – two elements baulked at in the Age of Pisces – to stretch, expand and grow.

On December 21, 2020, we officially crossed the threshold and the Age of Aquarius. Having said that, this may or may not be exact. Some think the age might have even begun in the sixties when the hippies were ready to get the party started! Time is truly relative; the point is we have arrived at place in time when the potential is beginning to manifest into reality. The last three years, in this filter, could be seen as an initiation when we are being “woken up” from one dream, a dream whose energies are no longer serving our best and highest good. And all who are present now are being invited into the creation of the new dream with its fundamental energetic values of love, unity, brotherhood, and integrity. This new dream will potentially shape the next 2160 years!.

This age is an expansion upon the one previous. Its not as if all of that programming will simply fade into the background and disappear. Even if we wish some of it would. The last age remains part of the story, but the story is entering a new chapter. Like the ending of the season of your favorite show that starts up again with cast changes or a time jump that requires a few episodes to “catch up” on their lives, humanity’s story is evolving. Collectively, we are stepping into something bigger, and potentially better than what came before.

There is an inherent fundamental shift in paradigm or world perspective. This shift is away from money, power, and control toward unity, imagination, and a deeper connection with the planet and with each other.

“The alchemy of transformation is always done with the four elements, because that is the paintbox of the Divine.” Shasta Zaring

Building upon the elements we will naturally gravitate to a new understanding of their influence. The new cornerstone beliefs are:

· power as integration (air)

· cooperation (earth),

· unity and wholeness (water) and

· balance of action and rest - harmony (fire).

This belief structure is much more yin and carries with it a more receptive energy. The Age of Aquarius values openness, intuition, creativity, whole-brain thinking, and spiritual development is embedded into every area of life.

The lessons being offered about how to define success according to the Age of Aquarius include:

· We all live within and affect and are affected by the Field of Possibility, also known as the Field, God, Source, the Universe or the Uni, as I like to call it. This field is comprised of light (photons) and unconditional love and works with Consciousness and Intention. (and yes, it’s real has finally been proven to exist by science and even though you can’t “see” it, you can still play with it)

· You are an energetic being having a physical experience. You have a soul comprised of light energy connected to and part of the Uni. Of course, you are still matter, just way more than the last Age cared to explore. The Age of Aquarius is super interested in this component of existence and believes we are all here to learn, to grow, to evolve, and to experience this place in a spiritfull manner.

· Humans are creators and manifestors. As beings with their own electromagnetic fields, they can both attract energy and send out energetic signals. This mean if you don’t like the hand you are dealt, you can not only give yourself a new hand – you could even put the cards down altogether and go searching for a game that suits you better. Or read a book. Or take a nap. The choice is yours and the only limitation is your imagination! How cool is that?

· The Age of Aquarius invites a new understanding of success – one that includes taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions, emotions, and programming and, again, if it is not serving your best and highest good – change it. Human minds are programmable, after all. It’s time to take sovereignty for yours. Your soul and you experience are your responsibility – inside validation, not outside.

· Freeing the consciousness of old pains, struggle, patterns, shadows, regrets, stuck energy and tension is up to you. No need for permission.

· Each human experiences ‘reality’ differently. Like snowflakes, no two realities are the same. Each one lives within a unique bubble, a garden, a slice of Uni which they are responsible for curating, which is why cooperation is such an important cornerstone.

Of course, this new way of being in the world will take some getting used to. And there are those who will resist. Like a politician being voted out of office and refusing to accept his loss, that his time has come to an end, there will be those who will dig in and refuse to accept, even attempt to sabotage whenever possible.

Each person has individual choice, but there is no denying we are in the dawn of a new world perspective ripe with all the potential and possibility that comes with something new. How you respond will determine how you feel. Ignoring, distrusting, hiding, or abandoning your “Truth” is one of the key changes on the horizon. Your sovereignty, your connection with your intuition, your wholeness is of the utmost importance.

While this age values cooperation, this comes only if each individual owns their individuality, and can approach connecting to others from a solid place of wholeness. After all, when you feel grounded, clear and balanced in who you are, you are much more receptive and open-minded to the diversity of existence. When you know you have a right to your place, to your existence, it is much easier to be inclusive and compassionate to the “realities” of others. These are the new parameters for success.

“…when you listen to music, it’s the whole, not any single note on its own, that makes the song come alive…Can you fully embrace the concept of unity in diversity by celebrating all the notes in the symphony?” Colette Baron Reid

It’s time access your higher potential, to step up to a new level of being, of loving yourself, of showing up in the world. Are you ready?

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

About the Author:

Christine is an energy healer and spiritual teacher. When you are ready to update your programming and release old, stuck energy, book a free discovery call. You deserve to feel your best!

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