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Updated: Feb 16

The theme for this month is Sacred Life Force, honoring the life-giving energy which flows through us all. This energy had been called prana, chi, and divine energy. The more I study it, meditate on it and contemplate it, the more I’m convinced this is our true nature. Sure, we are physical beings, but we are also energetic ones, a truth which has been diminished and ignored for too long. This Sacred Life Force energy is getting more insistent in its requests to be heard and acknowledged. I have found, the more I listen and do what is being asked of me, the better I feel.

Last week, for example, I went to do the ritual for manifesting new intentions, but it turned out there was more work to do. I spent the week going over my intentions instead of rushing through the ritual just to line up with the moon. The next phase after – the waxing crescent moon – still works as a time for manifestations because this phase is for moving forward and having courage. It’s the time to visualize what it is you desire. I found myself asking – what do I need to release or change in order to grow into the person I want to become?

This brought me back again to forgiveness – releasing and letting go of past hurts. I’ve been really gaining a deeper understanding of the reality that when we don’t process our feelings and burdens, they can become trapped in the body and block the life force energy. They become trapped in organs and body systems and end up wreaking havoc on our bodies and emotions as we age. I’ve been working with the Emotions Code in order to help facilitate a gentle release of emotions I no longer need.

Another invitation I feel called to share this week is to stop dividing ourselves and our lives. We split ourselves in so many ways, to please, to hide, to ignore or forget. But the truth is, the body does not forget, it retains all the memories and information, unless it is consciously told to let it go. By leaning into acceptance, we can use this to seek kinship. We’re all looking for a safe place to express ourselves, to explore ourselves, and to feel where we might be able to bloom.

Without conscious maintenance, we hold the pain of the past, grudges at the workplace, even anger at the guy who cut you off on the road – and each time, it blocks a bit of our own potential. I’m not saying don’t get upset or feel the emotions – if someone cuts you off, give them hell and let ‘em have it! Feel your feelings of the moment – as Sven from Frozen 2 says, “You feel what you feel, and those feelings are real.” Lol However, if you then retell the story to everyone you meet that day, getting yourself all worked up and angry all over again, then you are bleeding away your own vital life force and power to someone who probably didn’t even realize what he/she did in the first place because she/he was so wrapped up in their own world.

February is the month of love, and it’s also a great opportunity to heal. Let’s be honest, any time is a great time to heal! 😊 When you forgive and release, making peace with parts of the past, not only do you heal, but you call back your own power, your own vital life force energy. We have planted seeds for our dreams of the year to come, support them now by clearing the soil.

Below, please find a ritual I’ve used for soul retrieval. There are many ways to do this but here is one to get you started!

Happy Healing.

Soul Retrieval Ritual:

To be used for reintegrating parts of yourself, your soul, which you have inadvertently given away to others. Losing parts of your soul can result in loss of Life Force energy which can lead to other physical, mental or emotional issues.

Causes for this can range from abuse, ongoing pain, abandonment or rejection, a sudden shock, unhealthy relationship dynamics, to acting out of alignment with your true nature. Basically, any time you feel you have to sacrifice a part of yourself to someone else or you feel you have to hide or disconnect an aspect of yourself to please someone else. This can also result in the creation of the shadow self – the incorrect belief that we need to hide parts of ourselves away because no one will love us, or we do not love or accept these parts of our own self. And sometimes we make contracts and agreement.

This can result in feeling not whole. And it never feels good. Retrieving these parts of ourselves and accepting them as who we are can be a fearful process, at first. Many of us create a shadow self because we don’t want to deal with the parts of ourselves we don’t like. However, over time, we become a fragmented individual, and our minds actually bleed energy, working to keep walls up among all the disparate parts. It is much healthier for us to be whole – warts and all. After all, no one is perfect and that’s not just a cliché.

To begin:

Sit somewhere comfortable. Sometimes I like to play 432HZ music because it’s healing. There are also soul retrieval meditations on YouTube, which will walk you through a visualization.

This is the one I like best: take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Imagine lines of light energy coming from your body and stretching out into infinity. However, many you have gives you an idea of how many pieces of your soul are out in the world. Be with these strings of light and maybe follow some of them outward and see where they go. For me, I find memories on the other end mostly, sometimes things I haven’t thought about in years. Spend however long you wish following the lines and be with the memories. How do they make you feel? What does it bring up?

We are complex individuals and retrieving the pieces of your soul is not a one off. It takes time. Some pieces might even be in other lifetimes, whether you believe in that, or not. Just ask your guides and the universe to highlight the ones that are most important for you to retrieve today.

When you are ready, call in the lines. See them recoil into your body or imagine pulling gently on them to reel them in. Visualize them returning home to your body and filling you with a golden, satisfying light. Feel your light body shine a bit brighter. When you are ready, pull on another string and bring it back in. Each time, breathe in and enjoy the pleasure of feeling more like yourself, sitting in your own energy. Feel the deep love and support you and the universe are providing as you remember who you really are.

Open your eyes and smile, feeling more whole. Repeat this ritual as often as you like.


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