Third quarter moon: time to re-evaluate, balance, trust

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

How are you feeling after your Full Moon Release? Right after you might have felt energized and light, or perhaps even a bit tired. But now that nearly a week has passed, all the excitement might be replaced with fatigue.

Now is not the time to stop, though. It’s just the beginning.

In this new space we are invited to re-orient. We worked hard to address old patterns and habits, or beliefs, and replace them with feelings we prefer to lean into.

Do you still feel the same? Have you fully let go? Or do echoes and shadows of the former version of yourself keep popping up to test you? If so, there might be resistance to fully surrendering to the growth and expansion you seek.

I get it! Sometimes it can be scary to create space – we can become attached to how things are, and the current definition of “normal”, but if this version of “normal” is not making you feel good, you owe it to yourself to reach for something more.

The animal world whispers to us here in the form of Scarab Beetle Spirit (thanks Collette Baron Reid!), reminding us that we have the power to manifest what we desire – we are vessels for creativity! The question for you at this time is: what’s really important to you? What are you more committed to? The old you, or the new? And if it is the new – then what is the next Best Action for you to lean into this newer version of yourself?

Whether you are feeling happy and filled with joy or contentment as you embrace the healing, or you are feeling very serious and worried now is the time to embrace lightness. Be the Fool beginning a new journey, embrace being playful, find space to laugh. It’s wonderful medicine.

This is also a great moment to reflect on your accomplishments. Sometimes when the road ahead seems clouded or tough, the best way to boost morale is to look back and find gratitude in all that has been achieved. No need to concern yourself with the “to do” list of what is yet unfinished. It will still be there tomorrow, but for today, remember: happiness attracts more happiness.

This week is you are invited to connect to your self worth and self-respect. Are you honoring yourself every day with 5-10 minutes of grounding and centering – do you trust the value you bring?

Not sure how you are doing? The world can often be a mirror, reflecting back to you what you are putting out there. How’s it going in your everyday life? Work? Relationships? Health? Are you happy with how things are going, or are you worried and anxious?

Being joyful and optimistic, taking risks – they are all a practice in the same as way as worrying. Worrying just seems easier to do some days. This week, each time a worrying or anxious thought creeps in, have a laugh and remember Spirit has your back. Are you okay, Now? Are you fed Now? Clothed Now? Hydrated Now? Each time you say yes to having your needs supported, your nervous system will physically relax, muscles will release, and tension will recede.

Do you hesitate because of fear? Ah, don’t we all. Is it because you don’t trust yourself? The world? Other people? What is the worst that might happen? The Universe loves to mix things up. Occasionally, the ground beneath your feet may not be as solid as you’d like – life would be boring if it were so all the time. Even in spectacular failure there is something to learn – perhaps even the piece we need to lead to a greater success than we could imagine! Fail horribly, if you must fail. Fail Spectacularly and love every minute of it – because you are alive, learning, and growing! You will land on your feet! How do I know? Because you’re still here giving it everything you’ve got.

Remember our theme this month, sacred time provides the space and time needed to connect with yourself on a deeper level, to learn yourself and your abilities so well that your trust in yourself will grow leading to confidence in your choices, even if they seem like failures from time to time. That is never truly the case anyway, is it? As I said, if you are reading this – then you have survived everything life has thrown at you! Congratulations. I bet, looking back, you made it through some serious shit, and look at you – still breathing, still standing.

Sit up for a moment with your spine erect and head held high. Push your chest out a bit, find your best cocky, Superman or Superwoman stance and say, “I am fucking awesome! All this shit (feel free to list it out if you want) happened to me, and I am still here. And I will be here going forward as well, because I trust myself and I believe in me!” Cheesy? Yup? Effective? Yup. Your inner child/superhero loving self is probably having a field day with this, and that’s worth a smile. Maybe even laugh. Life, meh, you got this.

Got time for a mediation? Hold Diopside or a picture of this stone. She’s a beautiful deep green with dark shades and she is Mother Earth. Even if you don’t believe in the Spiritual stuff – or feel maybe your spiritual stuff isn’t the same as mine, does Mother Earth always have your back? Um, hell yes! None of us would be alive without her.

Get quiet, hold her, and go inside. Feel a cord grounding you down into the core of the Earth and as you breath in, pull up her energies. When you breath out, get rid of anything toxic you have – thoughts, feelings, whatever. Let the energies pull up right into your heart until you feel oneness with the sacred connection you have with her. Feel the love, nurturing and support which is always available to you.

Our daily lives might create a false sense of separation from her, but it is not true. Take this moment to connect with her and receive her grounding, balanced love. She is here for you now just as she was for your parents and their parents and theirs going back to the dawn of time. If things feel unstable, she is always here to remind you of the supportive feelings of constancy.

Fun fact: The Schumann Resonance which measures the electromagnetic pulse of things like the Earth has the Earth registered at 7.83 HZ. This is like the Earth’s heartbeat. When humans breathe at a rate of about 8 breaths per minute - as we do in meditation and when calm – our heartrate, brainwaves, and breathing patterns sync into resonance with the heartbeat of the Earth! How crazy and amazing is that?! Which, by the way, is probably exactly why being out in nature is so good for us – not just because of the extra oxygen, but because we are physically in harmony with our natural states.

And yes, if you are wondering – all the tech we stick around us, in our faces, on our bodies, next to our beds (in our fields constantly) screws with our own electromagnetic frequencies because tech gives off its one electromagnetic frequency, which guess what? Does not create a resonance with us. I’m not saying Earth good, tech bad – however, the next time you feel all stressed out, anxious, worried or any other “off” feeling and not like yourself – ask yourself: how much time have I spent connecting to tech and how much time have I spent connecting to Mother Earth? What is the ratio? Balance really does matter.

Being in nature, connecting to her heartbeat, our “home” frequency, if you will, recharges and revitalizes every cell in your body. There is a reason Nature is Medicine, and this is it. Unconditional love, support, nurturing grounded alignment and only 8 slow, deep, connected breaths away. Go ahead and put a timer on, give it a whirl and see how it feels. I dare you, lol.

And mother nature has a word to add to this: oats, remind us to “just be”. When we are stressed by all the movement in our lives, on the web, and in our heads, she laughs (because she knows how good it feels) and tells us to open up to the moment. She too asks us to meditate and give the nerves a break. Eat some oats or take an oat bath.

Maia Toll offers an excellent recipe:

Use a blender to grind up 1 cup of oats. If you have dried flowers, ground those as well. If not, you can add a drop or two of rose, lavender, or chamomile for a total of 5-8 into the mix. You may also want to add the ground mixture to a ½ cup of sea salt and then add them to a bath. If the oats are not well ground, or you don’t want to clean them out of the bath after and possibly clog the drain, take the whole mixture and wrap it up into wash cloth, tie it up with a rubber band and place that in the bath.

And Trillium comes to speak of nurturing new ideas. It’s time to begin dreaming of what you desire for yourself. Spirit will soon become matter and now is the time to consider the form you wish it to take.

Fresh ideas, like all seeds require love. And visions work best when we imagine what they will be like fully formed and alive.

Connect with the Earth and with your inner self. What creativity is buried within you waiting for expression? What inspiration is calling to you? What little or big ideas are taking root? There can be one, or many. What joy is brewing within? Who do you need to become to make room for this new, expansive version of yourself?

Soon we will create space for this new idea to manifest in the physical world. For after all, we are manifestors – we take ideas from the depths of our minds eye’s and we bring them out into the world! We are creators! How amazing. Twenty twenty is only beginning, time to envision how you want it grow, mature and unfold. Re-evaluate what matters to you, find your balance and trust, and get ready. Wonderful manifestations are in store!

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