The Root Chakra

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Portals of energy; Portals of power

It is challenging to have a discussion about energy and not include the Chakras.

I always like to begin by getting in the right physical and mental state, so please sit up nice and tall. Take a deep breath send a grounding cord down into the earth. This cord allows you to release any emotions, thoughts or beliefs which are no longer serving you, and also allows you to draw up revitalizing energy from the earth. Feel your connection to the earth; feel the love and support the Earth offers. Now, take another grounding cord up and send it into the heavens and connect to the divine. Allow and visualize golden white, pearlescent light float down the top of your head, downy our arms and shoulders, hands and fingers, down the body, the legs and out the bottoms of the feet. Draw up the earth energy bringing it back up until it meets the divine energy. Allow these two streams of Grace, of healing light to flow around and pool into your heart space, using the earth cord to release anything that is no longer serving you.


If you prefer you may watch this video, otherwise, keep reading!

To begin: what are Chakras? Chakras are energy portals that are attached to the body and around the body. They interpenetrate organs and systems of the body and also create layers of what some people call “auras” as they encircle the exterior of the body. These portals serve the purposes of protection, filtering information (energy) and manifesting. They work like two-way doors in that they absorb energy (attract) from the external environment and also push energy outward (manifest). And when you are mor aligned and attuned to their existence and purpose, they can also be used as a protective system, letting you know what you need to feel safe, protected and loved.

I follow the 12 Chakra system, but over the course of the next few blogs, will focus the seven that overlay the actual physical structure of the body. These correspond to certain organs and functions in the body. They help us to attune to the energies that we are receiving, and each one focuses on certain aspects of our lives. In this way, they are yet another way to get in touch with yourself and connect with yourself, check in and see how you’re thriving, or what might be causing you suffering.

The Root Chakra is the one found at the base of the spine and this chakra is a yang energy. It is about gravity, your connection to the earth, your actual physical body - what's anchoring you here, your roots, and it is deals with all aspects of security, safety, and trust, as well as self-identity. It even includes aspects of your tribe or your family and it certainly deals with certain core beliefs and has to deal with beginnings, structural foundation, solidity -especially bout your ability to make money. Concerns of self-care, food and all other aspects your ability to create a structure and have solidity in form are also managed in this Chakra. It's about your focus and your sense of stability and it definitely deals with your physical identity, not just the physical body itself but also emotions and tensions that you might be holding on to.

The goal of this chakra is for you to feel secure in your life without being overly attached to anything, so your ability to meet your needs in a very healthy way.

When this Chakras is struggling to perform you will experience stress especially as a result of fear. This is because this Chakra involves the statement, “I have” or your belief of your right to have things.

How to know if the Root Chakra is unbalanced

If you are uncertain whether or not this Chakra is functioning well for you, then ask yourself very simply - do you need to ask permission in order to take care of yourself? Do you find that you put other people's needs well before your own and that your own self-care is inconsistent or lacking? Do you have consistent money issues? Do you have issues with your boundaries? These also deal with the other chakras as well, but it originates here in the root chakra.

Another core belief is around self-worth which is tied into the right to have and this one is about - what do you allow yourself to have when it comes to money? When it comes to love or time? Or the ability to rest and recharge, even pleasure? Do you allow yourself to have these things without worrying about the repercussions or having guilt or feeling shameful for wanting them? If the answer is no, then this Chakra could use some attention.

root chakra

As stated above, Chakras overlay organs and systems, so there might be physical symptoms alerting you to an issue in this Chakra. For example, the adrenals which process our stress hormones and especially cortisol might be sluggish, causing you to feel burn out and fatigue. Too much cortisol in the body is not healthy for the body especially the brain. It can affect your ability to process thoughts and make decisions. And, of course, feel prevent you from feeling grounded and centered. Also, this chakra ties into the legs, feet and bones, which support our physical foundation and stability, so any issues in these areas or in the posture links back to this Chakra. In our modern world, so much time in front of device can cause curvature of the spine, which then causes the rib cage to collapse over certain organs which can restrict their operation and lead the body into feeling stress. This, in turn, causes you anxiety and other symptoms of distress. Having an upright posture brings more stability and structure in our body, so as often as possible throughout the day roll those shoulders back and put yourself upright. Put the chest out a little bit and make sure you're in a nice straight line with a big smile.

This definitely helps you not just physically, but it also helps you emotionally and mentally and spiritually. Your large intestines are another organ that is attached to the root chakra. Your large intestines have to deal with how you secrete energy from the foods and it takes the unabsorbed nutrients and eliminates it, so if you're having problems with elimination in any shape or form this has to do with the root chakra, and your large intestines are also an organ that holds deep worry, stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension so if you're feeling those things being activated in your life then it is a root chakra situation that needs your attention.

Also, your muscles specifically the mitochondria in your muscles deal with the root Chakra. Mitochondria are the energy producing components of our cells and our muscles. You need to exercise to continue to create mitochondria. It is definitely a case of: if you don't use it you lose it, which is why sometimes when you don't exercise regularly you can feel that lag in your energy. You need to make the mitochondria to keep the vitality going. Of course, your skin is also your barrier to the outside world and is tied directly to your self image and, therefore, your self-worth.

Questions you might consider asking yourself include: where is their lack of support in my life? Where do I have balance in my life? Do I even listen to the needs of my body? Your body is sending you messages all the time and you could be too much in your headspace which would lead you to ignore the body completely - going about our tasks and things. Pain and suffering are not normal. Digestive issues are not normal. They are signs that your body is out of balance and require some attention.

Crystals and Colors, and other Root Chakra Connections

There are crystals which support each Chakras. For the root chakra: red and black stones such as hematite, ruby, garnet, obsidian, and red jasper. These are all stones that you can have on your body or around you, to help bring a subtle balance back to that chakra. Eating red foods, wearing red clothes are also helpful. These create subconscious triggers for you to pay more attention to this area of your body and help you get in tune.

The root chakra color is red. The ruling planet for this chakra is Saturn, ruler of limitation and boundaries and so makes sense it's a root chakra ruler – bringing your awareness to where you’re having limits and where your having energetic, structural boundary issues in your life.

Certain red flags to be aware of include lack of any physical energy, over anxiety more than usual or if you're in a constant state of anxiety then you've got some root chakra issues to deal with. If you're in a victim state, feeling “poor me”, or it's not me it's everybody else. If you suffer from constant health issues or you have constant financial issues - you're bleeding money left right and center, and you can't ever seem to save or make money. O if you're feeling really insecure or panicky.

Ways to Support the Root Chakra

Ways to support the root chakra include earthing which is putting your bare feet into the earth or any form of grounding which is allowing you to get centered and this also helps to protect from any sense of overwhelm. Daily routines are specifically beneficial to the root chakra because you want to build consistency, this also helps you with your sovereignty, with the boundaries that you desire to create because boundaries help you energetically, of course, but they help your energetic container – helps you define what is your energy – what you are responsible for. Boundaries are a huge factor in how good you feel about yourself. They are designed around your values, what keeps your feeling confident and your ability to say, this is for me, this is not for me, without any guilt or shame attached which are those lower frequency feelings.

As stated above, because of the mitochondria - the more you exercise the more energy you will have, and the muscles, of course, will atrophy if you're not using them. This is great area to think: how do you want to be when you're 70 or 80? Even if you're only 20 and 30 right now it does not hurt to think about what kind of person you're going to be at that age - do you want to be the hunched over using a walker, scared to fall and break a hip, or are you going to be the sprightly older person kicking ass and still living your life as you want? Eating with gratitude and taking your time and eating slowly this will help soothe the large intestine especially, as I said, it holds worry and fear and tension so if you're eating super fast and not taking your time then you're actually ingesting all of those emotions as well. So, take time with your meals slow down, bless your food, have gratitude, take in that serenity and calmness while you're also taking in the nutrition of what you're eating. The diet of the first chakra focuses on meats and proteins so don't eat too much meat or protein; it causes sluggishness. Any attempts to balance it with vegetarian or high-quality food will help not only the digestive system but also the brain which is affected by the adrenals and the cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body.

The more stress you're having and experiencing, the more fear you're operating under, the harder it is for your brain to work in an optimal state. That's just how it is – the biophysical, biomechanics of the emotions and the actual physical body are always working together. The root chakra about parts to whole - your whole body is a container for your soul. When you start to think about implementing these elements – the physical and the energetic – and learn how the communication between the two is happening then you get practised at understanding your needs on a much deeper level. With consistency of a daily practice this repetition leads to mastery. None of this happens all at once, of course. Micro-doses over time lead to big changes.

Finally, I'll leave you with some statements:

· I accept my body

· I allow myself to feel good being me

About the author:

About the Author:

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