Sacral Chakra - Can you Feel it?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

This article will continue with the discussion of Chakras, the energy portals that process many areas of our life.

Get in the Present Moment

Before we dive in, sit up nice and tall, straight spine, put a smile on your face and take a deep breath in. Imagine a cord coming from the bottom of your root chakra going down into the earth,

drawing up that beautiful, supportive earth energy, grounding, nurturing and centering you. Next imagine another cord coming from the top of your head and reaching up to connect with the heavens. Draw down that pearly, white golden light as it swirls down onto the crown of your head, your shoulders, out your fingers, all the way down through the torso, and out into the earth again. Imagine yourself in between the earth and the heavens. You're a conduit and you're bringing that divine energy into the earth and you're pulling earth energy up into your body. Allow this flow to go down your back and up your front as you breathe here in the present moment.

As discussed in the entry The Root Chakra, the root chakra focuses on physical identity and outward manifestation. It's a yang chakra.

The Sacral Chakra, however, is a yin chakra. Its element is water, and it is about change, polarities (in the respect of self versus others). There are a lot of relationship components to deal with in the sacral chakra. It's about movement, pleasure, emotions, sexuality, creativity, and nurturing feelings, passions, and desires. There's a catchphrase for this chakra which is really about being able to “let go and create flow”. This chakra is about having choices, specifically, realizing that you have a choice, acknowledging that you understand you have choice. This Chakra is about your emotional identity.

Now, when it comes to the emotional identity - you are either fixed and rigid, or you're going to be open and flowing (and anywhere along that spectrum). The invitation here is to expand and surrender into it, so that you can grow bigger. It requires an understanding of your body sensations as a source of information for you. If you're ignoring your body and ignoring the signals that are coming from your body, then it's going to be a lot harder to process what's going on inside your body. This Chakra has the skill of moving emotional energy - to move it through the body, to move it out of the body, to understand that you have an obligation to yourself - not just other people, and trusting connections: trusting in yourself, your intuition and your ability to make good choices for yourself. All of this requires you to listen to your body so that you can access all this valuable information.

It's also about joy in life. Whereas, the root chakra is focused on sense of self, the sacral is more about your inner shadow self, the side of you that you may or may not be showing to other people. The emotional energy is what powers our choices, our thoughts, and our intentions so that's why this one is really important and especially for women because the womb is there and this is a great source of creative power for women.

Malfunctions of the Sacral Chakra

When this Chakra malfunctions, you will most likely experience guilt - feeling guilty for having needs or having sexual needs, and for having emotional needs. Especially, in society, we are often trained to put the needs of others before ourselves, otherwise we are selfish and should feel bad about that. Of course, this is faulty thinking, but it remains in many cultures and is quite pervasive. The goal of this chakra is to be able to kind of dance with the dualities without losing your center so can you balance pleasure with obligation, balance rigidity with flexibility, balance your needs and what you must do for others, as well as what you need to do for yourself. When this is balanced, you can experience pleasure but without getting overly stuck, attached or possessive about things. And, you can you do it without tension in the body, tension in the emotions, and feeling emotionally triggered by experiences or people or things that are going on.

A fluid emotional state, then, is the goal. To be able to experience life and the emotions it brings up, then be able to process them and let them go. If this were a statement, it would be, “I feel” or “I have the right to feel.” “I have the right to my feelings.” It seems simple on its own to think – of course I have the right to my own feelings, but in our everyday lives, thee experience can be quite different. We do not always feel we have that that choice – it could be at work with bosses, especially if you're in corporate, people don't care necessarily care how you feel. We can also see this in the way we treat one another on the street - we're not very interested in other people's feelings sometimes, especially if their life views differ from our own.

When this Chakra is open, you're feeling benevolent, you're able to express your emotional needs clearly, you are willing to see the positive, you don't avoid or oppose other people outright. You are willing to listen and participate in the conversation. You're open to life and circumstances in general because you trust your emotions, you trust your connection to your emotions, and you are able to develop healthy relationships because you've got the boundaries between you and other well under control. When it is completely closed down that is when we'll see blaming a lot of other people, manipulative behaviour, especially emotional manipulation, and you'll see some trust issues coming up including sexual issues. You might also experience a general coldness or rigidity in how you're dealing with other people or yourself. You can be withdrawn from your emotions, refusing to share them or even acknowledge them. Other signs of a malfunctioning sacral chakra could include a lack of inspiration, a general fatigue and a blackness, and definitely issues involving your boundaries with other people. One of the big triggers here that can easily throw this chakra out of balance is feeling a sense of duty and taking on more than is yours.

When this chakra is too open, (yes all chakras can be balanced, closed or too open and we want them happily balanced- not too close not to open) then you will certainly overlook your own needs to your detriment while taking care of other people. I feel like moms, speaking as a mom myself, moms slip into this a lot especially with your kids. We'll forget to eat well or forget to take care of ourselves in other ways because we're so busy taking care of other people. And not just their physical needs, but their emotional needs, and this can lead quickly to then taking on the emotional needs of our partners. Then they don't deal with their crap and suddenly you’re dealing the emotional and physical needs of multiple people and you are on the bottom of that list! This is why it is not good to have this chakra too open. A healthier balance is to have a nice boundary, a nice distance between your responsibilities and the responsibilities of others, so you have your own space not always taking care of other people's crap.

This brings us to a core belief around this chakra, specifically, knowing the difference between your emotional needs and another's emotional needs. You can help another - for sure - but if you're too enmeshed in other people's needs then that's where you go beyond your own boundary and it's a detriment to yourself. If you have inner core statements that sound like this: “I don't have a choice, it's my duty to do this.” “I must put the needs of others above myself.” These are core beliefs that need to be addressed; they are not healthy for you and also none of that is true. If you have any of that kind of programming going on in your body especially in that area then its time do some work, get some clearings and get some help.

Some organs and glands that are involved in the sacral chakra include the fundamental liquids in the body (water). We're talking about your circulation of blood, your urinary elimination, and anything around sexual and reproductive fluids. Of course, as stated above, the womb is a source of creativity and new life so oftentimes, especially with women or mothers as I said, you'll be vulnerable to relationship issues, especially because of the suppression of your own emotions and with it your sense of freedom. The spleen which on the left side of the body filters your blood and is also a seat of intuition and your instincts. This organ is actually affected a lot by fear and anxiety, so it will be sluggish if you are having troubles with this chakra. If it is sluggish then it will manifest as fear and doubt around trusting your own instincts and your own intuition. The liver is another organ in under the influence of this chakra. This organ works to detoxify the whole system and it also stores resentment fatigue, anger, rage, and fury. The kidneys remove waste and help balance the water in the body, and they also hold regret, dread, horror. If these types of emotions keep coming up for your, then your sacral chakra is needing attention and healing. Also, there is the bladder, which supplies water to the kidneys and stores toxins. So, bladder infections or suddenly needing to go to the bathroom too much is a signal to pay more attention to this chakra. And finally, low back pain or sexual organs, the whole limbic system which controls the hormones, the heart rate, the blood pressure, even the breathing and contributes to the body’s immune system, as well as an area that stores feelings of defenselessness or betrayal or also linked to the Sacral Chakra. You'll notice you have a tense rigid body, or rigid thinking. You'll have sexual issues - maybe you can't attract a sexual partner or you'll be controlling in a relationship. You might even have organizational triggers, such as a messy space and clutter is all over the place. You'll have abundance issues for sure, and be careful if you're finding that you're too dependent on alcohol, caffeine or even sex. Or you are feeling possessive like you have to hold on to whatever your being possessive about. This is the same with the overabundance with the food - it's like there's a void and you're really just trying to stuff it and fill it – these all point to the Sacral Chakra being out of balance.

Support of the Sacral Chakra

Ways to support this Chakra include Emotion Code work. There are a lot of emotion code practitioners out there if you want to release some of the emotions that might be stuck in parts of the body. Breathwork is super helpful here and I mean like 30 to 40 minutes working with a practitioner, not just yogic breathing, although that's helpful too. Dancing, especially moving your hips. Walking. Getting boundary work done. Relationship clearings - breaking old patterns. Definitely get massage which also helps with the limbic system and gets the fluids moving. Not to mention, touch is associated directly to this Chakra. It’s really important to cultivate a sacred relationship with yourself, feel your body, feel your needs, listen to what it's saying to you, and then support it. An anti-inflammatory diet is a always a great idea. Continue to help people, of course, but also hold them accountable, as well, so it is not just you taking on all the heavy emotional lifting.

This chakra is ruled by the Moon and Pluto which is the planet for transformation. Any orange stones are good such as carnelian, citrine, orange adventure. And finally, a good mantra to use for this chakra is: I permit delight, sweetness, and an arousing quality to my life.

About the author:

About the Author:

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