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In our modern lives, it can be too easy to feel disconnected and alone. We are busy, I get it - sometimes I walk down the street, ready with a smile and a "hello," to offer, only to find people don't look up from their phones or make eye contact.

For this reason, I am offering a ritual I do most days, in the shower actually, before the day begins. I can't take credit for it, I got the idea from Tess Whitehurst, whom I love, because she spreads magic.

I like this ritual because it connects me to all the aspects of Life I care about. Earth is about grounding and connection, and of course, being a part of Earth. Air is about intellect, thoughts, logic and thinking things through. Fire calls to mind motivation, passion. It can also help me contemplate areas of life that have conflict. Water deals with the flow of my emotions, boundaries and my ability to communicate what I need. Spirit reminds me that there is something bigger than me going on here, and also that there is support to connect to whenever I need it. All that is required is faith and trust.

The ritual goes like this. It takes about 3 minutes tops and will leave you feeling connected to Earth and Source. Repeat as needed or wanted.

Figure out where North is in your space (if you choose not to use the shower) and face in that direction. Conjure up images of Earth, and say, "Earth, I call on you." I like to hold my hands out in front of me, palms up in receiving mode. I feel the energy come up through my feet and legs and rest in my Root Chakra, rooting me to Earth.

Then turn to your right and face East. Conjure up an image of Air, and say, "Air, I call on you." Same positioning with the hands as I turn. I imagine the air moves through my Sacral Chakra releasing tension and stress which often pools there for me.

Now turn right again, and face South. Conjure up and image of Fire and say, "Fire, I call on you." The fires burn in my chest and Solar Plexus Chakra as I connect with who I am and what I am about in this moment.

Then turn once more and face West, conjuring images of water. With hands still open and mind filling with images of water, allow it to enter your heart space, washing clean anything stuck there or blocking as you say, "Water, I call on you."

Turn once more back to the North and this time, raise your hands to the heavens and look up, arms outstretched and palms still open. Imagine Universal Energy is spiralling down your arms and your head, pouring into all the upper Chakras and pooling in the heart center mixing with the Earth energies being pulled up from the lower Chakras. Say, "Spirit, I call on you."

Now, Take a deep breath and feel all the energy flowing in your body. Earth energy grounding you down into matter, feeling solid and supported. Universal energy giving you wings to soar to unlimited heights of possibility, swirling and mixing in your blood and organs, pulsing to the rhythm of your heart, reminding you that you are never alone and love is always available to you. When you feel this energy peak, bring your hand to heart center, palms in prayer position and say, "I am aligned, I am balanced, I am whole. I am one with the Earth, the Sky, the Cosmos, and All That Is." Close your eyes and be in gratitude.

When you feel ready, turn counter-clockwise, back to the West and say, "Water, I thank you." Then to the South, and say, "Fire, I thank you." To the East now, saying, "Air, I thank you." Then once more to the North and say,"Earth, I thank you." Raise your hands back to the heavens and say,"Spirit, I thank you." Bring hands back to heart center, lay them on your heart if you wish and say, (one for the universe, one for the elements, and one for you) "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be, and so it is."

The ritual is complete. Enjoy.

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