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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Welcome to April, and the spring, Pink Full Moon. What a crazy year 2020 is shaping up to be. No surprise when we think about this being the year of the Emperor (in Tarot). The powerful number 4 is about foundation, and globally, ours is being shaken to the core! We are shifting into something new, hopefully uplevelling our experience. The choice is there.

Ideally, the chaos of your life has settled a bit. April is a month for healing and wellness, an opportunity if we don't discount the healing powers of rest and surrender. I'm still working on settling myself, but feeling more integrated. This whole situation is making it important to anchor deeply into a sense of trust, something I can lean into because I I know myself decently well - how I operate, care for myself, and what I care about. I have done a lot of work in this regard which is suddenly paying dividends. It's easier to be present because I'm practised in it. It took dedication in small, consistent steps. As a result, I'm feeling pretty grounded.

The cards I pulled for this month all focus on peace – a radical acceptance – an invitation to constantly channel Universal Love allowing it to purify your soul. It is also an invitation to experience a deep sense of tranquility by letting go of outside influences, stress and expectations. Release all of it - except what truly matters, radically. Listen to your gut, not your head and hold nothing else. Forget the rest. Then,

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, anchoring yourself in this simple action.

Breathe in love and remember how your needs are always met, even when the unpredictability of life can shake your confidence.

Breathe in trust in Spirit and yourself that you will make the right decisions to keep you vital and thriving, because you remember your strengths, utilize your resources and draw upon the wisdom of your experiences.

This full moon is in Libra which flavors this experience with a focus on relationships and partnerships. We are being called to remember, to see and witness the beauty in life. Yes, this is a challenging time – there is a lot going on, no doubt. We could choose to look outside in the world and get anxious or stressed by the news, the stories, the change of it all - we could react and get lost in the story of it. Or, we could choose to turn inward, meditate or sit quietly for a bit and allow inner peace to wash over us. Like there is a storm brewing outside but you are safely tucked away on the inside and you grounded and rooted like a tree whose branches my sway but whose trunk is solid.

Ask yourself, am I safe in this moment? Am I fed in this moment? Am I healthy in this moment? As you answer yes, to these questions, your nervous system will begin to relax. As it relaxes, visualize golden pearly, white light from the universe being drawn into your body, down the crown of your head through your throat into your heart and down into your feet, passing outward into the Earth. As this light washes through you, it takes with it anything that no longer serves and fills you with the Universal Love that is your birthright. With the next inhale we can then breathe in the love from the Earth and connect to the tremendous birthing of a moment taking place right before our eyes.

This moment will pass, but will we awaken to what is being offered?

If you are looking for some more on this, I began writing this book in 2020, when Australia was on fire (before the whole world went on laborious fire). I’ve decided to put up the first few chapters as a distraction but also, possibly, an idea approach to what is happening. It is a personal story,and I will be putting chapters out all this month, as a way to release.

Speaking of release, this full moon and the fact that most of us need to be home, is an invitation to declutter! Check out my blog on the subject if you're looking for tips and ideas.

And for those of you who need it, here is an Invocation for Physical Wellness:

From the Book of Blessings and Rituals: Magical Invocations for Healing, Setting Energy, and Creating Sacred Space by Athena Perrakis:

Great Spirit, I thank you for this human lifetime

You have bestowed upon me,

For the vitality and energy that surge through my veins.

I thank you for my senses

~ Sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste ~

And the access they offer to this beautiful world.

I am grateful for the unique gifts you have granted me,

The connections with others I know and love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I ask that you continue to bless me with physical health,

Strength, and peace.

Help ease the physical challenges

And discomforts of life,

So I can pursue my path

With vitality and courage.

I ask that you keep my bones strong, my blood pure,

My mind centered, my lungs clear,

And my heart full.

I ask for this blessing of wellness

So that I may move in the world

Free of pain, worry, or discomfort

And bless others along the way,

Sharing with them

What you offer so freely and graciously with me.

I receive my physical healing,

With gratitude.

Amen, A’ho, So it is

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I'm an energy healer and I help women release blocks and resistance keeping you from feeling your most empowered self. Connect with me for a free discovery call to see how I can help you raise your frequency and turn any chaos in your life into coherence.

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