New Moon Ritual

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

This ritual will focus on getting into alignment with our higher selves – allowing our outside appearance to reflect more authentically who we are on the inside. This ritual is also to help us feel centered and balanced in our power, to be a stable force within ourselves, our families, and our communities. Let us use the magic of this time to visualize and imagine a new life.

The brain is a powerful tool for manifestation. Instead of allowing it manifest fear and anxiety, which it will do if left to it's own devices, why not use it to manifest the life you desire?

This particular ritual was used for the Cancer New Moon of 2020 and Solar Eclipse, but can be used for any new moon. Of course, never forget, rituals are individual so this is just a template of sorts. Feel free to give it your own touches and flair. As long as the intention to manifest for your best and highest good is present, the rest is changeable!

What you will need:

- A vase, a plant, or a sacred container in which to place intentions

- Paper

- Pen

- Journal (optional)

- Incense (optional)

- Crystals (optional)

- Essential oils (optional)

Intro (5 min)

Welcome to the most powerful New Moon of the year!

New Moons are planting seeds, new beginnings, casting off the old and bringing in the new, and positive change.

This New Moon is in Cancer and lends the vibes of “I feel” and draws on our intuition, our sense of family and home, but also brings up our insecurities, fears, where we feel we need to be protective and where we might be holding on too tight.

A guide to creating a ritual for the New Moon and manifest the life you desire!
New Moon Ritual

And this time we also have a Solar Eclipse. The dark side of the moon is a womb of potential and the ring is the fuel that is needed to release the old as well as charge and bring forth new life.

This New Moon falls on 0 degrees of Cancer, which represents a direct gateway into the Field of Infinite Possibilities. This opens us up to new timelines, new possibilities for the world and a chance to step into a new way of being – new world is about to dawn and the intentions we make on this New Moon have the potential to last for many years to come.

This ritual will focus on getting into alignment with our higher selves – allowing our outside appearance to reflect more authentically who we are on the inside. This ritual is also to help us feel centered and balanced in our power, to be a stable force within ourselves, our families, and our communities. Let us use the magic of this time to visualise and imagine a new life.

Let us begin by casting our circle. (15 min total)

Centering (5 min)

Please use this time to call in all guides, ancestors, angels and beings of light you wish to hep us in our endeavours today. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and feel into your body, start with the top of your head, your neck, your chest and back, your arms and hands, your hips, legs, ankles and feet. Feel the breath flow in and out and pool in your heart space. See yourself as whole and healed. Smile and allow all your muscles to relax, releasing all the tension. You are here in this moment, there is nothing else you need to do, nowhere you need to be, just with yourself and breath.

Now imagine a cord from your heart flows down your torso, hips and legs and flows down the bottoms of your feet and down into the Earth, connecting to the core of this Earth. This cord will allow you to draw upon the grounding and supportive energy of the Earth while also allowing you to release what no longer serves. Draw up the red, deep, slow pulsating vibes of Earth energy and return your attention to your heart space.

Now imagine another cord from your heart reaches up your throat, through your mind and out the top of your head into stretching up into the heavens connecting you to the Source of All That Is, infinite power and energy, unconditional love and support which is available to you at all times. This cord gently washes Divine energy down the top of your head, your shoulders, arms, torso, hips and feet, mixing with the Earth energy pooling in your heart. Together these two energies cleanse and renew filling you with conscious awareness of your place in time and space, one with All That Is.

Breathe here for a moment.

Call the corners: (5 min) (Inspired by Tess Whitehurst)

Facing North visualize the energy of the earth, the soil, the trees, the solid container within which we all live, our own bodies, and our homes, and with gratitude and respect in your heart say, “Earth, I call on you.”

Now face East and visualize the energy of air, the breath we breathe, the rustle of leaves, a bird soaring on a wind current, our thoughts and ideas, our beliefs about life, and with respect and gratitude in your heart, say, “Air, I call on you.”

Turn to the South and conjure the power of fire, a campfire, a candle, our own passions and intuition, and with love and gratitude say, “Fire, I call on you.”

Turn once more to the West and imagine water, the flow from a tap, a rive, an ocean, the depths of our emotions, and the relationships we are connected to, and with deep compassion and gratitude say, “Water I call on you.”

Turn once more to the North and raise your hands above your heads and address the heavens, your guides, angels, ancestors, the Universe, All That IS and with awe and reverence say, “Spirit, I call on you.”

Placing your hands on your heart, draw all these elements and energies to you saying, “I am aligned, I am balanced, I am whole. I am one with the Earth, the Sky, the Cosmos and All That Is.”

(5 min) Place your dominant hand towards the heavens and your less dominant hand to the earth, imagining you are drawing in energies from both. Then using your dominant hand, draw a circle clockwise around yourself and the amount of space which is meant to hold your Sacred Work at this time. As you draw the circle, speak a protection such as, “Only beings of light and love may enter this sacred space.”

Blessing items: (5 min)

First, we will take sage or Palo Santo and bless our talismans and tools. Imagine a sphere of golden light encompassing all of your tools, sending positive and cleansing energy. You might even bless them saying, “I bless these objects with light and love may they be used for my best and highest good.”

Intentions (10-20 min)

We are here today to set intentions for the New Moon. (Check out my homepage for a free copy of the Mechanics of Intentions.) To consider, on this, the longest day of the year, the halfway point, how to honor the sun within our own hearts. How do we wish to show up? What dream do we wish to have for our futures? Our thoughts become our words become our actions – what is happening in our inner world manifests in “reality”.

This is not a goal, something you want to accomplish by a specific date, this is more about a way of being, some feeling you wish to be, to embody, to anchor your focus into in order to attract and manifest the life your desire.

As you think about this, I offer this blessing which honors the cycles of life. For as some things are ready to die and be released, other things are waiting to be born. This prayer was taken from Athena Perrakis.

All that begins must end,

And yet energy is neither created

Nor destroyed.

Our souls and our spirits roam in eternity,

Endlessly rediscovering each other.

You and I are old and young

And we have traveled many roads together.

As I say goodbye to one

Who must leave this human form and space,

I honor the cycle and the seasons.

I am reminded of the preciousness of life.

I draw in the element of water to move through me

As I allow these deepest feelings of sadness and loss

To come forth and flow like the rivers.

I draw in the element of fire of cleanse me

As I release and surrender what can no longer be.

I draw in the element of air to usher in winds of change.

Sadness is a precursor of joy,

And the cycles of life always prevail.

To the Earth and the Stars we shall one day return.

I have known you since we left the stars,

And I shall recognize you

When we reunite there together again.

Amen, A’ho, So it is.

Take time now to write three to five intentions, each on their own piece of paper, focusing on the essence of the energy you want to be moving forward, radiating your sunlight, standing in your power, showing up for yourself, your family, and your community.






Reading Intentions:

Read the intentions out loud and then place them in the sacred container blessed for this purpose. If you have a plant, place the pieces of paper underneath the plant.

Place your hands on your heart and take a moment to honor the integrity of your intentions. Visualize your intentions already manifesting. Now visualize them drifting off into the Sun where they will burn, releasing the energy required for their manifestation in the physical world.

I cannot include this here, but I purchased a wonderful channelled message from Forever Conscious which was amazing!


When you feel ready, turn counter-clockwise, back to the West and say, "Water, I thank you." Then to the South, and say, "Fire, I thank you." To the East now, saying, "Air, I thank you." Then once more to the North and say, "Earth, I thank you." Raise your hands back to the heavens and say, "Spirit, I thank you." Bring hands back to heart center, lay them on your heart if you wish and say, (one for the universe, one for the elements, and one for you) "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be, and so it is."

Now take your dominant hand and retrace your circle counter clockwise. When it is closed, clap your hands together in the air to release the circle and its energy.

Feel free to take a salt bath, eat some grounding food, listen to some uplifting music or go for a walk in nature.

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