New Moon, New You!

I can’t believe this is only my fourth New Moon article! In some ways it has gone so fast, and in other ways, I feel as though I have been doing this forever. Lol Oh, Time, you’re such a trickster.

As a reminder, the New Moon is a time for setting intentions, and new beginnings in your personal and professional life. This one feels especially magical because It’s also Earth Day! And there has been some very interesting, magical transformations happening on the Earth.

Today calls for dreaming, opening ourselves up the new possibilities that are available to us, depending on where we are at energetically. (Our frequency determines what wea re able to attract to us). It also calls for making a plan! I love how the New Moon really combines the yin creative energy, with the yang, action energy. Dreaming is great but never manifests without a plan, and plans are great but hard to execute if we aren’t emotionally invested.

As I have been learning, each day of the moon cycle is favored with the zodiac sign the moon is passing through and this New Moon is in Taurus. Taurus is a feminine earth sign which carried with it the traits of dependability, stability, deliberate, practical, and wealthy. This sign is characterized as being patient and earthy, or stubborn and fixated. This is not the airy, self confident let’s tackle the world approach of Aries; this sign likes to move more slowly and steadily towards goals.

This New Moon is a great one for evaluating the energy of money. A great action step here, might be to make a financial plan. Look at where you stand at the moment with credit cards, utility bills, etc, and where you would like to be. See if or how it might be possible to close the gap. Having said that, this year and especially this time, looking at money might be the last thing you’d like to do. Understandable given all the uncertainty and instability happening in the economy. However, and this is a bog, however, the idea of this exercise is not insight stress, (and if it does, maybe save it for another time), but to make a plan for the year. Things are going to get moving, eventually, maybe this experience has shed some light on what you can live without and what is a necessity. Perhaps your financial goals have shifted as a result and it might be a great time to create a new plan for a new way of being going forward. I for one, realize how much I don’t need the little impulsive purchases that were a part of my everyday life before. Twenty dollars for a book, six dollars for chocolate, four dollars for hot cocoa…It all adds up! I’m not one to spend too much money all at once, but geeze can I bleed it away a little at a time! The way we live right now has forced me to be conscious of this and now it is something I will focus on making sure I don’t go back to.

Whenever the conversation of money comes up, we are also talking about Self Worth. Money is an energetic exchange after all, and how we feel about ourselves is very much tied into the exchange of money, the exchange of value. How you feel about yourself gets projected outward. If you are in business for yourself, it can affect how much you get paid, or how many clients you attract. If you work for someone else, it might affect raises, responsibilities or how you allow yourself to be treated in the work environment.

Here are some common beliefs that creep up around value:

I am not good enough. This one will block you from all sorts of good things you deserve, and have you feeling as if you must always do more, prove yourself, be treated like crap from employers, friends, family, lovers, and generally have you feeling like crap. For this belief try leaning into decisiveness. You know yourself, you know what you are good at and if you don’t, today is a great day to sit down and get clear. What are your talents, what actions cause you to feel inspired? How can you have more faith in yourself and your abilities? Make a list and see your magical self come alive for you on paper.

Another similar but slightly different belief is: I am not valuable. This insidious little liar needs to be squashed out by everyone. You are here, you are breathing, you are a spark of the Divine – you are valuable, my friend. Period. Don’t believe me? Lean into truth and prove it to yourself. How do you show up in your daily conversations? How do you use your words? What are you doing for others that may or may not be recognized? How honest are you about your needs? Are you able to release and let go of what does not serve you? Are you taking care of yourself?

This is a separate but related concept. Self Care. We all must do this. Ask yourself, what would make my life better? What creature comforts do I like? What new habits of care have I been wanting to try? What old hates and wounds can I release at this time? What can I do to feel lighter – energetically? Self care is not always about baths and foot massages. Sometimes it’s simply about being able to understand what you need and then expressing it. For many, the expression part is the hard part, but let’s be truthful! We all deserve to be taken care of.

I am not whole. Another untruth, and a damaging belief. We have gotten it into our heads that we are separate, separate from each other, but most dangerous, we see ourselves as separate. We hide parts of ourselves we are embarrassed about or ashamed of. We act one way at work and another way with friends or this group of friends versus that group of friends, we present masks and versions according to what we think others want us to be. This is the same as me squandering small amounts of money – it is a constant bleeding of energy trying to keep up all these pretenses, and my guess is it’s exhausting. Here we want to lean into the energy of curiosity – go digging inside and ask yourself– are there aspects of yourself you are ignoring? Afraid to love? Refuse to accept? What would it take to bring those pieces back together and accept yourself warts and all? What needs to be nipped in your life to allow room for growth?

This is an energetic Spring cleanse! Of course, we can combine it with an actual physical spring cleanse of the house while we are at it, if you like. Sometimes I do this. I go through the house and in each room, I mentally examine my relationships. For example, when I am in the boys’ rooms, I think about our relationship and how I can make adjustments, show up more, think about their problems and how I might be able to help them. When I’m in the kitchen, I think about our relationship to the digestive system and the foods we are eating, the proportion of what is contributing to our health with the high vibrations they offer and what percentage is weighing us down with its lower vibration?

Now is a great time to make a plan on how to shed the weight of winter months, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Cleanse the lungs of sadness, repression, guilt, and toxins. Cleanse the bowels, the kidneys, the bladder, the skin, and the lymphatic system, especially the liver and the kidneys which hold the emotions of anger, bitterness, guilt, hatred, resentment (liver) and blaming, fear, dread, horror (kidneys).

Perhaps consider the Chakras of these two areas and use this model as a way to support your self care.

Chakra 2, or the sacral chakra has the organs of the kidney and bladder, it’s main statement, if you will, is: to feel. This chakra focuses on your emotional identity, it responds to desire, and has a demon of guilt. Some supportive oils for this chakra include: grapefruit, jasmine, rose, orange, ylang ylang, and nutmeg. And some stones include, carnelian, sunstone, moonstone, and tiger’s eye.

For the third chakra or the solar plexus, has the organs of the liver, digestive system, and gall bladder, it’s main statement is: to act. This chakra focuses on your ego identity (self definition), it responds to will, and has a demon of shame. Some oils which can be used for support are: lemon, marjoram, lemongrass, palmarosa, black pepper, cedarwood, peppermint. And some crystals: citrine, shungite, and tiger’s eye, and mookaite.

Each of the oils and crystals bring an energy of a higher vibration which assists with the gentle releasing of the lower vibration “demons” attached to each of those chakras. Let’s be honest, we are all carrying a ton of guilt and shame with is about more things than we can count, spanning our entire lifetime.

As a mini healing to help release even more, center yourself in your heart, imagine you are connected to the Earth and to the Heavens above, take a few deep, full breaths, and speak this statement either out loud or in your mind:

“Father, Mother, Divine Creator of All That Is, I command and request that all feelings of shame and guilt be pulled and released from me, and sent to your purifying light and replaced with unconditional love for my best and highest good. Thank you and show me. It is done. It is done. It is done.”

You might also try: Father, Mother, Divine Creator of All That Is, I command and request to understand what it feels like to ______, [and then fill in with “be of value,” “live guilt free”, “to know God’s love”, “be healthy,” have compassion for myself,” or anything positive you would like to feel.] Thank you and show me. It is done. It is done. It is done.

The great White Willow, a renown Earth teacher, would also like to remind us of the ways of water for the above healing. Water represents our feelings, they flow through us constantly. It is important to know the difference between thoughts (happen in the head) and feelings (happen in the body). All too often, we live in our heads, and decide how we feel about something, but feelings, like water, are meant to travel and be felt all over – especially in the body. This is how we program our cells how to feel. Send in programs of love and other high frequency feelings. Get your body in the habit of feeling good and watch the magic unfold!

Happy manifesting!

Happy Earth Day!


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