March: Devotion and Loyalty

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Welcome to March! There is a lot going on this month!

The theme for this month is loyalty and devotion – to yourself, of course. It is also a month of transformation because of the Spring Equinox which falls on March 19th.

I was laughing because I had made a resolution this year to follow the cycles of the year, and to specifically follow the moon. The last two weeks (I’m blaming Mercury Retrograde, which at least goes direct on the 10th!) have been kicking my butt. I’ve been forgetting about my resolutions, slipping into mini-depressions and feeling all sorts of anxiety which all combine to screw with my self confidence. Is this happening to you too?

But then I forced myself to get back into my commitment of following the moon cycle. I thought, it’s only the third month, am I seriously abandoning this already? Don’t get me wrong, I realize I’m more than likely doing this just for me, lol, but still – I made a commitment and I know how much it matters.

The cells are always listening and if I give up on this now, my cells will know I can’t stick to my desire to grow and expand. And the other wonderful thing is – the Universe always shows up for you. Why do I know this?

I pulled cards in December for the whole upcoming year when I made this crazy plan. This means, I had no idea how any of this would unfold; I just pulled the cards and wrote the notes. Well, the cards I pulled for this month were:

Loyal Heart from Collette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle Card. This card speaks to evidence of loyalty appearing in your life. It goes on to throw out words like, Divine Protection, devotion, celebration, faith and trust.

I also pulled Badger Spirit from her Animal Oracle. This card spoke to the need for persistence and commitment. It had words like courageous, fearless, bold. And its main message was that you can get what you desire so put yourself out there.

Finally, I pulled Nuumite, the healer stone. A powerful stone for shadow work, bringing the darkness to light. It signifies a deep healing journey with many opportunities for self-realization. It is also a reminder that you are your own best healer. This wonderful period of transition from one season to the next can also serve as an initiation or an activation of your own healing powers.

It’s like the Universe knew I would fall on my face this month and wanted to show me how much I was loved and cared for. Combined these cards spoke to me, reminding me that I’m trying to improve, to grow, to heal and to expand. Now is not the time to abandon those efforts, but time to root down and get ready to break forth into a new level, just as flowers and plants all over the norther hemisphere are preparing to break through the soil and reach for the sun.

This full moon on the 9th, a Full Moon in Virgo brings with it an anxious energy. It is also the last day of the Mercury Retrograde and might cause us to feel that everything is coming to a head. I know this makes me feel out of control and worrisome.

But I have a plan now because I am recommitting to me. My plan is to meditate and observe what is triggering me, what is causing me to feel less than or undervalued. I do not intend to analyze it, just simply notice it. And I will forgive myself and create a space to heal. Fears can paralyze us and make our story-making minds go crazy. The best medicine for this, for me, is to root down into purpose and a plan.

I like to begin with a healing. You can check out my video from earlier this week if you’d like to try one, as well. Because I was still a bit in survival mode, it is not edited or polished – but it is there, and sometimes that’s enough.

This Full Moon can be used to forgive all the ways you let you go of your-self care and recommit to it. With the New Moon (March 24th) being in Aries we are being called to action. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, spring is the first season of the yearly cycle so in many ways, we are getting a second beginning this month, a chance to try again.

Our key words are: Inner work, heartfelt commitment, deep healing, small deeds amounting to success, we are our own healers, tend to your inner space

And our focus is on Self Image. Our appearance is the message we send out to the world. It conveys our vibe and people receive it in our wardrobe, our hairstyles, our websites, and IG feeds – an area of our lives that has an “image” is telling the world about who we are, what we care about, and how we are showing up. It’s okay to get vain – get a haircut, buy some new clothes, revamp your website – whatever will put you in a space of feeling your most confident and radiant self!

This is where we are going: Be Loyal, to you. Visualize yourself exactly as you want to be.

But for this Full Moon – deal with your shadow stuff. What needs releasing? What needs healing? What is eroding your confidence?

Try this mantra from Moonology: “I allow myself to evolve and change.”

Sit with that for a bit and see what comes up, bringing resistance, blocking this from feeling true. These areas of resistance can be the intentions you set for this full moon to deal with.

They don’t have to be big. As our key words suggest – small deeds amount to big success. Focus on you, stay consistent. Hope is here. Spring is coming. You got this!

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I'm an energy healer and I help women release blocks and resistance keeping you from feeling your most empowered self. Connect with me for a free discovery call to see how I can help you raise your frequency and turn any chaos in your life into coherence.

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