It's Resolution Time!

First new moon of the year!

One of my resolutions this year is to follow the moon and write a blog a week incorporating rituals and information about the moon and what might be happening in the planets that affects us mere mortals.

After releasing some of last year’s baggage through forgiveness and gratitude, and focusing on making some Sacred Time for myself, I am now in a space where I can get clear and plant some seeds for the coming year.

The days before the New Moon on January 24th, is the perfect time to get into your body. Have a massage or great sex! Meditate, dance – whatever it is you do to get loose, receptive and feeling alive! We want to forge our intentions in a fire of passion and vitality, not from a place of stress and overwhelm.

Before the new moon, preferably after just finishing one of the above-mentioned activities, when you are feeling great and the blood is pumping, put on some music, break out your oils, create a supportive space for yourself, then write out 5-10 wishes/intentions you have for this year.

You can do this by the quick method of a list on a slip of paper – or you can really get into it and make yourself a vision board virtually on Pinterest or, if you are really creative – on paper with doodles and cut outs from magazines or printouts of pics from the Internet.

The most important component here is that you feel what you want to experience this year, feel the elation, the excitement, the contentedness of your dreams coming true. True intentions come from the heart, not the head. What does it look like, sound like, smell like? What are you wearing? Who are you hanging around with? Take a few deep breaths and see it in your mind’s eye as though it has already happened. Why? Because anything you can think up for yourself already exists in the realm of possibility and reality, getting in alignment with those feelings (vibrations) makes it easier to receive and draw it closer. It’s like you’re making a homing beacon for your intentions.

For intentions: many of you may already know how to make them, but for those that don’t or need a refresher – Intentions should always be about yourself, you can’t make other people change or do things for you. They should always be for your best and highest good. You might wish to win something but it might not actually be for your best and highest good. Also, clarity is super important which is why I go back to the feeling. Feelings are the strongest tool we have for making bonds, they are visceral. Not to mention, you can’t get what you want if you don’t know – clearly, what it is you want. It’s that simple.

When writing your intentions or wishes, I invite you to use phrase such as, “I intend for _______ (thing you wish for) to happen by ________ (date – give the universe a deadline and watch it jump into action). Or “It is wonderful that _________(this thing I wish) has happened for me.”

Try to steer clear of words like, “want.” It’s lower vibrational and want implies a lack of something. To give our intentions all the power we can, its best for them to develop from a place of empowerment and to cast them using the most empowering words.

If you’re not sure exactly what you desire, take a few quiet moments and ask within. Ask guides for guidance. Ask repeatedly, what do I desire? all throughout the day and notice how you feel about the things that come up. You might also spend a day trying this out: “All the times and all the ways, I am receptive, or I am open to receiving.” Then listen and be observant for what comes in. It’s like sending out radio waves. Another phrase might be, “I honor my true self. What is the next best thing for me?”

The other important factor when it comes to intentions, and your life really, is belief. Believe in your ability to achieve what you are after. Of course, make it reasonable to your mind, so it will accept instead of resist. Asking for a raise or a surprising windfall, or just extra money is more believable to most minds than – I’m gonna win the next lotto round. Your mind probably doesn’t believe you have a chance and so nothing with happen there. Once more, we also focus on the feeling and visualization because your subconscious mind can’t actually tell the difference between “reality” and “fantasy”. If you’ve ever jumped at a scary movie or cried when a beloved character died, you get what I mean. Also, on the note of belief – check in with your own beliefs about your value and worth, if you want new car but don’t think you “deserve” it, deep down, for whatever reason, no amount of wishing will get you a new car. Which you do deserve, fyi, if that’s what you desire.

Mostly though, just be in a state of gratitude. The motivation for what you’re after matters. True happiness will attract more than wanting something from a place of envy. Get in your happy place and then start wishing.

Also, wishing is not a one-way street. The wish fairy is not going to show up and grant you 5k, although it would be nice. You might have to do some work too - what do you need to heal, grow, change in order to be more in alignment with yourself in order to attract your desires? What small changes can you make in your habits, thoughts, rituals? If your life is chaotic and full of drama, how much of you is open to receive? Balance and a harmonious life, and regular check-ins with your higher self are very powerful tools for manifesting a life that will bring you contentment and joy.

This New Moon is in Aquarius: an air signed ruled by the planet Uranus (don’t giggle – or do) which is a planet of change, unconventional, breakthroughs, and an invitation to dare to be different. A key phrase of Aquarius is, “I know.”

Also, this is the moon for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat (wealth in fortune and career), so you might want to take these things into consideration when doing your Intentions and your ritual.

New Moon Ritual:

Smudge yourself and your space to cleanse.

Invoke the 5 elements, spirit guides – asking them to bring the energy and resources you need to support your wishes for the coming year. (North – wisdom, west – trust, south – courage to empower, east – inspiration, spirit guides – essence of all life to flow freely through me, earth to root in deeply). Call in any spirit guides you would like to assist you.

The energy for this year we desire to channel is one which will aid us in aligning to our highest self and put blessings upon us and our intentions. We give thanks for everything we already have, putting us in a place of gratitude and abundance. “I am blessed” is a wonderful phrase here.

As we ground down and reach up, remembering that all things are possible, let’s open and activate the chakras:

Think of the Crown and activate your connection with Source to receive inspiration, love and support.

Focus on the third eye and activate inner knowing.

Bring your awareness to your throat to activate speaking your truth, power of conscious expression.

Next, we bring attention to the heart to activate love and compassion for self, and acceptance of self and others.

Now, focus on solar plexus to activate your personal power, forgive the past, and connect to the moment.

This brings us into the belly and the sacral to activate our creative potential, desires and passion.

Finally, we bring our awareness to the root to activate feelings of safety and security – “I have enough, I am enough, I know enough.”

Create an alter by including:

Elements of the 4 corners (for example, a plant, a feather, a cup of water and a candle) and set out the images of your written intentions or your images. You may also want to include other candles, crystals or oils as you desire. If you like, smudge your space again.

Read your intentions out loud, visualizing them as real – think of a gratitude statement for each as if they are already true.

For example, “I am so grateful for my new job which is better for me than anything I could have imagined.” Or you can say your intention and then something like, “For the good of all, or not at all,” or “this or something better manifests for me,” or “for the best and highest good of all.”

Meditate for a moment on at least one action step you can make to bring you one step closer to aligning with this reality.

Commit yourself to doing those steps.

When you have done this with each of your intentions, release attachment to your intentions – trust the Universe knows way better than you how to bring your desires to reality. You can do this by saying, “I release my attachment to the outcome, trusting the universe will provide this or something better for my highest and best good.”

When done, you can burn them – nothing says releases attachment like burning, lol or save them for something to after.

Close by thanking the elements and any spirit guides. This ritual is complete.


If you saved your intentions, you could write them in a notebook or place them on a bathroom mirror or somewhere you can see them. Take at least 68 seconds a day to fully immerse yourself in a visualization of seeing and feeling your intention as reality. You might also write them out as affirmations, saying them ten times daily. Continually focusing on them will help maintain your connection to attracting them. But don’t obsess over the outcome; try to keep a loose connection, just enough to keep the feeling going.

Happy Wish making!


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