How to do a Full Moon Ritual

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Have you ever wondered why people follow the moon or make wishes during certain moon cycles? When I first started to follow the moon, I would set my intentions and clear my crystals on full moons, only to learn I had been doing it wrong! Don’t make the same mistake as me by learning the parts of the moon cycle and knowing which ritual to use during which phase.

The Phases of the Moon Cycle

To participate in a moon ritual, it’s important to know the phases. Each phase offers a unique chance to perform a beneficial ritual. There are Eight phases of the moon, but we'll touch on the basic four:

The New Moon begins the cycle. It passes through a waxing phase and arrives at the first quarter, when it actually appears as half a moon. It continues to wax (or grow) until two weeks later when it becomes a Full Moon. Then it wanes (or decreases) until it arrives at the third quarter moon, which again appears as a half moon, only on the other side. It continues to wane until it disappears and becomes, once more, a New Moon. Sometimes there are also Super Moons, eclipsed moons or Blue Moons (the second full moon of a month).

The Zodiac influence

Did you know the Zodiac has a role to play in the moon rituals? During each of these phases the moons pass through a Zodiac sign and become influenced by the traits of each sign. Here is a basic list of the vibe of each sign:

Aries - Fire sign; active, forceful, beginnings, strong, self confident.

Taurus - Earth sign; dependable, stable, productive, wealthy, steady

Gemini - Air sign; adaptable, communicative, curious, changeable, fickle

Cancer - Water sign; feelings, sensitive, security, dependent, needy, emotions

Leo - Fire sign; expressive, playful, warm, creative, dramatic, proud, bright

Virgo - Earth sign; anxious, analytical, detail-oriented, methodical, finicky

Libra - Air sign; balanced, relationship and partnership oriented, cooperative, diplomatic

Scorpio - Water sign; intense, idealism, energetic, secretive, passionate, thorough, forceful

Sagittarius - Fire sign; optimism, fun, friendly, jovial, honest, expansive, generous

Capricorn - Earth sign; resigned, serious, practical, resigned, hardworking, ambitious,

Aquarius - Air sign; change, original, progress, independent, inventive, unique, friendliness

Pisces - Water sign; nostalgic, sentimental, compassionate, escapist, dreamy, compassion

When you know how the moon is being influenced by the Zodiac, you can better tailor your intentions to flow with the energy of not only the particular phase of the moon, but also the Zodiac influence. For example, if the Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, you might focus your energy on ways you might have been less optimistic or letting yourself down. You might also consider your level of confidence, or arrogance, and asking yourself if you are seeing the bigger picture of what is happening. If the moon is in the sign of Cancer then you would be reflecting on a more familial vibe with family time. You might also be asking where you are being needy in your life or perhaps, moody manipulative, or in any other way insecure.

To get more out of your intentions, it is important to understand all the factors of influence and use them yo your advantage. This will help focus your energies more specifically – either on yourself or an area of your life in which are attempting to influence the energetic flow.

The Purpose of the Full Moon

Each cycle has an area of focus. Since we are focusing here on the Full Moon, we will cover the basics of a Full Moon ceremony or ritual. As I said before, I used to think the Full Moon was for setting intentions and starting new routines, cleansing old energy and preparing for the new. But this is not really the case. Full moons are the phase for forgiveness, gratitude and results. It's a time for letting go and releasing all that no longer serves - to create space to call in new desires.

New intentions are for a New Moon. That is the time to declare to the universe what you are working on improving and then release it and let the universe do its thing. After two weeks, in the time of the Full Moon, you reflect on how your intentions are manifesting – if they are manifesting, if the energy is moving, how things are developing, or not.

If they are not, then the Full Moon is a time to forgive what is blocking you, creating resistance, or simply not working at this time. It’s also time to adjust those intentions and focus on being grateful for what is working. The Full Moon is the height of the moon cycle and has a lot of energy in it waiting to be released. It is a powerful moment for healing.

Full Moon Ritual

For your Full Moon Ritual, you may

- desire to have an alter, or a special space or table to set up a candle, some crystals, or anything else you feel called to use. I like to have a rock or a plant for earth, incense for air, a candle for fire, and a water element (bowl of water of shell) for water.

- Consider the Zodiac sign the moon is currently in, so that you can reflect on your intentions using the lens or vibe of that sign.

- Assemble candles, pictures, crystals, and paper and pen, and lay out your sacred space

- Call the elements (check out this post if you are not sure how to do it), open a sacred circle, and

- Call in your spirit guides to be present and witness your ritual.

- Take a few deep breaths in your sacred space and focus on an are of your life or an intention that is working and you would like to add more energy to, or one that is not developing and you are ready to release your attachment to

- Write is down on your paper the intention or intentions you are focusing on. You might like to free write to consider why the intention is not working at this time, or if it is, what more could you do, or be, to support it manifesting even more. Pay particular attention to areas where you feel guilt, shame, less than, judged or critical of yourself.

- Any areas which produced low frequency responses are the areas you will focus on for forgiveness. If you feel called to, you can write out the low frequency feelings or thoughts and then next to them, write out something that feels better. This is where the gratitude is going to come in. This is a also a mindset strategy to turn your focus away from what is not working and place more purposely on what is working in your life.

- Remember, nothing is perfect and none of the self-development work is ever really complete, there is always more to do and deeper spaces to explore. The important thing is to remember to forgive and release, and then with gratitude remember that this invites in new energy and new opportunities.

- Use this writing to release the old stale energy and what was not working, forgive yourself for ways you were harsh, rigid, or gave away your power. See yourself through the eyes of love, ask your guides (who are there to protect and, well, guide you) to see yourself in a loving way, so you can imagine how things might improve. You may even feel called to state out loud that you forgive yourself and everyone else for any wrongs, misunderstandings or resistance and you now bring in love and healing in these areas of your life, and with intention release in order to make room for the new. So be it. Speaking aloud is our number one way to manifest into reality what is in our hearts and minds.

- When done with the writing, you may wish to set some new intentions and speak them out loud to the universe. If you are called to do it, you may then wish to put your paper in a plant as if you are planting new seeds, or burn it up in a candle if you are more focused on the releasing aspect of the ritual.

- When done, close the corners and thank your guides for their witnessing and support, then release them.

- If you have made a sacred circle, now is the time to break it. Then ground any excess energy into the earth, perhaps eat some grounding food as well, like a piece of bread.

- Trust that universe has heard your healing and re-invigoration of your intentions, smile and go back toy our life.

- Your ritual is now complete.

A ritual such as this can be used for any Full Moon. You are encouraged to see this as the basics and use this template to add to it and change it in anyway that allows you to make it your own.

Following the moon cycles and practising the appropriate ritual for the right phase of the moon will help you manifest the life you desire in no time! Happy Manifesting.

Please see my post on a New Moon Ritual to focus on setting intentions for new beginnings.

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