Hello Pisces New Moon

It's been almost two full months now since I decided to follow the moon this year and I am already starting to understand its power a bit more. There might be some who scoff at the ability of the moon to have an effect on us humans. After all, many believe that having free will makes us immune to planetary influences of any kind. But the moon, with its own gravitational pull, affects the ocean tides. Those huge bodies of water cannot resist the relationship they are involved in with this cosmic luminary, and neither can we. Human beings, after all, are made up of seventy percent water, and therefore, subject to the moon's influence.

I'm enjoying seeing how the moon affects me. This New Moon is also happening during a period of Mercury Retrograde which heightens our sensitivities. This means we are invited to be even more gentle than usual - take our time with our words and how we process our feelings. What are those sensitivities this month, you might wonder. Well, this February New Moon is in Pisces, my friends.

The New Moon, as you may recall from my January Post, is a time of rebirth. There is a concentration of power and clarity during this phase. This is the time of planting new seeds and making new wishes for our desires. The water element of Pisces spices things up with the element of imagination. Pisces involves dreaming and intuition, creativity and inspiration. This is a time to let loose and open up to all the possible potentials you can envision. Have fun with it, get enchanted with magic and life and see what dreams surface for you. What's your best life? Your happiest moments?

Dreaming in this free way can often trigger a lot of fears for many. It can make people uncomfortable to give space to our inner desires. Perhaps we feel that our lives don't reflect outside what is most desired in the depths of our hearts. Your intuitive powers are particularly strong this New Moon though, making it the perfect occasion to take inventory of those fears. Get int touch with your higher self, get dreamy, and romantic - let yourself fall in love with your dreams. And should a fear arise, make not of it, speak with it, learn about it. Maybe there is an invitation for healing there, or maybe a part of you which simply ants to be seen and heard.

We all know that dreams do not have a chance to become reality though, if we can't anchor them into concrete steps. Which is why, ritual can always help.

Today is a wonderful day to dream a wonderful dream, then get into a space of gratitude. Think of 5-10 people or things you are grateful already exist in your reality. Maybe light a candle or listen to some spiritual music to get you in the mood. Take a few deeps breaths and meditate on how many ways your life is already magical even if small ways. Like I really love every morning that I can take a hot shower and the pressure is always perfect. I relish those moments and use that time under the water to center and ground myself for the coming day.

Once in this open space: Dream. Write down your dreams. Draw pictures. Connect to them and imagine them as real - as real as that nice hot shower. Intention always works best when we think in the present moment and connect to our dreams on an emotional level, because our higher self and the Universe respond to our emotional state more than our mental state.

Say your wishes out loud and then - release them. Give them up to the Universe with love and trust. If you feel inspired and have the time, dance a little or do some yoga. Something to root it into your body, and finish by thinking up one or two actions steps you can take this month to bring your dreams closer to manifestation. I bet you'll be presently surprised with how long a little can go.

And if you saved your wishes from last month, perhaps in a notebook, see how they are progressing. See if you have the same ones or of your desires changed. Notice how things might be getting clearer for you as you contemplate how to best to care for and love yourself. After all, the moon, in all her glory, gives a chance every month to dream and plan and wish.

Happy Wishing!


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