January Cancer Moon

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The first full moon of the year is upon us!

How excellent! January 10th is the first full moon of a new decade. It will also have a lunar eclipse, but many of us won't see it. Still, this Wolf Moon is howling out for us to cleanse and renew.

This is our first opportunity to start on a different path. Full moons are the phase for forgiveness, gratitude and results. It's when we let go, releasing all that no longer serves to create space to call in new desires during the New Moon on the 24th. Mother Nature has such glorious timing. This full moon will be in Cancer, which means it might get a bit emo, but that's okay, because we are learning to deal with our emotions in a healthy way. Yay, growth and connection!

Part of self care is learning to listen deeply to your inner self, but it is also about having the courage to make changes for the better. We all have bad habits and the reason we keep them is because they are familiar - we are comfortable with them even if we don't love the results. But, we are learning to understand that the results matter to the quality of our lives.

Elements of this Moon:

Look, I love chocolate, chips, and cookies (Sugar!) as much as anyone. Chocolate maybe more. And when I eat too much, I feel bloated and lazy. It tastes great going in, but after a few days I stop exercising and eating well. A few days more I'm barking at my family wondering why I'm so angry all the time. It's easy to reach for those things, they satisfy me, in the moment, but eventually, I have to ask myself - are they enriching my life? The answer is no. So I had to get over them, have a few days of withdrawal and then leave off, because I like exercising and not yelling at my family more.

I'm not even talking about the weight fluctuation either - this is the emotional stuff. Exercising helps me feel balanced, and not angry. I have come to realize that without at least ten minutes a day of something physical, I'm just not right. It took me until my 40s to realize this, so you know - stuff takes time, but it also takes paying attention. After paying attention for awhile to the things I ate, said, thought, and did, I learned that I have a belief that exercise equals health.

We all have belief systems, think of it like programming, or conditioning. We got it from our parents, teachers, and friends. A lot of it happened before we were even 7! This conditioning was meant to give us guidelines for safety, and respectability, but also so we could "fit in" with our families, friends, and cultures. The thing is, as we grow up, some of those bits of programming start to mess with our lives. Imagine instead if I has a belief that exercise was bad - how would my habits change?

Why am I talking about this? Cancer moon, of course! When we hold on to negative memories, beliefs about ourselves, things people said - it changes the way we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves. I love to sing. When I was younger someone told me I was tone deaf, meaning I can't make out different notes, and that I was a bad singer. I believed that for years and it even affected the way I spoke to others. After doing some work around this belief, I felt better. Not like I was ever going to became a famous singer, but better. I started to hum and then sing more when I was happy. Now when I sing, little kids tell me I have a great voice and ask me to sing for them more. Honestly, I don't know if my tone changed or my perception about my tone changed - but the reaction I get and the way I feel is better - so I call it a win.

My point is this, we have parts of ourselves which we show to the world, parts we hope others see, parts which are the real us, and then parts we hide from everyone, possibly even ourselves - we call it the Shadow Self - because we feel shame, guilt, anxiety or not good enough - the low crappy feelings.

We need to talk to this self now to learn what we are holding onto, what is time to let go of. You can do this during the ritual, but it might make the ritual go faster if you do the harder work first. I will explain the Shadow Work here and you choose what works best for you. A journal and pen will be helpful.

The goal of this work is to feel lighter and more like YOU. And watery Cancer is the perfect sign to help us clear up emotional acne.


If you have a moonstone, this is a great stone to hold at this time.

Place it in your left hand, as this is the hand for receiving and we want to receive information. Moonstone is our wing-man for all things full moon and emotions related.

If you feel nervous, take a few deep breaths. Healing is about removing vibrations that don't match ours. The more more you practise, the better you get. Think about how practised you are at saying, “I’m fine, everything is fine.” You know why that doesn't work? Because it's not true and every cell in your body knows it. Healing works because you want to feel good and every cell in your body knows that too.

The Moonstone works with the Heart Chakra, as well as the Sacral Chakra and aids in honoring the cycles in our lives. These cycles happen in series of 7 – 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, etc. If you wanted to look back by decades that's fine too.

Take another deep breath, imagine a cord flowing from the bottom of your feet and into the earth, then another one flowing up to the heavens so now you are rooted. Close your eyes and look back over your cycles. Go back to you as a child before the age of seven and ask your Shadow Self to show you any experiences that made you feel less than, hurt you, disappointed you. Anything said to you, or people you remember bullying you. As these things surface, write them down. It's important not to analyze, just write it down and move on to the next cycle or decade and keep going until you have reached present day.

Some guiding questions:

What caused me to feel insecure? what makes me angry? Wanting to lash out? to cry? When did I not communicate my wants and needs clearly? Have I been manipulative or indirect with my expression of feelings? What sensations do I long to feel? how have I tamed myself in order to “fit in”?

What memories come floating to the surface? How do they make you feel now?

Write down whatever comes up until you feel you've had enough for now. The healing is never really done, but we don't want to send ourselves into a crisis either - a little goes a long way. When done you probably will have a list of names and a list of experiences.

You are ready for the ritual, or as I said, save this part and do it during the ritual. This is, after all, the meat of it.

For this ritual, you will need:

-earth – like a plant or a rock, water in a bowl or a shell, incense for air, a candle for fire, a feather or an image of an angel, and lighter – to call the five elements.

-Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse the space.

-A bowl of water, paper slips and a pen.

-A Moonstone, Citrine, and Prehnite – a picture of the them will do if you do not have the actual stones.

-glass of water to drink

As you gather these materials, I also suggest taking the time before the ritual to clean up digital clutter. Comb through emails, contacts, Facebook, Instagram - anywhere you might be storing old digital “stuff”. This is another place where we collect clutter, even if it's virtual, and the more clutter we can remove, the more space we will have to invite in the new!

On to the ritual!

Full Moon Release Ritual: To be done the night before, or at the full moon timing if it works for you.

Gather all your materials and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Also, a flat surface on which to work and write would be helpful. Of course, you should be able to see the moon. Outside is best, but in front of a window works too. Lay your tools out on an alter or table. The earth element to the north, the air to the east, fire to the south, water to the west and spirit in the center. Palo Santo or Sage on the table, as well as any crystals.

I like to start by calling the Five Elements. Here are instructions, if you're not sure. Light the incense for air and the candle for fire.

Next, we cast a protective circle. This keeps all the good vibes in, and the bad vibes out. To open a circle, close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Allow yourself to get centered and calm. Stand for a moment in Mountain pose. With feet hip distance apart, hands loosely at sides, imagine a cord grounding you down into the earth and another pulling your spine and head gently up to the heavens, connecting you to both heaven and earth. Breath deeply into your toes and feel the breath moving through your body – grounding you and flowing. Now put your right hand up to the heavens and the left one to the Earth, imagine the energy of both pooling through your arms and into your heart. When ready take your right hand and using it like a wand, draw a circle around your space. Visualize a white light of protection flowing from your fingers. You may also want to imagine a bubble of light, pink or white, enclosing you as the circle becomes complete.

Invite in any angels, guides or loved ones whom you would like assistance from. You have now created a sacred space in which to work. I like to take a moment here to thank everyone for coming and to bless my tools and the work I'm about to do - for the best and highest good of all.

Put your Prehnite stone or image in front of you. Prehnite – works with the heart chakra and invites us to trust – to have deeper trust in yourself and in the world. This stone will help connect to your inner wisdom and to trust in the flow of Life. This is a gentle reminder that Life is for you, the Universe is for you! Your belief in yourself is most important!You will make the right choices for yourself and those you love for the highest good of all. Step into the unknown and expect amazing things!

Now, we need the list of names and experiences we worked on already, or now is the time to do that work if you haven't yet.

With the work completed, we turn our minds toward the word Grace. Grace is about poise, elegance and honor. It also conveys good manners and these are all aspects we bestow on ourselves when we offer forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the most potent medicine there is, a pure elixir of elevation, when taken internally relieves us of all manner of suffering and pain, detoxifying fears, upsets, dramas, and wrongdoings. Forgiveness alters perception from that of being a victim to seeing the lesson embedded in each situation. When it comes to advancement in healing and well-being, nothing beats Forgiveness.

Take your papers now and begin to write statements like:

-I release this guilt around (say what it is) to the universe. I invite peace and serenity to take its place.

- I release this anger, upset (whatever the emotion is) around (the experience you wrote earlier)

-Write out the names in a list of all the people who hurt you and you are going to forgive.

When you are done, read out the papers and then burn them, placing them in a bowl of water. Next, imagine the names on your list in a pink bubble of light (for love), say each name out loud and then say, “I forgive you.”

Burning things gives our subconscious the impression that it is truly done and gone - released. We can now be free of it. When all the papers are burned, say, “I release these burdens to the elements to be transmuted into something higher and better. Thank you for your lessons, and as you no longer serve me, I release you and any hold you have on me.”

Breath deeply and smile. Enjoy the space you just created in yourself, feel the lightness and the peace. You did that - for you! You're awesome! But we aren't done yet. We cannot leave this space empty, we must fill it with new energy.

Now take up the Citrine and hold it in your left hand.

Citrine is a stone for abundance, joy, and manifestation. This medicine is available to all who exist. A great stone for your solar plexus, which is about your self identity and will. There are so many blessing waiting for you, all they require is your belief in your worthiness to receive. Bathe in this vibration, shifting your focus to what is possible and positive in your world. Open up your heart to allow all of it to flow to you.

Gratitude is another elixir of elevation and when used with Forgiveness, creates powerful, lasting shifts in perspective. Gratitude raises the vibration so high that you are no longer in harmony or resonance with the lower vibrations, which means, they cannot affect you anymore. You have grown beyond it and gratitude helps support that growth, like a warm cup of tea on a cold day.

Take time now to write down 3 – 5 things about your life you are grateful for. How do you show up for yourself? Who always has your back? What is working well and flowing?

When we focus on what is already flowing, we invite more of the same into our lives.

When you have finished your papers of gratitude, speak them out loud and burn them in the flame as well, making sure to put them out in the bowl.

When you are done, Sage or Palo Santo and cleanse the space. You can say, “I cleanse this space of all negativity. This space is cleared and filled with gratitude. So be it.”

Thank your guides.

Thank the 5 elements in reverse starting with water, then fire, then, air, earth and finish with spirit. Then close your circle. Take your right hand and go in a counter-clockwise motion to “break” the circle you created. I actually like to clap my hands together above me, once and pretend to rain down sparks. Clapping is just another way to break up energy and get it moving again.

This ritual is complete.

The burned paper ash should be buried in the ground with the water, so the energy can be “grounded” and able to transmute into something higher. And you would do well to ground yourself by eating something. Smile. You did great work and are now ready to think about what you want to call in for yourself this year.

About the Author:

I'm an energy healer and I help women release blocks and resistance keeping you from feeling your most empowered self. Connect with me for a free discovery call to see how I can help you raise your frequency and turn any chaos in your life into coherence.

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