Full Moon in Leo

Hello Souls, and welcome back. As you may or may not know, I have decided to learn more about the moon this year by following her cycles and seeing what happens. I've been curious for a while about what affects the moon, and by extension astrology, really has on my life and this is my way of testing it out.

I'm this so much because I'm doing the healing and rituals I'm offering and seeing some results. Last week, I introduced the theme of this month which is Sacred Life Force. I was focused on clarifying my intentions and getting deeper into myself. I included a small ritual for soul retrieval and did some healing myself to release emotions which were no longer serving me.

As a result, in preparation for the Full moon in Leo coming up, I'm being called to dive into my business with a humility. Leos can be very proud and when this energy is too yang, it can cause blind sides which show up in so many different ways, because the ego is a tricky beast sometimes. The reason for this is simple - the ego thinks it is the boss, so it involves itself in every aspect of your life. The tricky beast part is also simple - in theory - the ego wants you to stay safe and its default for safety is for you to stay small, stay hidden. This way nothing and no one will see you and nothing bad will happen to you. How it presents in our lives is not always so simple though, is it?

Have you found yourself feeling more stress than usual this month? Do you find you are comparing yourself to others and feel you are falling short? Anxiety riding high? Stressed about money? relationships?

I know mine is. And stress is the number one block to creative energy, also known as Sacred Life Force. So, what to do? It might be easy to give in and hide for a bit, but this is where following the moon is coming in handy!

Leo is a fire element and this can be channelled and used to burn away the blockages we might have around how we feel about ourselves. Plus, the full moon period is a time for results, gratitude, and forgiveness. This is its most powerful phase because there is an abundance of energy available to us for manifesting. This is not the time to hide, but to get into some inspired action.

For me, this time, the forgiveness involves letting go of any expectations of where I think I should be, and being grateful for where I am. We 'should' all over ourselves all the time and it never feels good. February is the month of love and I choose to love my cells, not be in discord and conflict with them.

Lately, I am very judgmental toward myself about the state of my business, which involves anxiety, worrying I'm not good enough, don't have all the tools I need, or won't know how to make it all work. But the judgments aren't going to help change anything. Judgments don't bring results. Actions do.

The first action I took was to shift from judgment to contemplation. I use meditation a lot these days to connect with higher source energy and get a wider view of my life. In this space I asked for guidance and then listened. What I received was a clear message that it was time to go through all my notes, protocols, processes - everything I had learned and collected over the years of studying to be a healer and synthesize the information. Kind of like defragmenting the computer so I could compress or distill the information down to the essence of what I desire to offer.

This is what I have been doing for the past few days and, although it is very time consuming, what a huge difference it is making! My Sacred Life Force energy is no longer all over the place, bleeding out in some places, blocked in others. This accounting of my business systems is bringing both clarity and confidence, which of course inspires courage to continue to the next level, and the initiative needed to step onto that path - both excellent Leo traits.

Inspired action is the ritual I offer this week. Where is one area of your life you can take inventory of and organize?

And to help you along try this Violet Flame Healing. The Violet Flame is a very powerful healing flame which raises your vibration quickly by burning away - psychically and spiritually - lower vibration thoughts, habits, as well as general negativity. When our vibration is higher, we feel better and want to do more. When our vibration is low, so is our motivation.

There are many ways to use the Violet Flame, which can be invoked any time, anywhere btw. How I like to use it is:

- Call in angels and loved ones and ask them for support and guidance.

- Then I visualize a purple flame before me the size of a bonfire, perhaps my loved ones are around the fire.

- I conjure up what needs healing or what needs transforming in my life and then I imagine carrying these things with me as I step forward and into the flame. The flame does not burn, but instead brings with a warm, loving, satisfying sense of relief.

- Staying in concentration I breathe allow the flame to consume all I brought with me to release or heal. Sometimes this can be a relationship, something at work, feelings I have - it does not matter, the flame accepts all.

- I rest in the flame until I feel the work is done. Then I step out the other side, relishing in the deep love I feel.

- I thank my guides and loved ones and go about my day.

In this new space - what inspired action can you take to get you one step closer to your goals and desires? It doesn't have to be grand, a simple step will do. Listen in and whatever response you receive - do it!

Of course, this being a full moon period - don't forget to also set out your crystals to charge and check in on your intentions you made on the New Moon. See how those intentions are coming along and decide what new ones you would like to set for this coming phase. If you weren't able to manifest your wishes from the last cycle, distilling those desires and helping the ego step aside could be just what you need.

Happy Healing!


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