Full Flower Moon

How are those New Moon wishes manifesting? Are they flowering? Perhaps because it’s spring, this Flower Full Moon is all about prosperity and power! Abundance abounds.

I’m a bit behind as this moon was already at its zenith before I even woke up! Things are moving fast these days. People want to get back to it, even though there is concern about what will happen. Lots of emotions moving about making the energy very intense!

I know, for me, things have been all over the place. This may be news, or not, but in March we cut our adventure short, leaving Cairo and returning to Canada. Only we sold our home before we left and so we have been lucky enough to secure some Air B and Bs reclusive enough to live out our quarantine and isolation. The one we are in now is beautiful and well sought after and the prices change in June to a level we cannot reasonably afford, but with things as they are – we may, or may not be able to stay!

The sunsets here are gorgeous, take a look. As I look out my window at the deepening green grass, the flowering trees and the gently flowing water in the distance, I am filled with gratitude for the safety and peace we are experiencing in this moment. But perhaps like so many, just beneath that gratitude swells nervousness and stress about what will happen in the next few weeks! Eek.

This Full Flower moon just might be a great opportunity to repeat a forgiveness and gratitude ritual. If you haven’t yet, this is also a great day to charge your crystals, organize your finances and generally get your act together. Remember, full moons are about fulfillment, renewing commitments to yourself and others – a space in which to get re-aligned back to what is important to you. Also, the weather is changing, so if you are in North America it is also a wonderful opportunity to get outside and smell all the bouquet of scents that May has on display, as well as a chance to appreciate the colors, the bugs, and the births.

And if you’re feeling the pull of anxiety like I am, a rose quartz can help to calm those nerves and remind you to accept the deep love and acceptance that is always available to you in your heart.

In order to connect more fully to your heart, and the Earth, try a heart resonance activity. Place your hands on your heart if you wish, or not. Eyes open or closed and bring your awareness to your heart space. Feel your breath in and out and listen to the rhythmic beating. Keep listening until you feel your cells, nerves and muscles relax as they become mesmerized by the rhythm and fall into a resonance with your heart. It won’t take long. Stay with this conscious entrainment as long as you can, even 90 seconds will have your nervous system feeling amazing! Then go back about your day.

Sure, there is a lot to be stressed about, there always is. But you can choose to come “home” to your heart whenever you wish and help your system to re-set and lean into calm, nurturing and loving habits. I find doing this kind of check in 3-4 times a day easy to do and is helping a lot to stay grounded and centered. From this place we can more easily see and experience all the abundance available to us in our lives. Have fun connecting to your own heart center and Happy Full Flower Moon!


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