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Updated: Nov 6

New Moon – Worm Moon

Welcome to a new season! And this New Moon in Aries marks the start of the New Moon cycle. This commitment to follow the moon is really proving to be quite interesting. There were times I thought it was too much and I should just give it up, but each day it gently called to me, asking me to observe, contemplate and connect.

March is a month for loyalty, especially to the self. It is also a month for transformation and inspiration.

Let's be real for a moment, it is hard to write this particular blog post and ignore talking about what is going on in the world. March 23, 2020, the day I’m writing this is also a time in the world when we are on lock down due to Covid-19, a virus spreading across the face of the Earth.

This is an unprecedented event and one ripe with opportunity. As usual, it is all a matter of perspective.

Spring is a time when new life is taking root. It can be referred to as Seeding. In the Spring, we clear space and decide what we want to plant. This is the case on the physical level, of course, but also on the metaphysical, the spiritual. This is a wonderful time to work with our ideas and to sow our dreams.

On a global scale, the world is clearing space. The collective sickness we are experiencing is exposing the deeper issue in our metaphorical soil which is disconnect. We suffer on a regular basis, we cause ourselves to suffer, we cause our Earth to suffer and yet, there is always an opportunity to transmute an experience. When an event, an experience, a pattern comes crashing and burning to the ground, it is natural that the first reaction be shock, anxiety, fear even, because we are attached. We are attached to the thing making us sick, tricking us into believing it is a part of us and we need it in order to survive, but this is not true.

The soil does not need rocks, weeds, and parasites. It needs nutrients, sunlight and space for roots to reach deep.

Instead of hording things, an inflammatory reaction of withdrawal, why not instead ask: what is the lesson here? In the quiet, if you choose to listen, you most undoubtedly hear a whispered invitation: come find me.

Who is reaching out to you? Your own soul of course! Perhaps long forgotten and ignored. I understand the word “soul” might come with all sorts connotations, but in this case I mean only that we are a morsel of Divine Spark, Divine Light, part of the Universal Source of All Existence, which has been buried under all the contracts and shackles put on us by our way of life.

And yet, quite suddenly and without expectation, we have been released!

Now is the time to trust and embrace that we are all Divinely protected, and we have been given a gift, a chance here to repair the brain, repair the gut, repair relationships and reconnect to our oneness with all life. This is an invitation to rediscover what it really means to be human, to possess both physical limitations and universal potential, for truly we are the only creatures bound by physicality and capable of immense manifestation through the focus of our minds, our wills, and our hearts.

We are a mystery living on a planet of mysteries and we are being invited to remember this, to connect to this truth, to find the potential in this moment and use it. The energy of the New moon combined with our temporary isolation affords us the opportunity to dream – dream of health and connection, dream better relationships into being, with ourselves, with each other and with our planet.

Growth and healing often run into resistance. Resistance can block the flow of healing energy being offered because the mind or ego driven by fear and anxiety wants to decide how things “should” be instead of resting in observation mode and witnessing the experience unfold, asking only what is being asked of me?

And there is the trigger of resistance. You see, when we don’t know ourselves, we don’t want to be asked that question, because we don’t feel capable, we don’t feel whole, we don’t feel ______ fill in the blank with any inadequacy you choose.

But what if you could not refuse this moment, this chance to lean into the opportunity for re-connection with your soul? What if you could not stay as you were before all this happened? What if you were being voluntold to evolve, change? What would it take to embrace this moment of activation? Find the joy, the vitality, the real you?

How do you handle the challenge, the test to your limitations? Are you angry? Anxious? Short-tempered? Going stir crazy? Do you possess a childlike wonder? Are you curious? Creative?

Healing is slow acting, it takes small steps over time to develop, much like a seed within the soil. It requires nurturing. Anyone fully connected to Earth knows to ask first and never take more than is needed – and never so much that it compromises survival. This demonstrates respect. We commune in order to ask permission; we “see” what we are interacting with, what is being offered, what the energy and vibe is. This happens when we are in conscious and present state of mind.

And when we have taken some time to get grounded and centered, we can ask one simple question: with what are you seeding your Soul?

This creates an activation, the beginning of a relationship, and a sacred space. Inside this space you can then observe and contemplate the difference between your feelings and emotions. (Feelings are momentary and move through us constantly whereas emotions are how we decide to feel about something and can often get stuck.) This leads eventually to investigating the construct of our beliefs, values and perspective of how we view our own self, each other and the world at large. Then it expands to our identity, what we think of who we are: skills, talents, faults, all of it. Then the next layer, your scope of the world at large, however wide or narrow it might be. All together these layers become who we are – our unique representation of the Divine Spark, Unconditional Love, expressed through our individual souls. This is the awakening process! And sometimes it can be a bumpy ride, mostly because it all seems so overwhelming in the beginning.

Do you know who you are? As a soul? Not an employee, a spouse, a parent, etc, not a role you play, but just you – the essence of you. Do you know you? And one step further – do you like you? Do you love you? What is your truth?

If you’re not sure, then this New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to dream and to call yourself back home. Throughout our life we get ourselves into contracts and agreements in our relationships, we allow others to take bits of our soul or we give it away thinking we are helping. Ultimately though, this leaves us feeling less than, unwhole.

If you are feeling like this at this time and everything, I have just said to you seems to “out there” then try this meditation to call yourself home. Do it as often as feels good. We are in the midst of something mysterious and extraordinary. And inside this space is a chance and a treat – a chance to dream of a life that functions more effectively, affords more health, balance and connection. What does this world look like to you?

To me, it looks like perhaps we stagger working hours so there aren’t huge jams of people on the road all the time. We ask the Earth what we can take and how to use her resources and we give back what she needs to stay vital and healthy. We are all a bit more connected and conscious of having a soul, how we spend our time, what we give our energy to - how we are seeding our souls and teaching our children to seed theirs. We recognize our inner guidance and we not only trust it, we also learn how to use it allowing it to guide us.

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