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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Energy in your environment

As someone who deals in energy on a regular basis, I know that my environment can have a direct effect on me and those who live with me or even come to visit me. If this is new information, then let me explain. Energy is everything. What is happening in your body can be reflected in your outside world and what is happening in one cell is happening in all the cells. It's all connected. So, if there's a corner of the house that never seems to stay cleaned or you've got years of storage piled up somewhere, in a storage unit or a basement or the back of your closet, then you are being weighed down. And, since what happens on the outside also happens on the inside, there is a very good chance you have some stagnant energy or blocked energy happening in your body, as well.

That's all well and good to think about, but I'm a practical girl, so my next question becomes - what can I do about it? In my case, instead of renting our house, or storing our things, we decided to sell, donate, trash, or gift all of our possessions! And what a glorious process it became.

I was born and raised in North America, so I can only really speak to this culture and I can say for sure, we love to buy stuff and store it. For the maybe-one-day, the rainy day, the I-might-need-this-again-at-some point, and for the so-and-so gave this to me, made this for me, or loved this thing once upon a time so I will now hold on to it forever. I might even move houses and bring it with me even though it has never left the box I put it in. I will keep these things forever, unless my house burns or some other unfortunate life event happens which forces me to deal with it. Sound familiar to anyone else?

There is the rub, of course. Unless forced to deal with it, we allow these things to persist in our lives, real and digital. What we may not consider is that energetically, and physically, all of these things take up space, they weigh us down, and without even realizing it - our very attachment to these dead aspects of our lives keeps out any potential new creativity, and blocks nourishment and growth from surging through us.

I'm not suggesting you do anything as drastic as move to another continent, nor am I suggesting that you dump all of your belongings on your bed so you are forced to deal with threm before you can sleep again. BUT, if you are feeling a little caught up in the same old, same old and life is stagnating for you...then I highly suggest engaging in the following options for a declutter detox:

On The Web:

- Clean out all old emails. Get them out of the inbox, it's a weight to see all those emails. If you need them create folders and put them in the folders, but an overwhelming number of emails is not what you should see when you log in.

- Clean up old programs and files on your computer. If there are programs that you no longer use, delete them. Run a defragmentation program on the computer, clean up the disc drive, place items you don't use on a backup drive so you still have it, but it is not eating up space on your drive.

- Clean up your contacts list on your phone, your followers on social media, and don't be afraid to cut people from having access to you. Nothing blocks creativity and loving energy from getting in faster than allowing people to guilt, shame or strike fear in you. Your own energetic flow is far more important than whether Joe the super complainer is going to get upset if your defriended him.

In The House

- Pick a drawer. I had several that were basically, catch-all drawers. One in the kitchen which held things like batteries, screwdrivers, takeout menus, coasters, Allen wrenches, tape - basically anything I didn't know what to do with got tossed in there. Same thing happened with the kids little toys in the drawer under the TV. Can you think of a place like this in your house? I had a few of those in the office as well. Go through those drawers and clean out, maybe even organize if you are feeling fancy, but start with cleaning. And because it's energy I do like thanking my things and sending them on their way. I also liked acknowledging how I was taking care of my possessions and owning whether I was being careful or careless. (Your cells are always listening, and there are always quite a few who are like, "Mhhmmmm. you apologize to the coaster for letting it get all sticky from that time Pam poured juice on it, but do you apologize for what you did to us with those chips? Hmmm, did you?) Inside / outside. The connection is real. And if you take this detox even a little bit seriously on an energetic level, you will know what I am talking about.

- When you start to feel the flow going, move on to bigger things like closets. I dumped out my bedroom closet, which isn't even that big and didn't include the clothes, just the stuff and it filled almost my entire floor! I didn't even know so much crap could fit in there. And more than half of it ended up finding a new home. That closet took me two days to declutter.

- After you've done every space you wanted make sure to maintain the space going forward. Spending five - fifteen minutes a week is much easier than committing the potential hours its takes the first time around.

Understanding the Work

In order for you to get the most out of your Declutter Detox,

- Go slow enough not to be overwhelmed but not so slow you get no momentum.

- Give yourself a timeline and lay out the spaces you want to energize.

- Drink lots of water, but most importantly, be mindful.

- Reflect on how you treat your things, why you were hanging on to them, what value or benefit they had in your life, what they represented.

- And listen within, are there thoughts, habits, diets, and beliefs you are holding on to for similar reasons? Do they still serve and benefit you for your best and highest good? If not, are you ready and willing to let them go?

All activities can easily be turned into healing energy work, with a little focus and intention. The truth is, all that unseen clutter is still with you on a subconsciously and it can add to stress and anxiety because on some level you feel is a something undone, something chaotic and perhaps even too overwhelming to think about which creates stress in the body and the mind. A computer that has not been defragmented in a long time will become sluggish and not work efficiently. The same thing can happen to us. It's important to keep in mind that we should only keep what we truly need and can take care of.

And the next most important thing is to NOT fill the space right back up. Don't just replace one thing with another. And I know this will be hard, it will be a challenge for some to sit with the emptiness. You will feel a strong desire to refill the space with something you feel comfortable with. But here's the rub, you will just fill it with more crap you don't need. The resting in the new, open space is the real magic. This is where you open yourself up to the world, universe, higher self, whatever you want to call it, and see what gifts are on offer. Be observant, see what shows up for you in this new space, something better, something different, something new.

This nervous anticipation you feel is actually creativity flowing through what you just unblocked. And they way we live our lives - so fast and always pushing on to the next - you probably didn't even realize how blocked you were until you are in this new, open space. It can't be described to you, it is something you must actually experience to truly understand. Performing a declutter detox is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially if something in your life is not flowing or working out the way you want it to. It's so simple a concept that its easy to overlook, but you would be mistaken to think something as subtle as cleaning out a drawer couldn't affect great changes in your life. Don't wait for springtime, the wonders of declutter detox are available all year round, this weekend even!

I would love to know, have you decluttered but with an energetic healing mindframe? What newness entered your life? How did you find the process?

About the Author:

Christine Dostie

I'm an energy healer and I help women release blocks and resistance keeping you from feeling your most empowered self. Connect with me for a free discovery call to see how I can help you raise your frequency and turn any chaos in your life into coherence.

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