Awakening to your Higher Self

Humans are in the midst of an unprecedented experience. The World itself is on pause, and this pause has released a floodgate of emotions. This is a time when we mourn and grieve for those lost to us, for a way of life we are missing and longing for, and struggle with the fear of uncertainty for what will happen as we move forward.

Even in the depths of this tragedy I cannot help but wonder if there is another layer here, an invitation tucked underneath. To recognize this invitation in no way diminishes the heart wrenching effects of our current situation, because this is not an either/or thing – it’s a this-and-that thing.

If we could suspend the paralysis of our fear, worry, and anxiety would we be able to embrace the deeper experience being offered?

No one is talking about it, so it might be easy to overlook. Just as it was easy to overlook minimum wage workers and the state of the Earth before all this happened. After all, those were not sexy topics, not flashy, and not imbued with immediate satisfaction. The conversation we are still having is a fear based one – concerned with time lost with family and friends, wages lost, economies decimated, a storyline we are all too familiar with.

I wonder, are there those interested in a different conversation? Is anyone curious about how the world might be designed differently? How relationships can change for the better? What good this tragic situation might bring, if we only take advantage by having courage to approach Life differently?

In case you, dear reader, count yourself among the curious, I offer the Awakening Process, or the Updating Process as a strategy and pathway to improving your own life, which will ripple effects out to your own society and ultimately globally. Yes, it is possible, and yes, you can do this. Many already do, they just don’t do it consciously because they didn’t realize what was happening. Doing something consciously, on purpose, can make all the difference.

Normally, an awakening happens in a person’s life because something traumatic has happened. The trigger point is so intense that the person cannot go backward to the way things have been. When the trigger is activated, a person is motivated to quit smoking, or break up with the toxic person, or try something new. Whatever the change is – the trigger is strong enough to push the person out of their comfort and safety zone into the unknown, where they can grow. It is less common, but not impossible, for a person to wake up one day and just choose to make improvements without the pain triggering them. This might be part laziness, but more often it is a combination of ego keeping us in our comfort zone, and that society and life often move too fast for us to do too much about it. Which, lucky us, is not a variable at this time, so we only need to deal with the ego or fear factor, and possibly the laziness factor.

An awakening is a multi-step process to change programs and behaviours for the better. (check out my video here for the steps.) Like a mechanic, you go under the hood of your car and switch out old parts for new ones or make upgrades to have the machine running more smoothly. The first time through can be difficult and many give up. However, once you are familiar with the process, it actually gets easier until it becomes almost automatic.

Often a person seeking an initial awakening will need help. Afterall, if they could have made improvements to their lives before, they might have done so, but without the technical know-how, or having the support to continue when it gets uncomfortable, scary (unsafe), or weird – all feelings the ego conjures when we step outside of the comfort zone – a kind of sensorial alarm system to get us back inside – without assistance in the initial override of all these gatekeepers, a person easily slips back into the old patterns and habits. But, with help and support, lasting changes can be made, which lead to a better feeling about the self and Life as a whole.

It’s true, the first time you go through the awakening process, or updating process, it can be traumatic. The reason is simple to say, but it can only be understood through experience. It comes down to this: The awakening process is about moving awareness and decision-making power out of the mind and into the heart.

Teaching moment: Our mind works as a story maker. It takes bits of information from the outside world and then makes a story around it. Often this story is negative and designed to keep us small which is the equivalent of safe, to the mind. Think of when you overheard a piece of a conversation and then you thought someone was talking about you. Or when you try to predict what will happen in the future based on experiences from the past. This is all story, because none of it is what actually happens, only the way our minds interpret the possibilities. And the mind gets its data from the subconscious, a storehouse of everything that ever happened to us, run by child parts of ourselves who experienced or interpreted events in threatening, painful, and harmful ways when we were all kids. Yes, the real controller in your mind is running on programs a child designed – probably a scared, hurt, traumatized child. Just this bit right here is why people need help, and also why so many people shy away from this process. The first time, it is an awakening to the reality of what is actually happening inside of you, and after that it is a conscious updating process to keep the system running smoothly for your best and highest good.

People often fear facing their “demons”, parts of themselves they hide or ignore and separate from the mask they show the world. A lot of times it’s because they mistakenly think no one will love them if they see these parts. Sadly, this is a faulty thought line that keeps us from experiencing how amazing life is when we love and accept all parts of ourselves. Practises of self doubt and fear create dependency, needing to care for others, being busy, even running ourselves down for the needs of someone else over ourselves – ways that even look like we are caring for ourselves and/or others but are actually toxic and bad for us, and other people. They are an illusion of self care. It can be so confusing, though. How can we tell the difference?

The ego is loud and mean and degrading and makes you feel conflict and shame, guilt, or invites placing blame. The heart never speaks like this. The heart is usually a softer voice and always speaks with love and encouragement. We are used to the louder voice. It is powerful and mirrors the tone and texture of many of the outside voices we hear. We are less practised in recognizing and listening to the heart voice. The louder voice almost feels safer simply because we are used to it. Again, this is something to be experienced and not just a thought experiment.

Try this: Close your eyes and put your hands on your heart or focus your mind’s attention onto the heart. The heart has an electromagnetic field around it that radiates outward about three feet. It has its own nervous system and is even capable of sending command impulses to the brain. Science is proving it is actually the true brain in the body, and the seat of the higher self (the place where were experience and feel that we can be more). So, close your eyes and connect to this awesome organ. Feel it pulsating a rhythm that entrains all of your body. Breathe deeply and imagine with your mind’s eye the blood pumping through your heart, traveling throughout the body, cleansing, nourishing, replenishing, and syncing all the organs and cells to this activity. Sit with this sensation until you can feel, not just imagine, but feel, how all the cells of the body are working in concert with the heart. How does it feel? Can you hear the whisper of Love being passed around with every throbbing beat? Conjure gratitude for your heart, knowing it beats constantly and consistently on your behalf, even when you pay it no mind at all. Thank your heart for the life it provides. This simple act alone, done at the beginning and end of the day, and during transition times, even for five minutes, eyes open or closed – this one simple practice will change your life. Eventually, you might even experiment a bit more by asking what it needs and then listen for the answer. It will tell you. Ask it what is for your best and highest good in situations, how to show up, how to be – it will tell you.

Right now, there is no excuse that involves not having enough time to try this. This easy to do practise is a first step in making a new connection with yourself, building a new relationship and way of being in the world. And the story of the heart is always one of love and support. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely vacation from the fear mongering of the ego and the brain?

I’ve shown this visual before but I love it so much. The world, as I am coming to understand it, is a language of vibration or light. Energy is vibrating packets of information which exist on a spectrum of low to high frequency. And everything in life is energy, even the stuff we can’t see, like our thoughts and emotions. Lower frequencies like shame, guilt, and blame keep us stuck and fixed. Higher frequency emotions liberate our perceptive which not only gives us more options but also more peace of mind. Which one sounds better? If you knew you had a choice, which one would you choose? Sure, there might be a learning curve, and new habits to explore, but would the benefits outweigh the hassle? The mind will continue to create stories, if left to its own devices, but the heart has the ability to either direct those stories to something more positive or cease them altogether.

Fun Fact: The Earth also has a heartbeat rhythm because of its electromagnetic frequency, which is measured by something called the Schumann Resonance. The frequency is 7.83 Hz. When humans are in a meditative, healing state which is an alpha/theta state the human heart’s frequency is 7.83! This means that when we are present, healing and regenerating, we are in sync, or resonance, with the Earth herself. How cool is that?! Also, the more we are in sync with this resonance, the better we feel and the more we are out of sync with it, the more stress and anxiety we experience. And yes, we can entrain our cells to other, lower frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum like those of the WiFi which cause stress to our bodies when we are exposed too long. They don’t harm us physically per se, they just agitate us (like add to symptoms of insomnia.)

There is no way to experience the awakening or upgrading process with the mind because it is out of the mind we must go – with its programs, its stories, its fears, its drama and trauma, it’s tendency to lower vibrations, manipulations, confused concepts of love, control, power, its lack of balance and its misplaced understandings. The mind is an intellectual powerhouse, no doubt. And the two ought to work together. But what if was never supposed to be running the show? What if it was meant to be more of an executioner of plans, a general, and the heart is meant to be the General? If this true, then we are meant to live from the seat of the higher self, of the house of Love.

The only way to feel this and experience this deeper knowing, and perspective of Life and self is to set upon the adventure of leaving the land of Mind and seeking the land of Heart. What do you say, got time and courage to meet the true you?


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