April Waning Moon!

The waning moon, which follows the Full Moon, is a time in the cycle to relax, accept and regroup. It’s a moment of decrease and release, of letting go. It’s a time to break habits, remove negative vibrations, and increase your will power and determination. This moment gets us ready for the shift toward the next coming New Moon which will arrive April 22-23 depending on where you are in the world. This New Moon also arrives on Earth Day, which seems particularly significant this year!

But for now, this waning moon falls between Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn is an Earth sign and feminine. Its flavor is that of steadiness, organized, practical, disciplined and perhaps a bit serious. Aquarius is masculine air energy and is friendly, intuitive, original, unique and experimental. Combined we have the opportunity to use our creative energies to manifest our desires!

I have been reading cards for myself every day, to get an anchor on the energy. This past week, the message since the Full Moon on the 7th or 8th has been largely on the concept of Focus. Particularly to focus on what I want to manifest. To recognize that there is a choice in our thoughts. There is a split second before a thought when we actually decide to think this thought. With the breath we can expand this space and recognize our higher self, sometimes known as the observer, where we can expand outward enough to see ourselves thinking and acting. In this space we can choose, and if necessary, change our thoughts and behaviours. We can focus the mind on loving thoughts and lean into supportive and nourishing activities which invite growth and expansion.

I have noticed myself this week consuming a ton of sugar! Is this the case for anyone else? I know it was Easter and all, but still – so much sugar, and I don’t even feel bad about it. Except today. Yesterday I cut it off and today I have a withdrawal headache! Not too mention my energy is all over the place! It was my choice though.

Then I finally asked myself, why. I know how bad processed sugar is for me. Was I stressed? Stress is a huge factor when it comes to how we nurture or fail to nurture our cells. But it wasn’t stress, it was overindulgence, which for me, was curious. Stress causes us to do a lot of self sabotaging things, but this was more like experimenting with where was the line? How much sugar was too much sugar? I decided to choose playfulness while observing myself over the last few days. Turns out that any sugar is too much for me. I cannot, apparently, have a little chocolate without having ALL the chocolate.

So, this waning moon, I’m leaning into eating more veggies and healthy foods

because I prefer to experiment with what my body feels like balanced, harmonious and sugar free. Yesterday, I took action in the form of decision and today, I am choosing to tell my brain and my cells that I love being sugar-free.

The more I follow this cycle and listen to the messages, the more I see the picture, for me, being about my inner child and finding, exploring and releasing the joy of being-childlike, curious and open. Over the years and through my experiences a certain seriousness and hardness had set in. It evoked stress and rigidity, but slowly, I am moving toward letting this go and making room for this inner child to play and roam free. It’s not easy and takes small steps, but I can feel the transformation happening.

How about you? What would you like to release?

A bit of business – I have been told by some readers that they don’t leave comments because they have to “log in” with email in order to leave a comment. It is a frustrating design feature to be sure, but I wanted to assure everyone that I will not ever send you anything, and I am hoping this platform fixes this feature soon. In the meantime, I do hope you will connect and let me know what you’re thinking. Have a wonderful week!


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