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Updated: Nov 6

Trevor Noah posted a thought-provoking video the other day which addressed in a conscious, heartfelt manner some of the origins for recent events. I ally myself with his sentiments. Enough is enough – especially when it comes to the concept of the “social contract” we all abide by. If Laws are the yang, overt energy holding a country together and giving it structure, then the Social Contract is the yin, more subtle energy dictating the terms of how we feel about each other and treat one another in the streets. A social contract, therefore, is a relationship, and our relationship is in crisis.

With love and compassion in my soul, I echo that now is the time for action, one that reaches down to the root of this issue. We are all looking for a way forward - I offer this.

My whole life I have been interested in philosophy, constitutional history, and law. After being a teacher for many years, I finally grew up to be a healer. As such, I believe all of the protesting and the need to fight for our rights as a constant aspect of our existence that we cannot seem to get past once and for all comes down to vibration – specifically the vibration originally implanted into the relationship of our Nation and its people.

“We the people…”

Those three words stood and perhaps still stand as a beacon of hope for so many, and yet anyone looking at the painting of the signing can’t help but understand who the “We” really was referring to - white, male, politicians and business owners. Their vibration, their intent with the use of the word “We” in the context of not only the Constitution but the entire structure of the government and dream of the nation was infused into every stitch of the fabric, acting like a programming code for – separation, hierarchy of social status, the oppressors and the oppressed, those in the “right”, and those who need to “learn their place.”

While the essence of what they were attempting in their time might have been honorable, this restrictive, pervasive vibration inserted into the core of those words, meant to only include the “type” of people in the room at the time to the exclusion of all others, greatly diminished their integrity. So, when they added the words “justice, tranquility, common defence, general welfare, liberty and prosperity” – those words also meant for them alone - fundamentally dishonored the sovereignty of everyone else who believed themselves included under the umbrella of “We.”

The original contract

Which leaves us to finally see clearly, that our original social contract as a nation was created to benefit only a few, a few who could not even fathom, nor cared about, the populations of cultures that existed among them in their time, as well as those that would follow, seeking refuge and a chance to feel what a life under the safety of those words offered.

Sadly, the seed, the essence, harbored in those lofty notions were tainted from the beginning by small-minded thinking, and an unjust perception of superiority. What follows from there is a tale of generations of disrespect - people believing they are better than others, more powerful, more “right”, more entitled because of their sex, the color of their skin, their beauty, their family connections, their whatever you want to insert here until we reach the present and, as Mr. Noah pointed out, a time when a white woman believed she had the power, and the “right”, to attempt to destroy a man’s life because she could based on ingrained iniquitous beliefs passed down. And a police officer felt he had the “right” to kill a man, because of his severely defective understanding of his position. And a thousand times in a thousand ways through daily interactions in person and on social media we tear at each other, judge each other, shame, guilt, and blame each other because we all possess the mistaken belief that we have the “right” to do this, because this notion of inferiority or superiority of station and status exists. Not because it is inherently true, but because we all consent to live under a contact which permits such behaviour, learning it ourselves and passing it down with each passing generation, etching it ever deeper in our collective psyche.

Healing is about getting to the root of an issue and re-engineering the program or belief. Actions and attempts to change are much harder on the surface, but once the root is reached, and healed, the rest shifts into alignment with the new energetic imprint. Healing the root issue modifies the whole structure and elevates the vibration to a healthier one. I believe there will never be any lasting change or healing, until we are able to reset the vibration embedded in the original contract to include all parties actually involved in the contract. Otherwise, we will never escape the poison, the toxicity, that permeates every aspect of our laws, culture, societies, communities, families, and individual minds.

Where we are now:

Covid 19 might seem horrific, because we are used to seeing life through a lens of drama and turmoil, but I invite you see it as blessing because it broke the spell of our disillusionment and distraction. We have been largely unconscious. Through the fog of our technology, our social media and Netflix accounts, our bubbles of political and religious affiliations, our sub-cultures and families, our work and the push to be consumers which bombards us incessantly – we lost track of each other and of ourselves. Because of the stress created around the nonstop onslaught of bad news and bills, we mostly choose detachment as a coping mechanism. It might be drinking, TV, coffee, music, prayer, sports, whatever it is or was. This is not a judgment, it is what it is. The question becomes, what do we do now?

We’re going through an intervention of sorts. The patterns of our lives have been disrupted in a historic fashion. Just as the skies are clearing from years of pollution, our vision is clearing from years of distraction, and in the first blinking images of “new” sight we see just how neglected and disrespected aspects of our lives are. Capitalism and competition have been playing us for generations, cultivating us unwittingly to be a people who look for the bad in each other , seek first to tear each other down, and separate ourselves, judgmentally looking for how we are different which justifies our slurs, and hatred, our shaming, and betrayal. Our instinct is to attack. Of course, this is not everyone, there are numerous examples of heartfelt interactions and humans being kind to other humans. My point is our collective culture is one focused on competition and mostly its darker side. But it could be to cooperate, to build up to assist. Our leaders set the tone for our behaviour in a very real and subconsciously powerful way. As the head of the country and, therefore, the social contract, the leader is a mirror of expression for where we are at and what we care about.

Potential Choices

For these reasons, I propose two things. first, we make a conscious decision to put forth more diverse candidates. Politics is too often controlled by special interests groups who use their money and power to dictate the narrative. Why? Because “that’s how it’s always been?” Maybe it’s time to stop saying this and let some other voices be heard. Maybe now it’s the time to get curious and playful, mix it up a bit, like candidates had to be men and women representing First Nations, Blacks, Whites, LGBTQ, Younger, older, etc. Perhaps these candidates could be chosen from by lottery style or spinning a wheel. And if a woman wins the Presidency, say a First Nations woman, then a man has to be the VP, from another group. And if it’s a man who is President, then the VP would have to be a woman. And why just two parties anyway? To make it even more interesting and fair, when the President is elected they get to spin another wheel to determine what the focus of their Presidency will be: environmentalism, infrastructure, aging, education, alternatively-abled, physical/mental health, business, etc.

Second, considering our long history of turmoil and dissension was the result of the Constitution being signed by a specific and narrow representation of the population of the country. The nation and the world are a much bigger place now, more a global community than ever. Why not have a resigning ceremony, a re-dedication in which signatures were added to the Original contract, signatures which more adequately reflected the beautiful mosaic of diversity this country exemplifies? This one small gesture alone has the potential to create the sacred space needed to heal these deep, old wounds once and for all.

This way, a new social contract will begin to elevate those beautiful, lofty words and place them at the vibrational level they were always meant to be, re-instate the integrity of their ideals and serve as the inspiration needed to in fact, make this country great.

These two suggestions offered afford the possibility of shifting our perspective to a higher vibration, refocusing our attention on the issues that matter to our people and planet, instead of only the special interests of the people buying elections. Let’s be honest, it’s foolish to think that something built over two hundred years ago could remain exactly as it without upgrades and renovations. Would you still want knob and tube wiring in your house out of some misplaced nostalgia that you have to keep it that way because the house was built with it? That’s dangerous. Just as dangerous as continuing to say we will never get passed racism or the injustices of the past. I might be totally naïve but I refuse to believe this.

I leave the idea of altering the presidency up for consideration. My point is healing the vibration. We are each of us alive, filled with light, with dreams, with a story within in us hoping to be told, seen, heard, understood, respected and loved. We each want to be healthy, to have a chance to care for ourselves and our loved ones, to have room and freedom to express ourselves as we feel called to do – to express our individual sovereignty. None of us wants to be picked on, made to feel small, abused, beaten, raped or killed. We all want to learn, to grow, to bask in the feelings of love, “justice, tranquility, common defence, general welfare, liberty and prosperity.” Each and every single one of us has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – not just in a superficial, empty words way, but a feel it in your heart, muscles, and bones way. We are each born and carry within us something more than ourselves which wishes to be expressed. There is no station or status that can separate this one aspect of being alive, of experiencing being human.

A new way forward:

So, why not build a new social contract on this point of truth? Why not begin to teach ourselves and our children how important it is to respect life – all life, human, animal and plant, because it is alive, and all life is sacred simply because it exists. We need a social contract we can all consent to honor, because we are all stake holders, because We, each and everyone of us, see ourselves in it. Healing will come from being able to move forward, together, in a manner that is respectful of this truth.

It may not yet be possible to expect us to all like each other, but it is not impossible to learn how to respect the sanctity and sacredness of being human. To support each other in any way we are able, even if that is simply to keep your mouth shut and hands to self and let another live their life.

There is so much light waiting to burst forth. The old contract was designed to allow only a few to release it and to trick everyone else into thinking is was “right”. How about in the new contract, if you arrived on this planet, and you draw breath, then you have the “right” to take responsibility for your own consciousness, direct your own life path to pursue your potential, limited only by your own imagination.

I don’t want any of us or our children to continue under the regime of this poisonous, outdated social contract. What does our nation feel like healed? What do we as individuals feel like healed? What does having a unified, inclusive dream of our future feel like, released from this stale energy, renewed and refreshed – ready for the next two hundred years? Even if we don’t know, yet, what it will be like, we deserve to find out.

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