Updated: May 26, 2018

I like esoteric things. I like believing in magic and herbs, and fairies. But I really love when I think I've stumbled upon something universal.

Perhaps you have heard of the Schumann Resonance. If not, basically, it's considered the frequency (heartbeat) of the Earth. Well, to be technical, its an extremely low frequency (ELF) and while there are many Hz (hertz) on the electromagnetic spectrum, 7.83 is considered to be fundamental. That sounds pretty grounding to me. I thought this was pretty cool and decided to take it one step further. One Hz is equal to 1 breath per second. What is so cool about that, you ask. Well, if I were to attempt 7.83 breaths or 8 breaths per minute, this is when the body starts to relax, the meditative state can be reached, and the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in.

You see, often we are operating in a state of flight or fight because of all of our stress. That's the sympathetic nervous system and it likes pumping us full of chemicals including adrenaline and cortisol which keep us alert. Problem is, these chemical injections are only supposed to operate in small doses. (Think of our ancestors running for their lives - you can't run forever and sprint mode can't be maintained for too long). It gets depleted easily and then we start to experience symptoms of stress. But the parasympathetic is our rest and digest state which allows the body to heal and recover. This is the state we should be striving to hit - consciously - at least once a day. Of course, more is better.

So how do we get there? By remembering 7.83, of course! Eight breaths. But not just any breaths. Shallow breaths or chest breaths aren't going to fill the body with enough oxygen to be restorative. We need deep breaths. Think of your body like a pear. 70% of your breath should fill your belly, and the remaining 30% spill over into your lungs. This is a deep, full breath. And imagine you are expanding on all sides, not just the belly, as though you are a bellows. If you can reduce the amount of breaths per minute, even better, but 7.83 (8) is a great place to start.

And one last amazing thing. In tarot:

7s always give the message - Don't give up

8s always give a lesson about strength or personal power, and

3s are always about growth, manifestation, and unlimited potential!

So, the message from the Earth's fundamental breath rate is Don't give up on the power or your personal power to manifest growth, and unlimited potential.

Come on now, didn't that blow your mind - even a little bit? Life is so cool. It's as though the Earth itself is always softly whispering its support in every breath and communicating through math. When life is getting you stressed - breathe with the Earth and remember, the universe has your back.

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