2023 Wheel of the Year Planner and Workbook

This is much more than a planner, this a workbook for personal growth!

 sneak peek

Every year we set intentions to do more, be more, heal, grow, etc and by the end of February we are already out of alignment. The WHEEL OF THE YEAR Planner and Workbook offers a way to stay in alignment all year long.

Starting your year with an anchor word that resonates with how you'd like to feel as you progress through the seasons and the Zodiac is just one way this planner and workbook support you.

You will also get:

  • valuable information into the Elements and how to incorporate them into your life
  • Tips on which moon cycles are good for what type of magic
  • 8 simple to try spells and rituals that align with the 8 sabbats of the year
  • monthly questions for card readings and ways to tap into your intuition and so much more

This digital download can be printed off and put into a 3-ring binder so that it can be used as a living document to journal with and record your magical practice as it develops and deepens over the course of the year.

With this planner and workbook you will be able to engage in shadow work, redirect and refocus your energy back to your intentions from the beginning of the year so that you can actual track and celebrate the progress and growth you are making throughout the year, and find tons of correspondences that can be used in your magical practise.

Whether you are a beginner at creating magic in your life though your own personal development and healing or are reaching for Mastery, this Planner and Workbook will support you in staying aligned with your desires.

If you would like a peak at the planner, check out the video here:

sneak peek

*** The planner comes in an email after purchase is made***

$47.00 CAD

 2023 Wheel of the Year Subscription

For those who desire to go deeper and get even more support and ideas to work with the 2023 Wheel of the Year Planner and Workbook, here is the Wheel of the Year Subscription!

At the beginning of every month, straight to your inbox, you will receive more ideas on how to connect to the energies, journal prompts, spells, and ways to engage in Shadow Work to heal and expand your experience.

What you'll get:

  • an email with a PDF loaded with more ways to engage with the Wheel of the Year
  • Ideas for rituals and spells for the Sabbats
  • Surprise lives for practising Ritual and deepening your practise

Plus, you will gain access to the Sacred Vitality Academy, a growing library of magical information.

It often happens that we have big plans for ourselves at the beginning of the New Year, but by the end of February, our goals have already begun to fizzle.

With this subscription your inbox will offer you a surge of energy and ideas of how to take your dreams and goals from ideas to reality.