Inner Crone Rising Guide

It's time to release the past and the expectations of others and step fully into YOUR POWER. 
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BEcome an Empowered Crone


Are you on a path of self love, of deliberate creation - freeing yourself from the trauma and stories of the past?
Stepping into your true authentic power and living gloriously from a place of empowered, divine Will- focused on manifesting more love, more compassion, more space and grace to be a conduit of love, and live joyously and on purpose!
Infusing each moment with the power of your unique vibration- flavouring each second with the spice that is your essence, marinating and transforming the fabric of reality with your magick!
If not, the time is NOW!
If you struggle with releasing the conditioning of the past to and desire to master your energy and balance your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies so you can age with wisdom, grace and a thriving vitality for life then Guide is your first, easy step!

Who Am I?


Hi I’m Christine. I’m an energy healer and an Empowered Crone Guide. 

I help women release the past and step into their wisdom, learning to interpret the energy flow in your life so you can express the most authentic version of yourself.

None of us are getting any younger and if you're like me, you've spent the first part of your life taking care of and living up to the expectations of others.

Six years ago, I steps fully on my empowered, soul-driven path to heal my past and live in vibrational alignment with Fun and Vitality. My old habits and approach to life left me depleted, anxious, and feeling not great. Since learning these knew skills, I feel more wisdom and a renewed sense of vitality. And you can have it too!


Now is the time to fully know, love and enjoy YOU!