Ready to Chill the F out and be more in  Love with yourself and your life?

Healing Sessions

All of my healing sessions are conducted in safe and sacred space where I am able to listen to your concerns and hear what needs support and releasing, to bring you more into balance. Each session is unique because each person and where they are on their personal healing journey is unique.

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What is Energy Healing?

Click on the icon to learn more about the energy healing I do and how energy flows in your life.

Brain Healing

I always recommend beginning with a brain healing because the brain runs the whole body. Click on the icon to learn more.

Relationship Clearing

All relationships come with unspoken agreements and energetic connections. Resetting them helps bring back balance, health and harmony. Click on the icon to learn more.

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We are all capable of healing. Sometimes, we need a little help.

Release past programming, and outdated strategies and skills and you will be able to chill.

 Christine Dostie

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