Fire Element!

This mini course provides a brief introduction into the fire element and provides an easy way to connect deeper with this element in your life.

Bring on the Fire!

Working with the elements is a fun and easy way to love yourself a bit more!

If you're anything like me - you're life is busy.

There is a never ending list of things and people that need taking care of and of ten you are on the bottom of the list and there if on the list at all.

Even more annoying is that there doesn't appear to be any time soon between the meal prep, the laundry and the millions of others things that take up your mental space.


Healing sounds wonderful and self-care seems like a dream, but what is a woman really to do? As much as you'd like to call in sick, lock the door and take that day at the spa - it ain't gonna happen!

Sound about right?

Why working with subtle energy is so valuable

There are two kinds of energy physical energy and subtle energy.

Most of us are adept at noticing physical energy - it tells us when we are tired, hungry, and hurt.

Yet, many of us are not skilled at being able to read and interpret subtle energy. We live a material life, a life of the ego, but the Soul Spark opens the doorway to a life of Love. Learning to tap into this subtle yet powerful energy is a skill.

This skill is easy to develop and once you get used to it, you can use subtle energy to stop colds, stress, and anxiety in their tracks!

Subtle energy is the fundamental building blocks of the physical world. Fire, earth, air and water, combine in endless combinations to produce everything we experience as "reality".

Imagine - being able to tap into yourself and see how something is off balance - then knowing what to do or say to support yourself in feeling good all day long!

This is the power subtle energy offers, it's super easy to learn, and can be used any time, anywhere.

Just as a prism receiving white light refracts the spectrum of colors we see as the rainbow - subtle energy splits into the elements

And this introductory class gives you in all the basics you need to get started exploring the element of FIRE in your own life - no matter what else is going on.


Plus, it provides a powerful that you can learn in seconds and use over and over again to gauge how in alignment or imbalanced you are within your life.

Ready to learn more?

Learn more about the element of Fire and quick, powerful technique you can use to quickly balance your fire!

Bring on the Fire!