Is a full body exercise program that works all the muscles, leaving you feeling invigorated, tone, and lean. This program is great for personal growth in fitness.

A while back, I decided I wanted to begin an exercise program that I could see myself doing when I was 90. I love yoga, but sometimes it was hard on my body on days when I needed to be more gentle. I still do yoga and love to dance. Essentrics is a great addition, which I love so much I've become an instructor of it!

Below is a video of what I've started to do while watching TV. It's a combination of yoga, Essentrics and dance moves.

Moving the body even 30 minutes a day, helps pump the lymph system which is in charge of our immune system but needs manual pumping to get the toxins out. Exercise helps make this happen. So no matter what you choose, choose to move!

I'm currently offering private Essentrics classes in Whitby. Contact below for more info.

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