Self-empowerment Coach, Christine Dostie presents

Your Life by Design:
The Sacred Mindset Method

A 12-week program specifically designed for women who want to ditch the overwhelm of old programming and stuck emotions so they can live a life of balance, calm, and joy.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Are you yelling at your kids?

  • Feel overwhelmed?

  • Feel out of control?

  • Do you find yourself saying, "I should and I have to?" many times throughout your day?

  • Are you tired, run down and frustrated but don't ask for help?

  • Maybe you live on wine, coffee and sugar to boost your energy throughout the day?

  • Have you reached a place in your life where you feel numb, wondering is this all there is, or even how did I get here?

  • Do you suffer from digestive issues, memory problems or a lack of concentration?

  • Perhaps you do everything on your own, and it feels like nothing you do makes it better.

  • Do you feel out of control?

  • Are you beginning to give in and accept? Or feel like time is running out?


Imagine if you could release these beliefs and get in touch with your authentic personal values, your goals and play once more with your imagination.

Imagine if you could identify and free yourself of all the past programming, messaging and emotions that cling to you, but don't really align with YOU.

Imagine if you could see yourself and your life through a lens of worth, joy, and gratitude regardless of what is going on around you.

The Sacred Mindset Method Program specializes in teaching you how to clear up old programming and clear out old emotions - think of it like spring cleaning for your energetic body or mind, so that you can fill it with programming that aligns with the true YOU.

If you are nodding your head and saying, "YES" to this, then you owe it yourself to schedule a FREE Sacred Mindset Breakthrough call with Christine.

The Sacred Mind Method


Learning the beliefs you have and changing the ones that don't work for you provide freedom.


Emotions get stuck in the body and organs slowing down systems and causing you to feel sluggish. Removing them releases stored Vitality.


With increased awareness of your true nature, you are better able to design a life that suits you and brings joy.


Knowing yourself better provides choice instead of reaction. It is life skill that can be passed on to our children.

Ready to Embrace your Sacred Mindset and design a life for joy?