The Elements - a self-study course

Conneting with the elements is a simple way to widen perspective, bring emotions into balance and create supportive and nurturing actions.

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Working with the elements Helps bring your life into balance

If you're anything like me - you're life is busy.

There is a never ending list of things and people that need taking care of and of ten you are on the bottom of the list and there if on the list at all.

Healing sounds wonderful and self-care makes sense, but how to fit it all in?

It's actually much easier than you think!

  • Air helps you connect to your thoughts
  • Fire brings you in alignment with your passion and will
  • Water connects to the subconscious and the stories and feelings you have about your life
  • and Earth is the playground in which you play with boundaries and  habits based on the programming you are using

Why working with subtle energy is so valuable

Subtle energy is the fundamental building block of the physical world. Fire, earth, air and water, combine in endless combinations to produce everything we experience as "reality".

Imagine - being able to tap into yourself and see how something is off balance - then knowing what to do or say to support yourself in feeling good all day long!

This is the power subtle energy offers - it's super easy to learn, and can be used any time, anywhere.

Deepening your relationship to WATER will help you better channel or divert your emotions allowing your heart to remain open to love.

Knowing when to call in or dismiss your thoughts (AIR) and use them properly, as a tool to uncover your truth will help you speak from the heart.

Understanding how to embody programs and habits that serve your best and highest good (EARTH) makes it easier to ground into your awareness and stay in the present moment - where choice lives.

And Connecting to your Soul Spark (FIRE), knowing when you are focused or dispersed in your efforts and energy will help you manifest all you desire and deserve.

And of course, each of these combine and balance with the Divine essence (ETHER) that connects all of life.

Just as a prism receiving white light refracts the spectrum of colors we see as the rainbow - subtle energy splits into the elements

This FREE and next level course provides all the basics needed to  explore and deepen your relationship with yourself so you can live in integrity and alignment with your higher self.

Working with Air helps align the mind to speak from the heart.

Working with Water programs the emotional body with integrity.

Working with Fire connects you to your Soul Spark.

Working with Earth helps balance and combine the other elements, as well as embody a personal, spiritual integration of mind, body, and soul with the Divine.

Ready to learn more?

Learn more about the elements and how to embody them in your life in quick, simple and easy to incorporate ways. The new self-care is raising conscious awareness.

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