Earth Element!

This mini course provides a brief introduction into the earth element and provides an easy way to connect deeper with this element in your life.

Let's ground into it!

Working with the element Earth

Earth is the element of the embodiment, the physical world and manifesting reality. It is the element that is the container for doing work with the other elements  and provides a sacred space in which to ground yourself into your purpose and personal growth. This element simplifies and invites you to explore the patterns of possibility that create reality.

What you will learn

This brief introduction to EARTH will provide you with an overview to get a feel for the vibration of the EARTH energy.

- you will learn associations with the Zodiac as well as organs so you can begin to observe and become more aware of EARTH in your life

- an overview of the many ways EARTH connects to your own life and how you are experiencing it already, perhaps without knowing it

- tips to learn how to recognize when it is balanced or imbalanced

- a simple yet powerful tool to explore the Earth element as patterns in your life that are creating struggle and how to re-use and re-organize resources you already possess to create and manifest healing, simplicity and joy.

How do I know if this is for me?

- Do you feel stuck or rigid in the way you think?

- Do you feel disconnected from your creativity or ability to manifest desires?

- Having trouble with issues of seriousness and overthinking?

- Is it hard to feel grateful for what you have or satiated by your current experiences?

- wish you had better boundaries so you relationships would be healthy and supportive?

If any of these spoke to you, or you simply want to deepen your relationship to yourself, then this FREE mini-course is for you!

Ready to learn more?

Learn more with this FREE mini-class about the element of EARTH and enjoy simple and effective way to see the patterns in your life so you can feel a more embodied and empowered sense of purpose!

Let's ground into it!