Another form of personal growth and energy healing is Breathwork. Our breath is vital to our health and well being. As we breathe, our diaphragm pushes downward, massaging our organs while creating space in the body. On the exhale the diaphragm retracts and moves upward with a secondary massage, including the heart while it expels toxins from the body.


Breathwork for healing uses the power of the breath to move stuck energy, open channels, release emotions and flush the organs of toxins through a power-wash of oxygen. 

While there are many wonderful styles of Breathwork, I facilitate Integral Breathwork, which follows a specific pattern for twenty minutes, to activate the cells, followed by 40 minutes of healing breath.


The brain and nervous system require oxygen to function at an optimal level. As we age, we adopt a more shallow breath (in the chest) which aids in the destruction of our cells because our bodies are missing the oxygen rich environment which prevents toxins, bacteria and cancer from setting in.

Increasing oxygen flow in the body helps detoxify, but it also helps our bodies rest and repair, putting us into the parasympathetic state and removing us from the sympathetic state (flight or fight) most of us operate in on a regular basis. The state of stress most of us live in causes distress and trauma to the body, upsetting the balance and introducing dis-ease which leads to a compromised immune system.

When you are stressed, simply stopping and taking a breath, concentrating on the expansion and retraction of the diaphragm in a slow rhythmic way will help to restore harmony in the body and the mind.

Learning to breath better, fuller, easier, deeper and slower is another tool to experiencing optimal health. When we breath better, we sleep, think, react, and feel better.

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