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You are a powerful energy being.  Energy is designed to flow.

Your energy expresses itself through your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions.

When these aspects of our energy are flowing, we feel great, and when they are stuck - we don't, we feel dis-ease.

  There is no need to suffer. You can manifest the life you desire.

Working with me is an like an internal spring cleaning only instead of clearing dust, old boxes, and waste from all your cupboards and closets, I am removing old emotions, beliefs, and patterns which are no longer serving you to your best and highest good.

I specialize in connecting you back to your authentic self to rapidly improve your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.


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Christine’s incredible talent as an energy healer has played an important role in supporting my personal transformational journey.  While working with Christine I have been able to heal lifelong emotional wounds and release limiting beliefs while also eliminating chronic pain and physical ailments that allopathic medicine had been unable to treat.  My mind and body feel calm, strong and centered and I am making healthier choices that align with my souls’ purpose and foster joy and abundance in my life.  If you are looking for a way to nurture and heal your body and mind please connect with Christine – your soul will thank you!


Hoping for the best but not really expecting much.

That was how I felt before my "healing journey" started. Unaware of when this transformation would occur or if it would work for me, I was ready to try anything to alleviate  my pain and sadness. A few days after my conversation with Christine, I started to feel different, my pain was not as sharp, my desire to smoke and drink alcohol had almost disappeared. It was like I had forgotten to smoke that day...or drink!

The next day was the same thing, and it was only on the third day that I realized it was not me just not wanting to fill the void with unhealthy behaviours but my healing transformation had begun.

I am now coping with healthier alternatives, but I know my journey has just begun and everyday will be a challenge. I am, however, now better equipped to handle these daily struggles.

For those of you who are considering a healing session, you will not be disappointed. Your "energy" will be transformed and your mind/ body will thank you.

Thank you Christine for my healing and your guidance.


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