Join This wonderful cast of characters as they embark on an adventure of personal growth and discovery of who they are and what they are capable of.


The first book in the Awakened Trilogy. Tala is a fourteen year old who has no idea she possesses a power called Intention. Three story lines weave together as Tala journeys to discover her abilities and to save her friends and family from the Dark force who wants to destroy her.


The second book in the Awakened Trilogy follows fifteen year old Muluc as he discovers that he is not who he thought he was. Growing up in the city, he knew he never fit in, but he had no idea that he was a descendant of a great chief who possessed a magical ability known as Intention.


In the third and final installment of the Awakened trilogy, Tala and Muluc have joined forces for a final encounter with the Dark force which threatens their lives. Join them as they transform and show the world what they are capable of!

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