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Vibrational Healing Tips

Apr 12, 2022

We live in an energetic world. All around us, energy vibrates, communicates and shares information about what is alive, what is dying, what feels good, and what is toxic.


Although never formally trained, we are all very adept at “reading” energy. Take a smell of a milk carton gone bad and you know that it’s not a good idea to drink it. Perhaps you are able to walk into a room and just “know” there had recently been an argument or secrets being shared. We are energetic beings and reading energy comes quite naturally – even if many dismiss it as “woo” or less valid than empirical data, logic or rational thinking.


The truth is, the subconscious mind, processes information exponentially faster than the logical brain which allows us to read energy and get intuitive hits that we often aren’t certain how to interpret.


The wonderful thing is that with just a bit of awareness and practise, anyone can use this ability and skill to create vibrational medicine and healing in their life.


As I said, everything in life vibrates energy, and those vibrations create measurable frequencies. The rate and strength of the vibration indicates whether it is healthy or toxic to us. Frequencies can create a resonance or a dissonance, meaning, we the patterns can either re-enforce one another and get stronger, or create opposing waves and cancel each other out or break each other down.


In terms of healing, we desire to create resonance with our energy to feel strong, vital and healthy.


Using Vibrational Medicine

A simple and easy to work with and practise vibrational medicine is to begin to tune into frequency.

Notice how colors, food, plants, people, etc “fee” – and not according to other people, but according to yourself. Bananas might be great and healthy for one person and toxic for another.


The next step is to seek out energetic patterns that are known to be higher in frequency.

  • This might be archetypes of the Divine, like the Sun and Moon, or known by other names as god, goddesses, angels and ascended masters.


  • Connect with the energy field directly using Reiki or quantum energy to draw it down into the body to help balance the energy centers and keep the flow moving, releasing what is stuck and stagnant on an energetic level. You will know what needs healing by learning to recognize what is rigid, repetitive, harmful, blocks compassion, makes you feel less than and causes you to want to blame and judge others.


  • Work with colors, crystals, oils and essential oils, plants and other aspects of the natural world that speak to you. For example, notice what colors you are drawn to, and which seem absent from your life. Lavender can be used to create a sense of safety and protection, and help with discernment to know the right choice for yourself. It is also calming for most on a physical level. As a purple hued stone, it also connects with the crown chakra and helps bring calmness to meditation. As quartz crystalline structure, it has a 6-sided coherent structure that is used in many ways from technology to soaps. All of this is to say, at each turn, at each level there is more than the physical exchange in life, there is the energetic.


  • Make connections and see how those connection have a similar vibe – for examples, color correspond to energy centers or chakras, which connect with organ systems in the body, which also connect to elements – while they might seem disparate and unrelated at first glance, the more you observe and feel into their vibe the more you will begin to notice patterns and connections. In this way, an apple is not just an apple. We eat apples for health reasons, and also because they are delicious, but this is only physical. Energetically speaking they resonate with the energy patterns of happiness and good health, which can also connect to abundance and prosperity. And Red (or green) brings in vibrations of vitality, healing, root chakra energy of safety and heart chakra energy of love and openness. When we bring the vibrational medicine, we deepen not only our connection to the natural world, but also to ourselves as energetically vibrating beings who have the ability to correct energetic imbalances.


  • Work with sound – working with frequency medicine is a wonderful way to attune to higher resonances. 432HZ attunes us to the Earth, 741Hz is great for physical healing and 888Hz is powerful for using in manifesting. These are just some ways of working with sound. Sound bowls are another, as is simply putting on a song that moves and dance your heart out like no one is looking!


As you can see, working with vibrational medicine can be a simple, free, and fun way to balance your energy and help you heal from the dissonance of undesirable patterns affecting you and your life.


Looking for more? Visit me on Youtube, or here to see how we might work together to get your vibrating at the frequency of happiness.