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Vibrational Healing and Aging

Apr 18, 2022

We all know that if you eat a lot of junk food – chips, candy, burgers, etc – and don’t exercise regularly, you are setting yourself up for ailments like Diabetes, obesity and other possibly worse conditions. You might even be contributing to dementia, senility, and Alzheimers!


You may also understand what science is beginning to clue in on as well, which is how stress can affect the body. It is becoming more widely understood that stress contributes to auto-immune disorders being triggered, high blood pressure issues, stroke, cardio-vascular issues, among a host of other things. Stress reeks havoc on the nervous system and the organs.

Vibrational Healing and the Body

Aging and dying, and how well you are doing it are directly correlated to the amount of cell mutation that occurs over time. Of course, a certain amount of mutation is “normal” as the cell replicate and reproduce, there is less DNA to work with, shorter telomeres, broken pieces, etc, and this contributes to aging, slowing down or malfunction of processes, which can cause all sorts of mutations such as cancer and auto-immune disorders, and of course, eventually death.

While there is no cure for death, you can support your health and vitality with energy healing (also known as vibrational healing and quantum healing.)


How, you might be wondering, can energy healing affect my physical body in this way?


Your cells are always listening –to the chemical information in the food you eat, the feelings you feel, and the vibrational frequency contained in your thoughts.In this way, this information is telling the story of the environment of your cells - is it a happy and vital story or is it one of not feeling adequate, ignoring what is nourishing and forcing the body and cells to continue working without any space or time to replenish and regenerate in a healthy manner? Your body processes are not all mechanical and not all directed and dictated simply on what food is put into them, how much sleep you get or amount of exercise. We are not mere machines, but much more dynamic and magical!


Also, the cells, and your subconscious, which runs all the programming, cannot tell the difference between “real” or imagined or time for that matter -  they simply respond to the chemical bath (the environment) in which they exist. If that environment is one of coherence, health and vitality, they when it comes time for the cells at their varying rates to reproduce, they will have healthy materials and a healthy environment in which to draw the energy necessary to complete the process.In this way, they will continue to replicate with health and vitality, and slow the aging process.


On the other hand, if when the reproductive moment arrives and their environment is filled with toxins, chaotic and broken nutrients as a result of  your food, thoughts, emotions, then with each regeneration, the cells will introduce accelerated components of aging and deterioration. Meaning that you are capable of controlling how fast your body ages - not just with collagen creams and moisturizers but with your energetic frequency.


How you feel about yourself, your worth, the quality of your relationships, your boundaries, your ability to express your personal power - all factor into the aging process.


With Vibrational Healing, I energetically recharge the organs, flush them of old stories, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and lower frequency programs that are contributing to the chemical make-up, the environment of the cells.


I use muscle testing to determine the vitality of the organ or system. If it tests lower than 70% (out of 100%) then there is an overload of energetic plaque and gook - a.k.a. trauma and other low frequency experiences stuck in the field - and I do a complete healing and reset – back to an age and time of vitality (this is usually 25 yrs old when the brain is fully formed and the body processes are running at optimal levels).

The cells are listening, but they do not have an opinion. If they are reprogrammed to believe they are young and vital – they will in essence and energetically speaking, be young and vital in actuality.

It i the subconscious that holds not only the programming power, but also all the beliefs that we hold onto and identify with - the old, chronic stories of what we can't be, can't have, and can't do calcify over time and turn manifest on the physical level.

When we maintain an energetic practise of flushing the body systems of this energetic debris and plaque  the body systems remain more vital and healthy for a longer period, which will in turn promote a natural inclination to support this vitality. This means you might find yourself more naturally inclined to exercise, eat better, reduce stress, create healthy boundaries and relationships – and overall, take better care of yourself, so you can live a more vital and healthy existence right up until the end of your contract to be here.

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