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Using Affirmations to Heal

Mar 23, 2022

When you’re not feeling that you are getting the most of your human experience - struggle with stress, feeling too busy, overwhelmed, not good enough, anxious and hounded by negative thoughts - having tools to help you on your healing journey are a great help. Energy tools, especially, can help you attend to yourself in a deep and transformative way. 


Affirmations are an amazing energetic tool that souls use to help shift negative thinking to positive thinking. In order to get the most out of them, though, it is necessary to keep some things in mind.


Speaking of the mind - it’s where all your thoughts are happening. And these thoughts can distract you and confuse you into forgetting a very important truth, which is: (drum roll) You are an energetic being having a physical experience. 


You are energy. I call it soul.


The universe is energy.


The universal language is not English, or Love - it’s ENERGY.


It’s important to remember this because we are born into bodies that start in the ego state, learning to survive, fit in and be accepted and loved. For the formative years of our lives we develop in the ego-centered feedback loop and all that comes with comfort, safety, and acceptance. As a child who doesn’t know any better (subconscious)


Then you grow up, become an individual and start to feel the agitation of the trauma, experiences, half-formed truths and outright faulty thinking that created your “identity” when you were young and you’ve more or less just accepted - until now. Because now, your mind is giving you negative self-talk, creating doubts and fears and limiting you in ways that FEEL annoying out of alignment with what you FEEL is the real you.


What to do about it? Well, HEAL, of course!


Using Affirmations to Heal:

In order to reach a more Empowered version of yourself - the soul-centered version, it’s necessary to heal with Shadow Work (going into the subconscious and updating all the outdated, faulty beliefs about yourself and your worthiness)


Affirmations are a great support for this!


Although affirmations are not likely to heal you on their own, they support healing and help you attend to your need to have more positive thoughts in your mind.


Why? Because you are energetic - you are having experiences that are equal to the vibrational frequency of the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are believing about yourself (which in turn effects how you feel about yourself) So if you thoughts are about how you aren’t good enough, are too busy to take care of yourself and that you don’t love your body, just to name a few, your experiences will have a similar vibrational frequency and resonate at this lower level. 


Technically speaking, affirmations are positive statements that help us overcome negative thoughts. Of course, to really get over the negative thoughts, you need to get to the root of how such a thought came to be in the first place (Shadow Work gets you to the root), but affirmations can be very useful to help souls connect with the energetic frequencies of how they desire to FEEL.


How to Use Affirmations:


In order to begin to use an affirmation, a soul must first begin to pay attention to the statements they are saying about themselves to others. 


“I’m an idiot.”

“I screwed this up.”

“I’m always late.”

“I’m never gone get this right.”

“I hate my body.”

“Money is tight.”

“Why does this always happen to me?”


These are only some of the examples of what you could be putting out there energetically without even thinking about it. So, begin by bringing your awareness to these types of low-vibe statements.


Next, choose one that feels the worst. And make an affirmation for it.


How to Create Affirmations:


The first thing to keep in mind about creating affirmations is that we are nor trying to swap out something negative for something positive. This keeps us in the binary law of opposition that is the powerhouse of the Ego. Plus, if your statement is something like, “I’m fat,” and you try to replace it with, “I’m skinny,” your subconscious is not going to buy into that AT ALL and it will never shift anything.


The purpose of using affirmations is to leave the level of the ego all together - the either/or thinking and get to the soul-centered level of both/and, the law of attraction, the field of potential and possibility - the land of energy and creation!

For this to happen we need to keep a few things in mind:


  1. Understand that what we are trying to do is create a new neural pathway in the mind for the new energy - we do not just want to pave over the old neural pathway as there are too many variables there - best to carve out something new
  2. This takes effort and commitment
  3. Focus on the ENERGY

Now, the steps to create effective Affirmations:

  • Get in a great mood - dance, listen to 432mhz music - bring up your energy of excitement and possibility
  • Write affirmations on paper - this creates a connection with your body and prevents this from being a mental exercise - engage with the body, mind and soul!
  • Use high frequency words. 
    • Special note here - “not” doesn’t register with the subconscious - it does not understand it - so don't use it!
    • Special note here “want” is a word that indicates lack and for the purpose of affirmations is really low-vibe. I hear tons of people saying, “I want…” but what you are saying on an energetic level is energetically I am not in alignment with… and I don’t have it - not an effective way to work with the law of attraction. Try “desire” instead
  • Write your affirmations in the present tense. The subconscious does not have any tense other than NOW, which is why when you do shadow work you come across parts of you that might be 10 or 17 and have no idea that you are older, possibly married or a parent, For that part of you it is the age it was when it was created. 
  • Focus on the energy of the result and not the form. Oftentimes we think, I want this new job, or a lover, or more money. For an affirmation to really work, take it one step further and focus on how you will FEEL when you have these things in your life Feeling not form! (Form is the Universe's job to deliver to you what is in your best and highest good - an energetic match!)
  • Speak your affirmations until you FEEL the truth of it in your body. This might be 50-100 times the first few times. Hence number 2 above.


Common Mistakes When Using Affirmations:


  1. Trying to do it in your head. Western culture is very fast paced. As a result many people like to use the badge of “busy” for not having time to slow down and do things properly. They listen to the ego chatter that tells them they can do it in their heads, it will be “good enough” or write it digitally or some other sabotage that will not produce results. Affirmations are about creating a different energetic frequency - this energy within ALL of your body channels, not your head. Include your body and write it down.
  2. Saying affirmations with no connections. Again, because we are busy people we often do things without actually connecting to what we are doing. Multi-tasking is crap bill of goods we’ve all been sold that isn’t a real thing. Our brains can switch quickly from one thing to another, but it can actually only focus on one thing at a time. I have had more than a few clients say they “say” their affirmations and “nothing happens”. Affirmations are to help you shift the energy - put you in energetic alignment with what you desire. When you say the affirmation, do so with the intention of creating an energetic connection to the vibration you wish to achieve. 
  3. Not giving affirmations enough time. Things do not happen over night. You are using the affirmation to create an energetic alignment with what you desire to feel. It might take a hot minute. Commit to at least 30 days and be consistent with how often you repeat. Consistency and repetition.
  4. Not doing anything besides the affirmation. Chances are very good that if you are using affirmations it is because you wish to create some change in your life. To make room for something new and better, it requires getting rid of what is no longer serving you. This is healing, shadow work, mindset work and releasing stuck emotions, outdated programs, bad habits, and crap boundaries. You cannot say some words, no matter how powerful and do nothing else to shift your energy and think it will be enough to put you in energetic alignment with the higher vibrations you seek. Do the work.

Affirmations do work as a support and tool to attend to your thoughts while you are doing the work of healing your subconscious. With some commitment and repetition using the steps above, you will be manifesting a better energetic frequency and changing your reality in no time! 

If you are looking for a step-by-step process to move through the inner work then come join us in the Empower process. You can register here for a FREE Masterclass that provides more information on how to ditch the ego-centered feedback loop of feeling not good enough and learn to create a life you love!